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History Book



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The History of Marion County, AR was originally published in 1977 by the Marion County Historical Association and is now out-of-print. The Marion County Historical Association holds the copyright for the 1977 printing. The book was compiled by the Marion County History Committee: Lyle Wood, Chairman; Bernice Smith; Barbara Doshier; Mrs. Effie Thompson; Marian Burnes; Glenn and Bernice Johnson; Baxter and Geneva Hurst; Hilda Blankenship; June Young; Jean Hilderbrand; Mary Martin and Cora Taylor

In 2002 The Marion County Historical and Genealogical Association gained permission to reprint the book. It holds the copyright to the 2002 reprint. The reprinted book may be ordered from the Society.

Mr. Lyle Wood (the noted Marion Co Historian) and the Marion County Historical Association have graciously permitted parts of the original 1977 book to be posted here to help all Marion the County, AR researchers. I would like to thank Mr. Lyle Wood and the Association for their generosity and their support.

This transcription would not have been possible without the help of Julie Predmore who xeroxed her copy (all 525+ pages) of the 1977 book and gave it to me.

RESPECT THE COPYRIGHT: This book is still under the copyright of the Marion County Historical Association and may not be used for any purpose other than your own personal research. It may not be reproduced nor placed on any web page nor used by anyone or any entity for any type of "for profit" endeveor.

Please Note:I will not be transcribing, at this time, the information from the Pioneer Families of Marion County, Chapter 12. The Historic Genealogical Society of Marion County Arkansas has updated all of these family histories in their book "Marion County Families: 1811-1900". If you would like to receive the information on a family found in chapter 12 please use the Look-Up page and request a copy from one of the people there.

There are many photos in the book that I haven't yet scanned. If a photo is mentioned in a chapter without a link, and you'd like a copy, please contact the Marion Co Genealogy Society (My copy is a xeroxed copy and the Society has a copy of the original book).

The cute graphics on the chapter pages are not a part of the book. They're my way of having a bit of fun. Linda

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  Introduction by Lyle Wood vi
Chapter 1 Marion County 1-5
Chapter 2 Indians of Our Area 6-14
Chapter 3 Early Trails and Roads 15-25
Chapter 4 Newspapers - 1873-1976 26-29
Chapter 5 Cemeteries 30-39
Chapter 6 Folkways, Folklore, Home Remedies & Superstitions 40-48
Chapter 7 Amusements, Entertainment & Recreation 49-64
Chapter 8 Tutt-Everett War 65-70
Chapter 9 Life in Marion County During the Civil War 71-86
Chapter 10 Marion County Veterans 87-103
Chapter 11 White River-Gateway to Marion County 87-103
Chapter 12 Pioneer Families of Marion County 122-285
Chapter 13 Electrical Service 286-288
Chapter 14 Agriculture & Industry 289-304
Chapter 15 The Farm Bureau 305-307
Chapter 16 Banking in Marion County 308-312
Chapter 17 Civilian Conservation Corps 313-314
Chapter 18 The Bull Shoals Dam 315-324
Chapter 19 Aviation & the Marion County Airport 325-330
Chapter 20 Post Offices and Postmasters 331-337
Chapter 21 Marion County Library 338-341
Chapter 22 Cities and Towns 342-405
Chapter 23 Doctors & Hospitals 406-409
Chapter 24 Early Education & Schools - Prior to 1930 410-431
Chapter 25 Education & Schools 1930-1976 432-441
Chapter 26 Bruno School 442-447
Chapter 27 Flippin School 448-454
Chapter 28 County Officers - 1836-1976 455-460
Chapter 29 Mining and Mines 461-471
Chapter 30 Railroads 472-480
Chapter 31 Marion County Churches 481-515
Chapter 32 The Future Outlook for Marion County 516-522
About the Editor 523

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Linda Haas Davenport