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The Marion County Arkansas Heritage Society

MCAHS, PO Box 761, Yellville, AR 72687

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History The History of the Society is found in the January 1996 issue of the Bramble Bush
Research Services The Society will be happy to check their sources for information for you and will send you a copy of what they find. However, please when you write, be sure to include specific information. Please don't write and ask "for all information available on the SMITH family".
        Unless the information is extensive there is no charge for this service. If the information requires a lot of time and copies you will be notified of the charge.
        But, if you feel that a donation is appropriate please send in a dollar or two to cover copy and postage expenses.
Society's Resources To see the resources of The Marion County Heritage Society has click here
Meetings The 2nd Tuesday of each month at 2:00 p.m. Marion County Library, Yellville, Arkansas
Library Hours of Operation
Monday thru Friday - 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Saturday - 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Closed Sundays, on all Federal holidays, on some State holidays, and on some local "special event" days. Researchers should check with the library 870-449-6015 for further information.
Society Officers Chair, Vickie A. Roberts, Vice-Chair, Grants/Purchasing Mysty McPherson, Secretary, Treasurer Sherry Berthot
Books For Sale To see books that The Marion County Heritage Society has for sale click here
The Bramble Bush Heads up! As of Jan 1st, 2018 the price of the Bamble Bush is going up to $20.00 a year (28.00 for two family members). This informative quarterly newsletter is published by The MARION COUNTY ARKANSAS HERITAGE SOCIETY (referred to as MCAHS). Under the direction of the smooth pen and silvery tongue of editor Vicki Roberts, this quarterly offers readers more than just an occasional glimpse into Marion County's past.

The Bramble Bush is so named because the families of Marion County "don't make a forest of separate family trees; they make a thoroughly intertwined bramble bush - often as tangled as honeysuckle or as thorny as greenbriar" ( Vicki Roberts BB issue Vol 1 No 4 Oct 1996)

Each issue of the Bramble Bush has a front page story written by Vicki Roberts each dealing with Marion county's past history.
        Vicki brings clarity, humor and makes history come alive to the reader in every issue.

Past Front Page Stories Include:
The First Six Years of MCAHS
Marion County Past
Marion County As She Was in 1836
The Tutt, King and Everett War
La Riviere Blanche (the White River)
        Vicki uses the old "serial" approach to her stories and leaves you "cliff hanging" until the next issue.

Each issue contains;

  Feature Cover Story
  Families & Fairs
(designed to announce dates and places of reunions, ancestor fairs and historical commemorations wherever they may be held)
  Service Directory (a place to advertise books, articles, products and services available that relate to historic and/or genealogical research)
  Recent Acquisitions (new items added to the Marion County Heritage Arkansas Society research room)
  Bits & Pieces (short bits of interesting information from the past)
  http://www.*.* (interesting web sites)
  Queries (freebies)
  Little Known Not Forgotten (all kinds of interesting history)
  Trivia (most anything)
  General Interest (Bios, stories of the past, family generation reports, articles from the Mt. Echo Newspaper. This section is apt to have about anything in it.)

To Subscribe: Send your name, address and a check for $20.00 to MCAHS, PO Box 761, Yellville AR 72687 
        Back Issues can be ordered for $1.00 per copy.     Contact the Society for availability of back issues.

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