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Census Book

Census Records
For Marion County Arkansas

For many years the only access family historians had to federal census records was microfilm aided by printed index books. The internet changed all of that. Now transcriptions and scanned census images are available many places on the web. Some are free and some can only be accessed through subscription sites such as However, the good news is most local genealogy libraries and state archives offer access to both Ancestry and Heritage Quest for free. The LDS offers scanned images (for those census years that are not free) at their Family History Centers.

If you are unfamiliar with the History and Use of the Federal Census Records please take a moment and read about them

If you don't understand Townships you can find out about them here and you can find out when township boundaries changed here.

Below are Marion Co census records, both those that have been transcribed by volunteers (and are here on the site) and links to outside sites. Enjoy!

Dividing Line

1850-1885 Index Mortality Schedules. Ancestry offers access to the index for free, but to see the actual image requires a subscription

1888-1895 Special Census Deaf Family Marriages and Hearing Relatives. Ancestry offers access to this special census. You have to sign up for a free membership (as of May 2013). I signed up and was able to see the images without being asked to buy a membership (Linda)

Marion Co formed in 1832 First Census was 1840
1840 Census Index - Names only
1840 Census Index - page numbers & Township
1840 Census Index - Outside link with page and line numbers
1840 Census - Blythe, Buffalo Fork, Little North Fork & Sugarload townships
1840 Census - Union & White River Townships

1850 Federal Census
1850 Census Families 1-100 - Pages 309A-316A
1850 Census Families 101-200 - Pages 316A-323B
1850 Census Families 201-300 - Pages 323B-330B
1850 Census Families 301-363 - Pages 330B-334B
1850 Census Index - A & B page designations do not match the above. Use the page number only to find family in the above transcriptions
1850 Census - Compare this abstract to the transcriptions above.
1850 scanned images - free from Family Search. On the Family Search site select Marion County from the list.
1850 Slave Census - Transcription
1850 Slave scanned images - free from Family Search. On the Family Search site select Marion Co from the list.

1860 Census (I can't find any free images for 1860)
1860 Census Index - by head of household
1860 Census Index - Jimmies Creek Township
1860 Slave Census

1870 Federal Census
1870 Census Index - Jimmies Creek Township
1870 scanned images - free from Family Search. On Family Search site select Marion Co from the list.

1880 Federal Census
NOTE: Terrible spelling & writing - see each page
1880 Census - Jimmy Creek Township
1880 Census - Little North Fork Township
1880 Census - Franklin Township
1880 Census - Sugar Loaf Township & Village of Doddsville
1880 Census - Town of Yellville
1880 Census - Union Township
1880 Census - White River Township
1880 Census - Blythe Township
1880 Census - Bearden Township
1880 Census - Buffalo Township
1880 Census - Water Creek Township
1880 Census - Tomahawk Township
1880 Census - Hampton Township
1880 Census - Prairie Township
1880 scanned images - free at in conjunction with LDS Family Search.

1890 Federal Census
What Happened to the 1890 Census?

1900 Federal Census
Big Creek Township
Buffalo Township
DeSoto Township
White River Township
1900 scanned images - free from Family Search. Once on the site select Marion Co from the list

1930 Federal Census
1930 scanned images - free from the Allen County Library.

1940 Federal Census
1940 scanned images - free from in conjunction with National Archives.
1940 Enumeration District Maps and descriptions. Free at

Helpful Census Links
Site for Census Tools
       35 free electronic spreadsheets for archiving federal, state and international census data! The U.S. Federal Census spreadsheet has separate pages for each census year from 1790-1930, including the 1880-1920 Soundex. Each page is formatted to faithfully match the actual census for each year. It's a great way to finally organize your census records of an entire family for up to 140 years!

Dividing Line

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Linda Haas Davenport