Previously Posted Wills
LDS Microfilm #1009394 - Probate Court Records
1876 - 1957 (Partial)from Record books 1 & 2

submitted by Linnie Howell

All of estate to wife Marthy Clark; she is named executor; witnesses: T. M. Hunsaker, J. M. Goodwin and F. M. Beavers.
Filed with Justice of the Peace on 18 July 1896; proved 12 April 1905
Will book 1 - pg 75

Of Mena; to daughter Alice E. CRANDALL of Kansas City, Missouri, $5.00; to son Earnest B. CRANDALL of Kansas City, Missouri, $5.00; to son Everett M. CRANDALL of Alexandria, Indiana, $5.00; to daughter Mrs. Bessie M. LIVINGSTON of Hammond, La., $5.00; to son Morton W. CRANDALL, Gilliam, MO, $5.00; to mother, Phobe (?) K. CRANDALL of North Barton New York, nothing of my estate either real or personal; to brother Alfonso D. CRANDALL of North Barton, New York, nothing of my estate either real or personal; to brother Ira S. CRANDALL of Wellsville, NY, nothing of my estate either real or personal; to wife and companion Katie N. CRANDALL, all remainder of estate. Katie to be the only executor.
signed 31 July 1902 Witnesses: J. E. McLelland and Mark P. Olney.
Proved 6 Feb 1905
Will book 1 - pg 72

(of Benton County)
To my two sons Norman and Charley INGERSOLL, 120 acres of land in Polk County, Section 22; to daughters Idora LOREE, Myrtle MULLINS, Norma INGERSOLL Lot 8 Block 22 in Montaue (?) Benton County; to son Edwin INGERSOLL Jr, one dollar; to the six named all personal property, money, clothes, etc.
Signed 24 May 1904 - Witnesses: S. W. MULLINS and W. C. ROBERTS
Proof of will: 22 October 1904; D.O.D. - 28 Sep 1904
Will Book 1 - Pg 66

LONGACRE, Elizabeth
To husband, Thomas, all real and personal property; Thomas is to be executor. Will signed by mark 17 September 1896;
Witnesses: Alfred BISSELL and W. M. MARTINS; filed 18 Sep 1896; will proved 14 January 1903

SUITS, Robert R.
To Levi JOPLIN $50.00; A. T. JOPLIN $50.00; Eliza A. THOMPSON $50.00; D. B. JOPLIN $50.00; R. L. JOPLIN $50.00; Eva C. SUITS a lot known as the J. M. HILTON lot or its equivalent if she lives to 21 or has bodily heirs; to Margret Scotty SUITS all other real and personal property, including home place of 64 acres adjoining the town of Dallas and my blacksmith shop.
Signed 3 Feb 1897

Witnesses: J. W. CUNNINGHAM and J. W. HUDGINS
Executor Benjamin F. THOMPSON signed by mark - will proved 10 Oct 1904
Will Book 1 - page 68

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