Greene County, Arkansas
Cemetery Surname


Chadwick ~ Clyne   Coates ~ Constance   Cook ~ Cozart

Crabtree ~ Crow    Crowell ~ Curtwright


C? E. A. C. Wise/Wyse .
Cabaness Harl B. Linwood .
Cable Edna M. Memorial Gardens .
Cable James (Jim) Linwood .
Cable Jessie Memorial Gardens .
Cable Virl Martin Memorial Gardens .
Cadenhead Clayton Center Hill h/o Mary E. Bone Cadenhead
Cadenhead Fisher L. Shiloh .
Cadenhead Ida Mae Shiloh .
Cadenhead Mary E. Center Hill nee: Bone
Cagle Clifford W. Linwood .
Cagle George W. Memorial Gardens Age 76
Cagle Mabel C. Linwood .
Cagle Pearl New Friendship .
Cagle Robert O. New Friendship .
Cagle Wanda Sue Beliew Hill .
Cain Jonnie (Robb) Mt. Zion .
Cain Karen Diane Finch .
Cain P.D. Pine Knot Age 86
Cain Stephen Wayne Pine Knot Age 56  b. Mesa, AZ
Caldwell A. Jean Caldwell Chapel  
Caldwell Aaron F. Caldwell Chapel  
Caldwell Altman Caldwell Chapel PFC US Marine Corps  WW-II
Caldwell Infant Caldwell Chapel  
Caldwell Bertha Mae Caldwell Chapel  
Caldwell Beulah Cole Caldwell Chapel  
Caldwell Buddy Dale Caldwell Chapel  
Caldwell Cecil Caldwell Chapel  
Caldwell Cora Caldwell Chapel  
Caldwell Christy Marie Memorial Gardens .
Caldwell Elizabeth Linwood nee: West
Caldwell Foy Wallace Caldwell Chapel PFC US Army Korea
Caldwell George Ransom Caldwell Chapel  
Caldwell Harold Kenneth Caldwell Chapel CPL US Army Korea
Caldwell Hattie Frances Mangrum Caldwell Chapel  
Caldwell Ira Raymond Caldwell Chapel  
Caldwell J. R. Caldwell Chapel  
Caldwell J. R. Caldwell Chapel  
Caldwell James Edward Caldwell Chapel  
Caldwell James T. Caldwell Chapel  
Caldwell Jesse W. Crossroads .
Caldwell Jo J. Caldwell Chapel  
Caldwell John Franklin Linwood .
Caldwell Lee Caldwell Chapel  
Caldwell Lyle Hall Caldwell Chapel PFC  US Army Korea
Caldwell Mary Caroline Crossroads .
Caldwell Mary Gail Caldwell Chapel  
Caldwell Myrtle D. Caldwell Chapel  
Caldwell Nina E. Caldwell Chapel  
Caldwell Noel B. Caldwell Chapel  
Caldwell Opal Caldwell Chapel  
Caldwell Paul Caldwell Chapel  
Caldwell Ray T.  "Knocker" Caldwell Chapel  
Caldwell Sidney Memorial Gardens .
Caldwell Syble Caldwell Chapel  
Caldwell Thomas A. Caldwell Chapel  
Caldwell William H. Caldwell Chapel AR S1 USNR  WW-II
Caldwell William J. Caldwell Chapel Pvt. Co. B 13 Arkansas Infantry  CSA
Caldwell William Joe Caldwell Chapel  
Caldwell Willis Aubrey Caldwell Chapel  
Cale Lloyd Memorial Gardens .
Caler Nancy Linwood nee: Marshell
Caler Noah Linwood h/o Nan Caler
Calhoun Mary Brown's Chapel w/o Thomas M. Calhoun
Calhoun Thomas M. Brown's Chapel .
Calidonna Letta Jean Pine Knot .
Call Michael Edward Providence Age 56
Call Myrle Providence nee: Walker Age 86  b. Lafe, AR
Callahan Charles Wayne Linwood Age 58
Callantine Donald Leroy Harvey's Chapel .
Calvin Ella New Liberty .
Calvin George C. New Liberty .
Calvin Marion A. New Friendship .
Calvin No Name New Friendship .
Calvin Sarah A. Cudd (Robertson)
Cambell Arthur Olen Memorial Gardens .
Cambell R . F. Parsons .
Camden Alex C. Pleasant Hill .
Camden Dora Dee Pleasant Hill .
Cameron Betty Jean Linwood .
Cameron Charlie Elmer Linwood Age 95  b. Paragould, AR
Cameron Elois H. Memorial Gardens b. Greene Co. Ark
Cameron James H. Memorial Gardens .
Cameron S. Rachel Wood's Chapel .
Cameron Virgil F. Wood's Chapel .
Cameron William R. (Bill) Memorial Gardens .
Camerson John T. Linwood .
Camerton Roy Ray Linwood .
Cammon Edger Center Hill .
Camp Adolphus G. "Dolph Wood's Chapel Ark WW-II Tec 5 379 Ord. Mam Co.
Camp Allie M. Wood's Chapel .
Camp Ben L. Brown's Chapel .
Camp Caren Jeanine Memorial Gardens Infant d/o ?
Camp Earline Claura Wood's Chapel b. Greene Co. Ark Age 82 Yrs.
Camp Harold H. Wood's Chapel .
Camp Hattie Pine Knot (Hooper)
Camp Henry "Peek" Wood's Chapel .
Camp J. A. (Jim) Wood's Chapel .
Camp  Dr. James S. Gainesville .
Camp Jewell C. Wood's Chapel s/o ?
Camp Joann Bert Wood's Chapel .
Camp Joe B. Linwood .
Camp Katherine St. Mary's .
Camp Lehman K. Memorial Gardens .
Camp Leoma Linwood .
Camp Louis Wood's Chapel .
Camp Lucy Memorial Gardens .
Camp  Dr. M. V. Gainesville .
Camp Maggie Irene Brown's Chapel Age 86  b. Paragould, AR 
Camp Marcella June Linwood nee: Maag  Age 83 b. Batesville, AR
Camp Marjette A. New Friendship d/o Charles & Pearl McKinney
Camp Martha Sue Wood's Chapel nee: Hill Age 75
Camp Mary Sue Wood's Chapel Age 93  b. Brookland, AR
Camp Nancy Wood's Chapel .
Camp Nora Wood's Chapel .
Camp Parker Memorial Gardens .
Camp Pearl N. Linwood .
Camp R. L. Wood's Chapel .
Camp Rachel Pine Knot Age 81
Camp Raymond New Friendship .
Camp Robert L. Memorial Gardens b. Greene Co. Ark
Camp Ronnie Lee Wood's Chapel s/o ?
Camp Rosa L. Linwood .
Camp Sallie C. Gainesville w/o Dr. M. V. Camp
Camp Sarah Brown's Chapel w/o Ben L. Camp (Robinson)
Camp Sarah J. Wood's Chapel w/o F.M. Camp
Camp Soris Martha Wood's Chapel .
Camp Stacy Lynn Memorial Gardens nee: Horne  Age 38  b. Jonesboro, AR
Camp Susie Wood's Chapel Masonic Marker
Campbell  Jr. A. L. Beech Grove .
Campbell Albert New Friendship .
Campbell Alfonso Center Hill .
Campbell Alfred L. Memorial Gardens .
Campbell Alidean Memorial Gardens nee: Hatcher  Age 83  b. Greene Co. AR
Campbell Alvin W. (Woodrow) Shiloh PFC. U. S. Army WW-II
Campbell Amandy Starnes .
Campbell Amos Webster Center Hill b. Greene Co. Age 66
Campbell Anna Center Hill .
Campbell Anna Lee Linwood Age 82
Campbell Arizona Center Hill b. Greene Co. ARrk  Age 86
Campbell Belle Center Hill .
Campbell Bonnie Linwood nee: Faulk  Age 94  b. Greene Co. AR
Campbell Calvin I. Gainesville .
Campbell Cecil E. Harvey's Chapel Age 73  b. Greene Co. AR
Campbell Dora S. Shiloh m. Jan 13,1951 to  Alvin Campbell
Campbell Edward Brown's Chapel .
Campbell Eller E. Harvey's Chapel .
Campbell Elvis Franklin Wood's Chapel .
Campbell Emma Memorial Gardens .
Campbell Frank Center Hill .
Campbell Georgia L. New Friendship .
Campbell Henrietta Linwood nee Whitsitt
Campbell Homer E. Center Hill .
Campbell Ida Belle Center Hill w/o U. S. Campbell
Campbell Irene Dee Harvey's Chapel b. Marmaduke, Ark
Campbell J. R. Harvey's Chapel .
Campbell J. R. Harvey's Chapel Age 59
Campbell Jack Memorial Gardens .
Campbell James O. Center Hill .
Campbell John E. Memorial Gardens .
Campbell Larry Weldon New Friendship .
Campbell Laverne Finch .
Campbell Laverne Linwood .
Campbell Lem E. Pleasant Hill .
Campbell Leonard K. Harvey's Chapel m.  Irene D. Campbell Jun 6, 1925
Campbell Lewis S. Brown's Chapel h/o Woodsie Maybelle Hester Campbell
Campbell Lonzo W. Crossroads Age 73
Campbell Lucinda G. Shiloh m. May 19,1923 to Russell H. Campbell
Campbell Lucy Avis New Friendship .
Campbell Lula Brown's Chapel w/o L. E. Campbell
Campbell M. J. Harvey's Chapel .
Campbell Mary Jane Linwood .
Campbell Minnie B. Center Hill .
Campbell Nancy Finch .
Campbell No Name Brown's Chapel Baby
Campbell No Name Brown's Chapel Baby
Campbell Onie White Brown's Chapel (Hopkins) b. Greene Co. Ark w/o Lewis S. Campbell
Campbell Othar L. Memorial Gardens .
Campbell R. I. Starnes .
Campbell Rachel Irene Clark Chapel Infant d/o Mr. & Mrs. Wm. A. Campbell
Campbell Russell Shiloh s/o ?
Campbell Russell H. Shiloh h/o Lucinda G. Campbell
Campbell S. M. Jones Ridge w/o I. H. Campbell Age 17 Years 3 Days
Campbell Susie C. or Kay Harvey's Chapel Age 86
Campbell Telpher Emerson Memorial Gardens Age 87  b. Marmaduke, AR  WW-II  US Army
Campbell Thelma Laura Mae Shiloh b. Paragould, Ark
Campbell Troy R. Harvey's Chapel .
Campbell Velma Verlene Linwood .
Campbell William Mike Shiloh .
Campbell Wm. Andrew Clark Chapel .
Campbell Wm. D. Linwood .
Campbell Woodsie Finch nee:  Hester
Campbell Zelma Hartsoe (Foster)
Campbell/Duffe Docia Clark Chapel w/o Wm. (Ellington) b. Greene Co. Ark
Campton T. N. Jones Ridge .
Canady James V. Linwood .
Caney James A. Crossroads .
Cannady Gilbert Eward Mt. Zion .
Cannady Lou P. Mt. Zion .
Cannon A.M. Memorial Gardens .
Cannon Alice Drucilla Linwood .
Cannon Allie New Friendship .
Cannon Bonnie Mozelle Shiloh .
Cannon Brinkey Wood's Chapel .
Cannon Connie Elizabeth Jones Ridge b. Limestone,TX
Cannon Cora Elizabeth New Friendship .
Cannon Della C. Linwood .
Cannon Diva Clark Chapel (Davis)
Cannon Edna Ermon Clark Chapel .
Cannon Ella Center Hill .
Cannon Elsie Mae Linwood .
Cannon Eva  New Friendship Infant
Cannon George F. Linwood .
Cannon Gregory Lynn Linwood .
Cannon H. L. Linwood (Babe)
Cannon Hazel New Friendship Infant
Cannon James Calvin Jones Ridge .
Cannon John A. New Friendship .
Cannon John Paul Finch .
Cannon Junior C. Brown's Chapel .
Cannon Lee Brown's Chapel .
Cannon Lester M. Jones Ridge .
Cannon Lillie Bell Brown's Chapel b. Leachville, Ark Marr Dec 22,1923
Cannon Lloyd Earl Linwood Ch/ Doyle, Gerald,Joe, Carlton, Winston, More
Cannon Lloyd Winston Linwood Ark Sgt US Army Vietnam
Cannon Lucinda (Mrs) Brown's Chapel .
Cannon Martha Wood's Chapel .
Cannon Marvin B. Gainesville .
Cannon Mary J. New Friendship .
Cannon Mattie M. Gainesville .
Cannon Nancy Ann Jones Ridge .
Cannon Norma M. Jones Ridge .
Cannon Robert Center Hill .
Cannon Robert Carlton Memorial Gardens Age 78  b. Paragould, AR.
Cannon Snowdy Finch Clark Chapel .
Cannon V. F. Brown's Chapel .
Cannon V. P. Brown's Chapel .
Cannon V. W. Jones Ridge .
Cannon W. D. New Friendship .
Cannon W. E. "Ernie" Brown's Chapel .
Cannon William Gerald Linwood b. Paragould, Ark
Cannon Wm. New Friendship Infant
Cannon Wm. R. New Friendship .
Cannon Zella M. Memorial Gardens .
Cantrell Goldie Linwood .
Cantrell H. T. Linwood .
Cantrell J. M. Linwood .
Captin Frank L. Linwood .
Caradine Jr. James C. Pleasant Hill .
Cardinale Juanita Memorial Gardens .
Carey Bessie M. Harvey's Chapel .
Carey Doss (Williams) Harvey's Chapel .
Carey Hazel Harvey's Chapel .
Carigan Mildred Irene Brown's Chapel .
Carle` Brenda Kay Memorial Gardens nee: Camp  Age 56  b. Paragould, AR
Carle` Robert E. Memorial Gardens Age 55
Carlile Lillian J. Brown's Chapel m. 11/22/1935 C/Donald,Jerry,Ronald,Tommy,D
Carlile Teddy Eugene Brown's Chapel s/o
Carlile Verlin E. Linwood .
Carlile William "Fay" Brown's Chapel h/o Lillian Ch. Teddy Diane
Carlill Weldon Brown's Chapel * May not have a Marker
Carlisle Clarence J. Linwood .
Carlisle M. Mildred Linwood .
Carlisle Marvin Oran "Bum" Brown's Chapel b. Batesville, Ark
Carlisle Verda Brown's Chapel .
Carlisle Verna May Linwood d/o Sam & Eliza Carlisle
Carlos Edward "Pete" Beech Grove b. Beech Grove, Ark (Stallcup)
Carlton Quinton E. New Friendship .
Carmack Burgie E. Memorial Gardens nee: Black  Age 96  b. Faulkner Co., AR.
Carmack Carolyn Louise Linwood .
Carmack Chester Clyde Memorial Gardens .
Carmack Clay Memorial Gardens .
Carmack Dora E. Memorial Gardens .
Carmack Essie Bell New Friendship .
Carmack F. D. Memorial Gardens .
Carmack Fred V. Harvey's Chapel .
Carmack Gladys Memorial Gardens .
Carmack John Linwood Age 71 Years
Carmack Lester Burl Memorial Gardens b. Greene Co. AR.  h/o Burgie E. (Black) Carmack
Carmack Lizzie Linwood w/o Frank Carmack
Carmack Nancy A. Linwood w/o John Carmack
Carmack Riley J. Memorial Gardens .
Carmack Robert (Bob) New Friendship .
Carmack Sula Leona Memorial Gardens .
Carmack Vera Memorial Gardens .
Carman Doyle V. Vernon Memorial Gardens b. Friendship Tenn WW-II Korea
Carman May Hays Linwood w/o Claude Carman
Carmichael Euan New Friendship .
Carmichael Florence New Friendship .
Carmickle Carry May Linwood .
Carmickle Cynthy C. Mountain Home .
Carmickle Earnest H. Shiloh .
Carmickle Frank M. Mountain Home .
Carmickle Lauretta M. Shiloh .
Carmickle Russell Finch Age 88  b. Shirley, AR
Carmickle William B. Mountain Home .
Carmon Dennis "D. B." Linwood b. Paragould, Ark  WW-II Vet.
Carmon Donnie (D. B.) Linwood .
Carmon Doyle V. Vernon Memorial Gardens Friendship, Tenn WW-II Korea
Carmon Lillian Mae Linwood .
Carmon Pauline E. Linwood .
Carmon Rosie L. Linwood Age 64 y 2 mo 27 da  nee: Rust
Carmon Velma Ryan Memorial Gardens Lorado
Carmon Verna Memorial Gardens Age 97 b. Franklin, TN
Carmon Wm. Tom Linwood Age 72 y 10 mo 4 da
Carney Clara V. Crossroads .
Carney James H. Crossroads .
Carney Ruby M. Crossroads .
Carpener (Illegible) Lansing/Cox .
Carpenter Babel Linwood .
Carpenter Bertha E. Wood's Chapel d/o D. & E. Carpenter
Carpenter Charles M. Wood's Chapel .
Carpenter Christopher * Lansing/Cox .
Carpenter Cicero Holloway Linwood .
Carpenter Dora Mt. Zion .
Carpenter Dot Wood's Chapel .
Carpenter Edith (Mack) Linwood .
Carpenter Emma Wood's Chapel .
Carpenter Ester Lansing/Cox .
Carpenter Esther Georgianne* Lansing/Cox .
Carpenter Eunice Lansing/Cox (Greene)
Carpenter Frances Evelyn Harvey's Chapel nee: Polsgrove  Age 90  b. St. Francis, AR
Carpenter Gertrude Linwood .
Carpenter H. L. A. Mt. Zion .
Carpenter Hettie C. Linwood .
Carpenter Jane G. Lansing/Cox (Bridges)
Carpenter Jim Mt. Zion .
Carpenter John Bryan * Lansing/Cox .
Carpenter John W. Linwood .
Carpenter Lizzie Clark Chapel .
Carpenter Lucie Harvey's Chapel .
Carpenter Myrtle Wood's Chapel .
Carpenter Nina Mae Mt. Zion .
Carpenter No Name Lansing/Cox Dates Illegible
Carpenter Nora Wood's Chapel .
Carpenter Oscar Linwood .
Carpenter Ralph Linwood .
Carpenter Reuben Wood's Chapel .
Carpenter Robert L. Linwood .
Carpenter Robert M. Linwood .
Carpenter W. Hilery Linwood .
Carpenter W. W. (Adam) Harvey's Chapel .
Carpenter Wilder Harvey's Chapel .
Carr Arthur Warren's Chapel Infant s/o ?
Carr Bernard Earl Finch Age 83  b. Cardwell, MO
Carr Betty Jo Memorial Gardens nee: Key  Age 71
Carr Bobbie Jean Finch .
Carr Bobby Joe Finch Infant s/o Mr. & Mrs. Earl Carr
Carr Colton Jeffery New Friendship Age 17
Carr Clyde D. Linwood Infant s/o E. & A. Carr
Carr Clyde James Linwood b. Tuckerman, Ark Age 80 Yrs.
Carr Delphia Linwood .
Carr Eric Mitchell Pleasant Hill .
Carr Fred R.   Rev. Finch .
Carr Freddie Joe Finch s/o Mr. & Mrs. Bennie Carr
Carr Henry Ford Finch b. Cardwell, Mo.  U. S. Army Veteran
Carr Ida Mae Linwood w/o Clyde Carr
Carr J. T. Warren's Chapel .
Carr John M. Pleasant Hill .
Carr Johnny R. Mt. Zion .
Carr June Ann Finch d/o Raymond & Johnnie Lou Carr
Carr Karen Diane Finch .
Carr  Sr. Lindy L. Finch Age 79  b. Walcott, AR
Carr Margie Elizabeth Finch .
Carr Maxine Mt. Zion .
Carr Myrtle Ann Finch .
Carr Onie Pleasant Hill .
Carr Paul Jinks Pleasant Hill .
Carr Raymond F. Finch .
Carr Robert E. Linwood .
Carr Sabrina Gail Finch d/o ?
Carr Shirley E. Mt. Zion .
Carr W. A. Pleasant Hill .
Carr Wilburn Henry Finch Infant s/o ?
Carrell Arbon Wayne Linwood Age 63  b. New Madrid Co. MO
Carrico C. M. Warren's Chapel .
Carrico Essie Hughes Warren's Chapel .
Carrico Hardin Mt. Zion .
Carrico Lou Mt. Zion .
Carrier Bobby W. Memorial Gardens b. Greene Co. AR.  Korea War
Carrier Hubert Fairview .
Carrier John H. Fairview .
Carrier Lois Memorial Gardens .
Carrier Mamie Fairview .
Carrier Nellie Memorial Gardens Age 86 (Grayson) b. Halliday, Ark 
Carrier Orville Memorial Gardens b. East Prairie, Mo.  WW-II Vet Age 80.
Carrigan Asenith M. Center Hill w/o G. S. Carrigan
Carrigan Charles Marvin Brown's Chapel Age 64
Carrigan Charley B. Center Hill s/o ?
Carrigan Ethel Lena Brown's Chapel b. Clifton TN. w/o Marvin Carrigan
Carrigan Marvin Berles Brown's Chapel b. Greene Co. Ark Vet. Age 72 Yrs.
Carrol A.B.C.  Hartsoe Infant s/o W. T. & F. A. Carrol
Carrol B.B.Bruce Hartsoe .
Carrol Carl Hartsoe .
Carrol Charlotte Hartsoe .
Carrol Cletus Hartsoe .
Carrol Eunice Ann Hartsoe .
Carrol Florence Hartsoe .
Carrol Gaylon E. Hartsoe .
Carrol Itha W. Hartsoe .
Carrol Jim Hartsoe .
Carrol Lavoy Ardell Hartsoe .
Carrol Mary Hartsoe .
Carrol Mary Belle Hartsoe .
Carrol W.T. Hartsoe .
Carroll Alice Linwood w/o H.P. Carroll
Carroll Beverly Jo Pine Knot Age 55  b. Lima, OH.
Carroll Cletus Hartsoe b. Greene Co. Ark  Army Vet.
Carroll Dessie Bond nee: Dotson  Age 94
Carroll Dudley Bynum Harvey's Chapel b. Gainesville, AR  Age 75 Yrs.
Carroll Dudley Harold Harvey's Chapel Age 72
Carroll Elwood Harvey's Chapel s/o F. M. Carroll
Carroll  Jr. F. M. Harvey's Chapel h/o B. A. Carroll
Carroll Glenda Faye New Friendship nee: Meares  Age 64  b. Greene Co. AR
Carroll Grace Linwood .
Carroll H. P. St. Mary's .
Carroll Homer Eugene Harvey's Chapel Age 75  b. Marmaduke, AR
Carroll J. Flosie New Liberty .
Carroll J. H. St. Mary's Age 65
Carroll James Randall St. Mary's .
Carroll James T. Providence .
Carroll Keith Wayne Pine Knot Infant s/o Mr. & Mrs. Everett Carroll
Carroll Lillian M. St. Mary's .
Carroll Linda Lou New Liberty .
Carroll M. Lola St. Mary's .
Carroll Maxine New Liberty .
Carroll Nellie Pauline Harvey's Chapel b. Cardwell, Mo
Carroll Nola Mable New Liberty .
Carroll Patrick H. St. Mary's .
Carroll Paul Everett Pine Knot Age 84  b. Paragould, AR
Carroll R. C. New Liberty .
Carroll Rachel Lee Hartsoe nee: Hampton  Age 91
Carroll Shirley St. Mary's .
Carroll Shirley L. New Liberty d/o Flois Carroll (father)
Carroll Virgie O. Providence .
Carroll Wm. Thomas St. Mary's Pvt. U. S. Army WW-I
Carry H. A. Memorial Gardens .
Carson Edward James Linwood .
Carson J. C. Brown's Chapel b. Walnut Ridge Ark Sp3 U.S. Army Korea
Carson Jesse Memorial Gardens .
Carson Ola Mae Memorial Gardens nee: West  Age 93  b. Brookland, AR
Carson Vivian Linwood nee: Seay
Carter Ada Harvey's Chapel w/o F. D. Carter
Carter Almy Roy Memorial Gardens .
Carter Ben Clark's Chapel b. Greene Co. Ark
Carter Bertha Louise Harvey's Chapel Age 84  b. Booneville, MS
Carter Bert Henry Memorial Gardens b. Clay Co. Ark
Carter Carolyn Linwood d/o Wilma & Dale Carter
Carter Charlie B. Jones Ridge .
Carter Charlie Daniel New Friendship Age 94  b. Craighead Co. AR
Carter Cloycie New Friendship .
Carter Dale Linwood .
Carter Dathel Fairview .
Carter Dessie Clark's Chapel .
Carter Elda Mae Liberty nee: Gaines  Age 80  b. Bedford, IN
Carter Emma M. (Mrs.) Jones Ridge Age 67 Years 8 Mos
Carter Erma Lee New Friendship .
Carter Estelle Patterson Pine Knot .
Carter Everett F. Memorial Gardens .
Carter Fred D. Harvey's Chapel .
Carter Gay Memorial Gardens .
Carter George S. Jones Ridge .
Carter Hazel Lorine Pine Knot Age 78 Yrs.
Carter Ida Fairview .
Carter Ida Lee Fairview .
Carter J. C. Wood's Chapel .
Carter James Wilse New Friendship .
Carter Jason Lee Memorial Gardens Age 41  US Army ret.
Carter Jimmy R. Linwood .
Carter John C. Jones Ridge .
Carter John Henry Memorial Gardens .
Carter John Thomas Wood's Chapel .
Carter Joshua Lee Harvey's Chapel Age 24  b. Paragould, AR  Veteran~Iraq
Carter Joyce L. Mt. Zion nee: Potter  Age 75  b. Greene Co. AR
Carter Julie Memorial Gardens .
Carter Maggie Gainesville Age 18 Years 11 Mon. 7 Days
Carter Mattie Ellen New Friendship .
Carter Mollie Jones Ridge Age 66 Years
Carter No Name Wood's Chapel Infant of John & Clara Carter
Carter Noah B. Clark's Chapel .
Carter Nora Mellissa Memorial Gardens b. Peacock Texas
Carter Oathel Clark's Chapel b. Greene Co. Ark
Carter Rachel Rebecca Linwood nee: Smithmier  Age 86
Carter Roger Mills Gainesville Infant s/o F. M. & S. A. Carter
Carter Samuel Linwood b. Clumbus, Ky
Carter Silas Leo Linwood Tec 5, US Army WW-II
Carter Thomas Haydon Memorial Gardens 1 of CRA's Founders
Carter Tracy Camille Harvey's Chapel .
Carter Viola Memorial Gardens (Pearson) b. Rector. AR  (Born 9 or 29.)
Carter Virginia C. Cupp/Salem d/o J. S. & S.A.M. Anderson
Carter W. B. Fairview .
Carter William James Linwood .
Carter Zelphia Wood's Chapel s/o ?
Cartwright E. Elmore Memorial Gardens .
Cartwright Fannie Mae Linwood .
Cartwright Hexie Elzada Purcell  
Cartwright Nelson Page Linwood b. Morgan Field Ky  Age 86 Yrs.
Cartwright Viva Memorial Gardens nee: Arnold  Age 80  b. Walcott, AR
Carver Dora Anna Linwood .
Carver E. A. Linwood .
Carver Fern Linwood .
Carver Gail M. Mt. Zion .
Carver Hattie Gay Linwood w/o E. A. Carver
Carver Sr Henry M. Mt. Zion .
Carver Horace Linwood Infant s/o  E. A. & H. Carver
Carver Roy S. Linwood Infant s/o A. L. & G. E. Carver
Carver Thomas J. Linwood .
Carver Waive Linwood .
Carwyle Doris Lee Mt. Zion d/oCharles & Cora Bradshaw; w/oThomas Carwyle
Carwyle Jr Thomas E. Mt. Zion s/o Thomas & Doris L. Bradshaw Carwyle
Cary Alvin Harvey's Chapel .
Cary Felix Harvey's Chapel .
Cary Floyd Leon Harvey's Chapel .
Cary Gertrude Harvey's Chapel .
Cary Mildred C. Linwood .
Cary N. E. Harvey's Chapel w/o F. Cary
Cary R. A. "Bus" Linwood .
Case Daisy Memorial Gardens Age 85
Case Dora M. Linwood .
Case Doris D. New Friendship .
Case Homer Clarence Memorial Gardens .
Case Leon Memorial Gardens .
Case Olan William New Friendship .
Case Ralph Franklin Memorial Gardens Age 82  b. Cash, AR
Case Sandra Jean New Friendship nee: Pruett  Age 44
Case W. M. Linwood .
Casebolt Floyd Edward St. Mary's Infant s/o ?
Casebolt No Name New Friendship .
Casey Abe Mt. Zion .
Casey Annie Mt. Zion .
Casey Arthur L. Mt. Zion .
Casey Cyrus Floyd Mt. Zion .
Casey Franklie J. Mt. Zion .
Casey Hiram Mt. Zion .
Casey J. Frank Mt. Zion .
Casey J. R. Mt. Zion .
Casey     Rev. James Emmanuel Mt. Zion .
Casey James S. Mt. Zion .
Casey John Albert Mt. Zion .
Casey Joseph C. Mt. Zion .
Casey Maggie E. Mt. Zion .
Casey Martha A. Mt. Zion .
Casey Mattie Mt. Zion .
Casey Maude Mt. Zion (Thomason)
Casey Minnie Mt. Zion .
Casey Nancy Mt. Zion .
Casey Oma Pleasant Hill (Tennison)
Casey Orlie Otis Mt. Zion .
Casey Robert B. Pleasant Hill b. Light, Ark
Casey S. A. J. Mt. Zion .
Casey Sidney Mt. Zion .
Casey Sidney M. Mt. Zion .
Casey Stephen H. Mt. Zion Infant
Casey Susie Mt. Zion .
Casey Zula M. Mt. Zion .
Cash A. D. Center Hill Age 76  WW-II  US  Army 
Cash Clifford Linwood .
Cash Paralee Linwood .
Cash Ruby Ann Mt. Zion (Baker)
Cashman James Wood's Chapel .
Cashon Almarah C. Linwood .
Cassh Gloria J. Fairview Infant d/o ?
Cassity Irene "Abey" Pleasant Grove .
Cassity Robert P. Pleasant Grove .
Casteel Joyce Ann Memorial Gardens Age 67  b. St. Louis, MO
Casteel Leo Ervil Memorial Gardens b. Calico Rock, AR   Age 74 Yrs.
Casteel Mervil Memorial Gardens s/o Leonard and Lydia Foster Casteel
Casteel Ruby May Brown's Chapel nee: Jones Age 87 b. Paragould, AR
Casteen Edna Scheer St. John's .
Castelli Serafino M. Memorial Gardens Age 55  b. Bronx, N.Y.
Castens Fred St. John's .
Castens Fredrich St. John's .
Castens William St. John's Infant s/o ?
Caster Edith Linwood (Boone)
Caster Harry E. Gainesville .
Caster Judith Memorial Gardens nee: Todd  Age 69  b. Williamsport, PA
Castleberry Charles Hubert Linwood .
Castleberry Edmon Ealy Linwood .
Castleberry Emmie Joe Linwood .
Castleberry Joseph Grant Linwood .
Castleberry Joy Union Grove .
Castleberry Lanette Linwood (Haley)
Castleberry Phillip Sidney Linwood .
Castleberry Sidney(Johnson) Linwood .
Castleman Fred Pleasant Grove .
Castleman Fred Marshall Providence s/o Marshall C& Iona Covington Castleman
Castleman No Name Starnes Infant of ?
Castleman Virgie Pleasant Grove .
Cate Edra Lucille Mt. Zion Age 94  b. Larado, AR
Cate Louis Alvin Mt. Zion .
Cates Carolyn Mae Linwood .
Cates Jackie Linwood Age 48 Yrs.
Cates Walter Pleasant Grove Age 40 Years
Cathey Dora B. Pleasant Hill Infant d/o J. P. & M. J. Cathey
Cathey Henry W. Pleasant Hill .
Cathey Hettie Burrell Linwood .
Cathey Ina Laura Linwood .
Cathey J. P. Pleasant Hill .
Cathey James(Patrick) Linwood .
Cathey John Curtis Finch .
Cathey M. J. Pleasant Hill w/o J. P. Cathey
Cathey Roxie Lee New Friendship .
Cathey W. W. Pine Knot .
Cathey Wade H Pleasant Hill Infant s/o J. P. & M. J. Cathey
Cathy Etta Lorene New Liberty Infant
Cathy Henry Norris Linwood .
Cathy James Porter Linwood .
Cato James Roy Linwood MO Pvt. 355 Inf. 89 Div.  m.  6-1-1919
Cato Ruth Knight Linwood .
Catt Oline Clark Chapel .
Caudle Daisy M. Coffman .
Caudle Mable Linwood .
Caudle Mary E. Coffman d/o ?
Caudle Willard S. Brown's Chapel .
Cauldon Elmo Beech Grove .
Causby Imogene Harvey's Chapel nee: Dortch  Age 74  b. Marmaduke, AR
Causey Anna M. Linwood (Hays)
Causey Mildred A. Brown's Chapel d/o ?
Cavaness Grover C. Purcell  
Cavaness Rev. Jerry G. Harvey's Chapel .
Cavaness Jewel Harvey's Chapel .
Cavaness Lucinda Purcell  
Cavitt B. B. Harvey's Chapel s/o R. C. & N. E. Cavitt
Cavitt Dytzler Marvin Harvey's Chapel .
Cavitt Ilar M. Harvey's Chapel d/o R. C. & N. E. Crews
Cavitt Nancy E. Harvey's Chapel w/o Dr. Robert C. Cavitt
Cavitt  Dr. Robert C. Harvey's Chapel .
Cavitt Samuel B. Harvey's Chapel .


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