Wills and Probate Records

Name Date of Death Date Filed Other Names Mentioned Notes
ADCOCK, Josephine
  22 Dec 1944 Joe HATHAWAY, Executor Final settlement filed
HAYNIE, John C.   22 Dec 1944 Russell ELROD, Administrator Administrator's fees authorized
LANE, Clara   7 Feb 1946 Tom MURRY, Administrator Final Account filed and Admin discharged.
LUKER, Doss 27 Mar 1946 4 Apr 1946 W. B. HOLYFIELD, Administrator Administrator appointed.
MCKINLEY, Aileen Tippett   7 Jan 1946 Charles F. McKINLEY, Administrator Final settlement filed.
ROSE, Bose 21 Aug 1944 22 Dec 1944 W. R. ROSE, Administrator Administrator appointed.
ROSE, Effie A.     William R. ROSE, husband; Bill DALTON, son; Mildred PRICE; Joe DALTON, DIL; Maude GUSTAFSON, sister; Arlin PRICE Signed a will 2 Jun 1864
ROSE, William R.     Bill DALTON; Mildred PRICE, daughter; Joe DALTON; Mary GREGG, sister; Arlin PRICE; John D. WRIGHT, witness; Jeff R. RICE, witness Signed a will 2 Jun 1864
RUBOTTOM, Samuel E. 4 Aug 1915 Aug 1915 Witness: Simon L. McGINNIS; M.D.: J. H. WEBB; Wife: Sarah; Sister: Sarah WILLIAMS; heirs: Gracie HINDMAN, Anna HINDMAN, Mary R. LEE, Marget E. GIVENS, Katie DUKES, Cora R. LEWIS, Dick RUBOTTOM, Francis R. DAWSON, Nancy R. WILSON Will proved.