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Descendants of Felix and Lucinda (Woodward) Aldridge

1- Felix Aldridge- b.1829 d.1880 Burial Unknown, probably MT.VERNON
1- Lucinda Woodward Birth: Feb. 3, 1830 Death: Oct. 13, 1906 Buried: MT.VERNON
Notices were issued Saturday announcing the funeral of Mrs.Lucinda Aldridge, the mother of Mr.W.H.Aldridge. The internment took place at Mt.Vernon cemetery Saturday afternoon, amidst a concourse of loving relatives and friends, Rev.P.K.Pedrick in charge of the funeral services. Mrs.Aldridge had lived the allotted time of life-73 years-and was prepared to meet her maker. The Times extends sympathy to the bereaved relatives. conflict on age with K.Bell records of Mt.Vernon cemetery. Oct.19,1906-Forrest City Times Newspaper
2-Aldridge, William Henderson b. Jun. 18, 1853 d. Apr. 19, 1942 Buried:MT.VERNON
+. Nancy Catherine Hester Aldridge b. Sep. 27, 1865 d. Jun. 1, 1948 Buried:MT.VERNON
3- Aldridge, Ruth b. Feb. 4, 1896 d. Nov. 19, 1896 Buried:MT.VERNON
3-Aldridge, Eula T. b. May 28, 1888 d. Apr. 26, 1910 Buried:MT.VERNON
+Eager, Earle T.
Obituary: Mrs.E.T.Eager Died Wednesday-After short illness at the home of her parents Mr.& Mrs.W.H.Aldridge-Laid to Rest Thursday at Mt.Vernon Cemetery-In the beautiful spring time of a noble unselfish life, another one of Forrest City's fairest daughters has answered the last dread summons and passed over the dark river on whose further bank eternity lies; another angel has been added to the heavenly hosts above, while another household here on earth is desolated and forlorn; another baby girl weeps and will not be comforted, as she loses a loving mother's fond caresss and tender care; a heartbroken husband mourns for the loving wife who has gone before to that bourne whence no traveler ever returns; and scores of friends who had known her through her happy girlhood days-who have watched her as she grew into womanhood. Mrs.Eula Aldridge Eager after an illness of only about five weeks duration died Wednesday morning, Apr.26.1910 at the home of her parents, Mr.& Mrs.W.H.Aldridge, in this city. Deceased was born May 29,1888, and had she lived little over a month longer would have been twenty two years of age. She was married on July 25,1907, to Mr.Earle T.Eager, to whom union one child, a baby girl, now in her second year, was born. Deceased was a devoted Christian woman, having been, since early childhood, a faithful member of the Christian church. She had been ill for five weeks, and at her parents for two weeks. Mrs.Eager was the third daughter of Mr.& Mrs.W.H.Aldridge. Besides her husband, a two year old daughter, she leaves her parents, four sisters:Mrs.T.A.Carrick, of Parahould, Mrs.Jno.I.Jones, and Misses Lottie and Edna Aldridge, of this city, to mourn her loss. The funeral took place from family residence Thursday morning, Rev.B.L.Wilford, of the Methodist church officiating, Interrment at the Mt.Vernon cemetery. Forrest City Times Newspaper Apr.22,1910.
3-Aldridge, Helen Lucinda b. May 29, 1884 d. Dec. 6, 1960 Buried:FORREST PARK
+.Jones, John I. b.Dec. 24, 1880 d.Jul. 4, 1957 Buried: FORREST PARK-BIO OF HUSBAND Jones, John I.BIO - Mrs.John I.Jones is a true matriarch, beloved by her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchild. A native of Forrest City, the daughter of W.H.Aldridge, who came to this area when he was three years old from Jasper, Alabama, and Catherine (Hester) Aldridge, born at Madison, Ark. Mrs.Jones became the bride of John I.Jones, Deputy Sheriff and Tax Collector of St.Francis County on Jan.23,1902. To this union were born two daughters, now Mrs.Adine J.Moore and Mrs.Cathrine J.King, both of Forrest City. The Joneses have four grandchildren, Lieut.J.G.Charles Moore, ( a physician), John Irby Moore, Patsy Moore, and Ray H.Patterson, son of Mrs.King, and a great-grandson, Mark, son of Lieut. and Mrs.Moore. A graduate of Forrest City High School, Mrs.Jones has been active in social, and civic and church circles. Among which were President of the PTA in 1916, and now Custodian and Historian of the Cosmos Club, and a member of the First Christian Church.
3-Aldridge, Virgie Mae b. Feb. 20, 1866 d. Feb. 9, 1986 Buried:MT.VERNON
+.Thomas Albert Carrick (1871 - 1944) Buried:MT.VERNON Married:Apr.23,1906
3-Lottie Aldridge-Unknown-Living in 1910 per Obit of sister, Eula T.Eager
3-Edna Aldridge-Unknown-Living in 1910 per Obit of sister, Eula T.Eager
2-John Baker Aldridge b.1857 d.1899 Buried: BARNISHAW 17867445
Married: Jan.25,1887 Age 30 to Elsie Ellis
+-Elsie Ellis b. Oct.7,1861 d. Sep.21,1952 Daughter of: Redmon and Evelina Barron Ellis Buried:BARNISHAW 8931598
Redmon Ellis b.1823 Edgcomb Co.N.C. d.abt 1878-Buried Ellis Chapel Cemetery-Cross Co.,Ark.
Evelina Barron Ellis b.1835 in N.C. m.Dec.31,1847 Edgecomb Co., N.C. d.Abt 1878-Buried in Ellis Chapel Cemetery, Cross Co., Ark.
Children of John Baker and Elsie Ellis Aldridge:
3-John William Aldridge b. Sep 1884 d. 1904 BARNISHAW
3-Annie Lugenia "Maude" Aldridge -b. Jan. 25, 1886 d. Dec., 1979 Buried: HUGHES
+.Charles Higgins (b.Oct.15,1878 Alabama d.1955) Buried:HUGHES
3-Thomas Jerry Aldridge b. Jun.15,1888 d. May 6,1968 Buried:BARNISHAW
+Mary Susan Adams b. Apr.1891 d. 1956 Buried:BARNISHAW
3-Aldridge, Infant Son Date Unknown Buried:BARNISHAW Infant son of Thomas Jerry and Mary Susan Aldridge
3-Gladys Vivian Aldridge d.Dec. 15, 1909 d.Sep. 27, 1947 Buried:BARNISHAW His Parents:
3-Arthur Sulcer (1887 - 1979) Buried:BARNISHAW
+.Nettie May Logan Sulcer (1892 - 1971) Buried:BARNISHAW
4-Doris Gaylon Aldridge b. Oct. 22, 1914 d. Sep. 3, 1926 Buried:BARNISHAW
4-Lola Vernise Aldridge
+.Oswalt Eugene Pounders abt Sep.1918
+ .Leroy Sanders abt.1916
4-Amy Estelle Aldridge
+.Orval Varner
4-Marion Audrey "Boy" Aldridge b. Mar. 4, 1926 d. Jun. 13, 1993 Buried:BARNISHAW
4-Floy Corinne "Matt" Aldridge
+.Ralph Walker
4-Agnes Juanita Aldridge
+.Deryl Howe
3- Samuel Harvey Aldridge b. Jan. 4, 1891 d. Oct. 30, 1984 Buried:FORREST PARK
+.Elsie Eveline "Dan" Ellis b.Jan. 10, 1898 d.Dec. 7, 1987 Buried:FORREST PARK
Daughter of William Perry "Wige" Ellis b.1964 d.1946 Buried:HUGHES and Melissa Ella Higgins b.Feb.1,1887 d. and Burial:Unknown
4-Austin Ikey "Ike" Aldridge b.Jul.17,1915 d.Sep.12,2005 Buried:FORREST PARK
Obituary:Mr. Austin Ikey Aldridge, age 90, of Forrest City, died Monday, Sept. 12, 2005, at St. Bernard's Hospital in Jonesboro.Mr. Aldridge was born July 17, 1915, in Pine Tree, the son of S.H. Aldridge and Elsie Ellis Aldridge. He lived in Forrest City for all of his life and was a member of First Baptist Church.Mr. Aldridge is survived by a nephew, John Aldridge of Forrest City and one great-nephew Nick Aldridge of Forrest City.Funeral services for Mr. Aldridge will be held Graveside at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2005, at Forrest Park Cemetery. Stevens Funeral Home is in charge of all arrangements.
5-Troy Winston Aldridge b. Oct. 8, 1925 d. Jun. 6, 1992 Buried:FORREST PARK
+.Jessie Birmingham Still Living
5-Robert Winston Aldridge
Obituary: Mr. Robert Winston Aldridge, age 48, of Forrest City, died Wednesday, June 1, 2005, at his home.Mr. Aldridge was born Oct. 11, 1956, in Forrest City, the son of Troy Aldridge and Jessie Birmingham Aldridge. He lived in St. Francis County for all of his life, was a computer programer before becoming disabled and was a member of the Second Baptist Church.Mr. Aldridge is survived by a son, Nicholas Winston Aldridge of Forrest City; one brother, John Aldridge of Forrest City; one grandchild and several other relatives and friends.Visitation for Mr. Aldridge will be held on Friday, June 3, 2005, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Stevens Funeral Home. Funeral services will be held graveside on Saturday, June 4, 2005, at 10 a.m. at Forrest Park Cemetery.
5-John Baker Aldridge II Still Living
4-Gracie Luetta "Pearl" Decie" "Deacy" Aldridge - b.May 21, 1893 d.Aug.7,1991 Buried: BARNISHAW
+.Barney Adams b.Aug.1896, d.1949 Buried: BARNISHAW
5-Eunice Ruth Adams b.Nov. 8, 1919 d.Jan. 12, 2007 Buried:FORREST PARK
+.Mount Vernon Sanders b.Mar. 19, 1913 d.Nov. 17, 1986 b.Missouri Buried:FORREST PARK
4-Luma Aldridge b. 1899 d. 1899 Buried: BARNISHAW
Descendants of Wilson Motley and Susan (Wiggins) Aldridge

1-Wilson Motley Aldridge Sr. b.1822 Russell, Alabama d.1880 Forrest City, Ark. Buried:Unknown
+.Susan Wiggins b.1830 d.1865 per Wilson Jr.Biography
2-Alles Aldridge b.1850 -
2-F. L. Aldridge b.1855 -
2-Edward E. Aldridge b.1858 - on 1910 census with Wilson in Cullom, Skagit Co., Washington as clerk in store
2-Wilson Motley Aldridge Jr. b.Nov.28,1859 Granada, Miss. d.Oct.12,1912 Seattle, Washington State Buried:FORREST PARK
Parents:Wilson Motley Aldridge-Birth 1822 in Russell Co.Alabama USA Death 1880 in Forrest City, St Francis, Arkansas, USA 1822-Married:Aug.21,1845 Age: 23 Marriage to Susan Ann Wiggins Carroll County, Mississippi, USA 1850 to Age: 28
Residence-Northern Division, Carroll, Mississippi 1870 Age: 48-Marriage to Mary Elizabeth Swift 1880 Age: 58 Death-Forrest City, St Francis, Arkansas, USA-
Grand Parents: James Kendrick Aldridge 1798 - 1864 +.Frances 1804
Obituary Birth:Nov.28,1859 Death: 1912-Oct 18, 1912- The Forrest City Times Newspaper. W. M. Aldrdige Laid To Rest. Everybody who lived in Forrest City twenty or twenty-five years ago, will remember kindly, and be sorely grieved to learn of the death of genial "Bill" Aldridge. He worked for L. Rollwage & Co., in the middle 80's, and afterwards went west to "grow up with the country." The following eulogy of his wholesome character, tells the story of how he succeeded. He was our friend and of many others here, who will join us in deep regret at his untimely demise, and sincere sympathy with his loved ones. He leaves a wife and son, besides other relatives and many friends to mourn his loss. The funeral of Wilson Motley Aldridge, the pioneer merchant of this city, who died in Seattle last week, was held in Eagles' hall Sunday morning at ten o'clock, the Presbyterian church being too small to hold the several hundred friends who were present to pay homeage to a loving citizen. The hall was crowded and the services were impressive throughout, Rev. W. M. Grafton officiating. His address was powerful and very appropriate. He reviewed in brief the life of Mr. Aldridge, and called attention to his many acts of kindness. "While I did not have the pleasure of knowing the deceased personally," said Rev. Grafton, "I am told he was a great lover of children, and the many young ones present bear out this fact." Special music was rendered at the services and the floral offerings were many and beautiful. All were given opportunity to view the remains, after which the body was taken to Forrest Park cemetery, where interment was made. Concrete Enterprise, Washington. The Passing of "Bill" Aldridge. By Louis Jacobin. Bill Aldridge is dead: When this sad intelligence was flashed over the wire from Seattle last Friday morning and the news rapidly cires later over the city, a pall of deep sorrow fell over our little community many a heart was saddened, and here and there a tear of regret was shed. One of our noble neighbors and business associates - a man with simple ways, et, with a wonderful personality - had taken that "journey from whence no traveler ever returns". A heart of gold - kind, soft, sympathetic - had stopped beating forever. Whole souled "Bill" Aldridge, had gone to his reward. "Bill" Aldridge, by which name we knew him best, (although his real name was Wilson Motely Aldridge), was a man of generous impulses, and his many acts of kindness will stand as a monument to his memory. The stranger, even though a beggar, never failed to find food and shelter if he sought it at "Bill's" hands; the "hard-luck" story of the settler, or the man whose home had been visited by sickness or death was never unheeded nor told in vain. The softness of Mr. Aldridge's heart is known to everyone, and sometimes he was imposed upon and well he knew it, but it did not matter with him. He was at the bedside of the sick and his heart went out to the afflicted. A child loves kindness and that is the reason why the youngsters "Swore" by "Uncle Bill." The horses always pricked up their ears to greet him, for they knew a loving heart and hand had come to feed and care for them and when anyone was caught by "Bill" abusing a dumb animal, that person, no matter who he was came in for a good strong scolding. I have seen him even get into ... encounters with persons who had treated animals in a brutal manner. His great, big soul bubbled to over-flowing with the milk of human kindness and he could not bear to stand by and see the defenseless humiliated without putting in a vigorous protest. I have known "Bill" to carry an armload of fruit, candy and toys to the home of a sick child and then burst out crying upon learning that the little fellow was too ill to enjoy the "goodies". I have seen him supply provisions for months to needy people, with no hope of compensation - on this earth at least. And best of all, he never made any show of his many acts of kindness. He did good for the sake of doing good and scorned the idea of making any display of his generosity. Mr. Aldridge located here when this was only a little trading post. He had borne adversity bravely and enjoyed prosperity quietly. He was a man who united sound sense with strong convictions and a candid out-spoken temper, eminently fitted to mould the rude element os pioneer society into form and consistency, and aid in raising a high standard of citizenship in our young and growing state. How much this community owes to him and such as he, it is hard to estimate. But of this I feel certain: Whether or not Mr. Aldridge ever entered the portals of a churh, he was a Christian in the truest sense of the word: whether or not he was well-versed in that book of all books - the Bible- he put into practice its most sacred teachings; whether or not he spent much time praying for his fellow man, he never hesitated in extending a helping hand to the weak and poor; and as sure as there is a God in heaven, and as sure as the night follows the day, the spirit of our late neighbor and business associate - that great lover of mankind Wilson Motley Aldridge - found no obstacle in its path as it passed throught the Gates of Pearl and entered the Eternal City above. Good -by. "Bill"
Biography of Wilson M.Aldridge from An Illustrated History of Skagit and Snohomish""
Wilson M.Aldridge, successfully engaged in the mercantile business at Baker, has, during the past five years, been closely identified with the progress of that place and the upper Skagit valley generally. In these days of prosperity and rapid development, when changes for the better are being rapidly wroughtin all sections of Puget Sound, the possesion by any community of men of broad views and aggressive energy is a matter of congratulation. The subject of this review, whose position in the community is self evident, is of Southern birth, born at Granada, Miss., Nov.28,1859, to the union of Wilson M. And Susan (Wiggins) Aldridge. The elder Aldridge, a merchant and mill owner, was a native of Alabama, whose forbears were also Southerners. At the time of the Civil War he was in business at Duck Hill, Mississippi and had amassed a fortune approximating $50,000, which he subsequently lost through misfortune and rendering aid to the families of Confederate soldiers. He also incurred heavy debt, of which, however, before his death he paid the last dollar. Mrs.Aldridge, mother of our subject, was born in Mississippi, a member of families who had long engaged in the tobacco industry in Virginia and South Carolina; she died during the cholera scourge of 1865. At the age of ten Wilson M. Jr., was taken by his father to Arkansas, and there attended school, finishing with a course in business college at Memphis, Tenn. His first business connection was with Louis Rollwage & Company, of Forrest City, Arkansas, with whom he remained ten years, becoming toward the last the firm's confidential man. In 1885, he came west, stopping for short periods in New York, California and Oregon, before reaching Spokane. There he spent a year in the cloak department of J.Kellner's establishment, though just previous to this he was employed for a time as timekeeper for the Northern Pacific in the construciton of the Coeur d'Alene branch. While in Spokane he was attracted by the gold excitement at Chloride, whither he went, only to enter the employment of W.J.Shelton at that place and Hope, Idaho, the mines being a failure. In 1891, he went to Douglas county, took a homestead claim and at the same time commenced work for E.D.Nash in his store at Waterville. A year later Mr.Aldridge and W.E.Stevens opened a store of their own at Wenatchee, during the construction of the Great Northern railroad, but later they sold out and the former returned to the service of Mr.Nash at Waterville. Five years later he resigned to enter business for himself at Trinidad, Washington, and in 1900, seeking a better filed, he removed the establishment to Baker, Skagit county, where most encouraging success has crowned his efforts, keeping pace with the rapid growth of the community. From observation and experience he believes that this section of the state offers exceptional opportunities to men of energy and will, so rich are the numeraous resources. Although Mr.Aldridge takes a deep interest in everything pertaining to the public welfare, and in Waterville was quite active in public life without holding office, he is a member of no political organization. The condition of his business interest is indicative of the ability and force of the man. The fine southern courtesy and fervor, which his by right of inheritance and by training, blending with the vigorous, ambitious spirit of the north, have created characteristics at once discernible to all and winning to all.Source:An Illustrated History of Skagit and Snohomish Counties, WashingtonChicago Interstate Publishing Company 1905
3-Unknown Son
Other Spouse & Children
+.Mary Elizabeth Swift b.1847 Holmes Co., Miss. d.Jan.11,1895 Duck Hill, Miss. Note:operated a boarding house in Forrest City in 1880 census as widow.
Residence-Northern Division, Carroll, Mississippi 1870 Age: 48-Marriage to Mary Elizabeth Swift 1880 Age: 58 Death-Forrest City, St Francis, Arkansas, USA-
2-Walter John Aldridge b.Oct.13,1871 St.Francis Co,Ark. d.Jun.25, 1905 Mountain Valley, Garland Co., Ark.
+.Ida Blanche Roberts b.1871 d.1929
3-Mary Blanche Aldridge b.1895 d.1928
+.John Kirkland Short b.1889 d.1973
3-Fannie Aldridge b.1873 Mississippi d.Unk
3-Eddie L. Aldridge b.1897 Mississippi d.Unk
3-Rosanel Aldridge b.1904 Durant, Holmes Co., Miss. d.Unk
3-Fannie Aldridge b.1873 Arkansas d.Unk
3-Ida Aldridge b.abt 1876 Arkansas d.Unk
Note:Difference in mother's death of Wilson Motley Aldridge on Biography and on is still living in 1910 in Dover, N.C. on He is in 1870 Census in St.Francis, Franks Township, with W.M.Aldridge, age 47, Sawyer, Mary E. keeping house, age 22,(This is Mary Elizabeth Swift whom he married in 1870, second wife of W.M.Sr.-so his real mother could have died in 1865) Edward, age 11. and Wilson age 10.

Other Aldridges in St.Francis County on FindAGrave
Davidson, Margaret Aldridge 16435488 b.Phillips Co, Ark. (Possible-Mother Mary Bloom in 1920 census Helena, ark., Margaret is step daughter age 23
b. 1894 d. 1963 Forrest Park Cemetery
Forrest City
Williams, Fannie Aldridge 15446528 Photo May 2006-Wife of WIFE OF OLIVER ELSWORTH HAMBLETON-Obit of Elsworth: Birth: 1844 Death: Apr. 1, 1899 -Death of O.E.Hambleton-O.E.Hambleton died at his residence, four miles southwest of the city, Saturday morning, Apr.1,1899, at ten o'clock. While not unexpected, the news spread a gloom over his many friends and acquaintances, and his character was freely discussed, all agreening that God had taken home "one of his Noblest works"-an honest man. The interment took place at the Forrest City cemetery Sunday at 2 o'clock and was largely attended by all classes of citizens. The services were conducted by Eld.W.C.Davidson, of the Methodist church, and after all the last sad rites were performed by the Knights of Pythias, loving hands placed garlands of flowers on the mound, beautiful tributes of love and regard. Mr.Hambleton was born in Tipton Co., Tenn. about 54 years ago, and came to Arkansas in 1880. He served through the Civil war under Gen.Forrest, from the beginning to the end. He was elected and served as county treasurer in 1896 and 1897. He was a consistent member of the Methodist church, a loving husband and father, and a good citizen. The deceased had been married twice and leaves seven children-his surviving wife having been Miss Fannie Williams, sister to Mrs.J.T.Fondren, of this city. FORREST CITY TIMES NEWSPAPER APR.7,1899 Per Kathleen Bell name was shown as Hamilton, O.E.
b. Jan. 18, 1861 d. Mar. 23, 1919 Forrest City Cemetery (or...
Forrest City

Information from, Loyd Sybert research on Ellis Family, and records from Forrest City Times and Times-Herald Newpspapers. Paul V.Isbell

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