Pleasant Irvin Craig

(Contributed by his great granddaughter, Patti L. Silvestri)

Pleasant Irvin Craig moved to Polk County, Arkansas in 1877. He was a farmer and cattleman. It would be impossible in the allotted space to give his life story.

Pleasant was born 11 Nov 1833 in Jackson County, Alabama, son of William & Adaline (BATES) Craig. He married Elizabeth WRIGHT at the home of her parents, James and Mary (WHITAKER) Wright on 5 October 1854 in Marshall Co. Alabama. Pleasant served with the Confederate army in the Civil War in the Company C & F, 49th Regiment, Alabama Infantry. Before going in the service he had John, Mary Ann, and Isaac Monroe. While in the service he was captured 9 July 1863 at Port Hudson, LA, paroled on the 13th of July and headed home to see wife and children. While he had been gone, his wife's parents along with Pleasant's wife and children had moved to Jackson County, Illinois. Pleasant did not return to service! Headed for Jackson Co., IL, and stayed there until moving to Polk County when his youngest child, Silas, was born 22 Jan 1879. All of Pleasant & Elizabeth's children were married in Polk County, marrying into the families of ALEXANDER, CAGLE, HOSEY, LOFTES, HUGHES, McMILLAN, and MILLS. Elizabeth (Wright) Craig died 15 Dec 1881 and is buried in the Norris Cemetery.

In 1983 Dr. Robert E. Craig made a trip to Polk County to speak with some of the older residents about Pleasant. Mr. Grover ROACH (90 years old) of Midway could remember the day that Dr. Craig's father was born and had this story to tell. He stated, "That Pleasant Craig owned the farm directly behind his (the Walter WHITE property). Pleasant kept sheep and he had a ram that was the subject of some jokes among the men. This ram was so mean that in order to break him from butting people, Pleasant tied a large board to the barn and the ram butted that board constantly until he died."

Pleasant married the second time to Sarah CRAWFORD on 12 March 1885 in Mena. There was no issue of the marriage.

Pleasant died 8 August 1916 in Milfay, Creek County, OK and is buried in the Hosey Cemetery in Paden, OK.

Pleasant was one of my great grandfathers.