Brock, Duckett and Stewart Families

by Leonard L. Damron
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Many of this family were married in Arkansas Counties other than Polk. That list of marriages is stored in the USGenWeb Arkansas Archives. The url is

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William Jasper FERGUSON married Nancy Jane BROCK, she a sister to Malinda and John Henry BROCK, who are the ancestors of those Brock's and Duckett's in Polk Co., Ark. Alfred H. DUCKETT and Malinda BROCK were the parents of those found in the Bible records (see below.) Alfred was a son of Jacob DUCKETT and Amy HIPPS, Malinda a daughter of Thomas BROCK and Jane HIGGINS. Alfred DUCKETT died in White Co., Ga. in June of 1860 and William J. FERGUSON took Malinda and her brood under his wing, bringing them west in the spring of 1861. They first went to Texas but because of Indian problems they retreated back into Polk Co., Ark., then in about 1864 William J. FERGUSON removed to Sebastian Co., Ark., taking the surviving DUCKETT children with him. In Sebastian Co. Sarah DUCKETT married John STEWART, son of Jeremiah STEWART, John O. DUCKETT married Harriett STEWART, a sister to John STEWART, and China L. DUCKETT married Jeremiah STEWART Jr., who was a brother to the other Stewarts. James E. DUCKETT married Lucinda Elizabeth FERGUSON, daughter of William J. FERGUSON and Nancy Jane BROCK. Allen Turner DUCKETT, commonly known as Turner, married Elizabeth E. BELL, daughter of Jeremiah BELL, in 1870, in Sebastian County Ark. Later that year he returned to Georgia where he remained a couple of years before returning to Polk Co., Ark., with two cousins, Liberry and Elijah DUCKETT. Polk Co. was hard on the Ducketts and Liberry lost his wife and a child there, and Elijah lost a child, then he and his brother Elijah returned to Georgia. Turner DUCKETT remained in Polk and Howard Co's., Ark. and died there, he is buried in the Duckett Cemetery, which is about 4 miles out of Wickes, Ark., in Howard County. Sarah E. (BELL) DUCKETT died and Turner remarried to Sarah D. BROCK, who was a daughter of Thomas BROCK, son of John Henry BROCK. Sarah D. BROCK is buried in the Witherspoon Cemetery along with John Henry BROCK and others.

John Henry BROCK, a son of Thomas BROCK and Jane HIGGINS, removed from Habersham Co., Ga. to Gordon Co., Ga., then prior to 1850 he removed to Smith County, Texas, and is there in the 1850 census. In 1860 he is found in Polk Co., Ark. By examining marriage in Smith Co. Texas, we can see that he removed to Polk Co., Ark. in either 1858 or 1859. The BROCK line can be traced to Heinie BRACK in Switzerland. The name being BRACK until landing on these shores. Rudolph BRACH and family boarded the ship Hope in Rotterdam Holland, landing in Philadelphia in 1732. The ships manifest includes names and ages of family, which with subsequent wills and deeds allows us to trace them into Georgia as well as to other locales. Church records in Germany assure us that we have the proper people.

Bible of Malinda (BROCK) DUCKETT
Handed down in the following order:

Sarah Salina DUCKETT, dau. who mar John STEWART
Albert Turner STEWART, s/o John and Sarah Salina STEWART
Benton Elmer STEWART, s/o John and Sarah Salina STEWART
James Elmer STEWART
Farrie Wahle STEWART, widow of James Elmer STEWART
Doug COOPER, as of 3 Feb 1995 in his possession

Alfred H. DUCKETT was born May 13, 1824
Melinda DUCKETT, wife of Alfred H. DUCKETT was born Nov 1, 1822
Sarah S. DUCKETT was born Nov 22, 1844
Allen T. DUCKETT was born Nov 3, 1846
James E. DUCKETT was born Sep 23, 1850
John O. DUCKETT was born Sep 24, 1848
Dolphus I. DUCKETT was born Oct 7, 1852
Thomas T. DUCKETT was born Oct 1, 1854
David J. DUCKETT was born Apr 26, 1857
China L. DUCKETT was born Dec 25, 1859
(Note by author: All children were those of Alfred Hamilton Duckett & Malinda Brock. All is written in the same hand, probably that of Malinda (Brock) Duckett.)

Dolphus I. DUCKETT departed this life Jul 26, 1858, aged 5yrs 9 mos
Alfred H. DUCKETT departed this life Jun 6, 1860, aged 26 yrs
(Authors note: to this point all written in same hand)
Melinda DUCKETT departed this life Aug 17, 1861, aged 39 yrs
David J. DUCKETT departed this life Sep 25, 1864, age 7 yrs
Thomas S. DUCKETT departed this life July 25, 1867, aged 12 yrs
(Author's note: Written in another hand, probably Sarah Salina DUCKETT's, David J. DUCKETT's death written in pencil)

Albert J. STEWART was born Jan 27, 1867
Sarah M. STEWART was born Feb 24, 1869 (author's note: date of month ink smudged, may not be 24, note on margin by another hand shows Linnie)
China L. J. STEWART was born May 30, 1870 (author's note: note on margin shows Lulu)
James F. STEWART was born Jan 4, 1872
Hariet L. STEWART was born Aug 16, 1874 (authort's note: note on margin shows Settie)
Mary E. STEWART was born May 19, 1876
Benton E. STEWART was born April 26, 1880 (Author's note: note on margin shows Elmer)
Selina C. STEWART was born 3 or 5 Feb 188? (Author's note: page torn and smudged at date)
Nellie I. STEWART was born, (Author's note: all bur 188 smudged and torn)

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