Dec 14, 1842, Governor Archibald Yell signed the legislation creating Newton County. Newton County was formed from Carroll County. The first county seat was the home of John Bellah on Shop Creek near Parthenon. In 1843 the county seat was moved to Jasper. By 1856 there were 10 post offices within Newton County: Jasper, Walnut Fork, Borkand, Mt. Parthenon, Whiteley, Denton, Forest Home, Marshall Prairie, Cave Creek, and Mt. Judea. During the skirmishes of the Civil War in Newton County, Union soldiers came in and moved the citizens of Newton County to Springfield, Mo. While searching for Confederate John Cecil, they burnt Japser to the ground. During the 1880's and 90's, Jasper was rebuilt and became a prosperous town.

If you have ever visited Newton County, you understand why I chose "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain". You go up the mountain, down the mountain and around the mountain. If you travel Hwy 7, as you wind around and look over the cliffs on the side of the road you wonder in amazement how man forgot to destroy the beauty of this county. The fast pace of life has not invaded this county, as everyone within the county remembers their Southern hospitality. The pride of the people and their heritage can be seen thru out Newton county. Volunteers ranging from school age children to senior citizens participate in restoring things of the past for future generations to learn.

Newton County is not only known for it's beauty, but within it is the Buffalo River. In 1972, Congress designated it a national river. You will find over 60 different species of fish in the river but only a few are considered game fish. Hunting is allowed in non-developed sections. There are many hiking and horseback riding trails within the park. Newton County has hundreds of native wildflowers and shrubs. You will find over 60 species of mammals and over 200 different types of birds. Between 1981 and 1985, 112 elk from Colorado and Nebraska were released at five sites in Newton County. There are arts, crafts and antique shops all thru out the county. There are caves, waterfalls, and scenic tours to enjoy. There is always something to keep you busy in this 846 square mile county after a day of research has ended.