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Graphics by Rhio

Marion County, AR Census Records
Index to 1860 Census
From Federal Census Microfilm M653-46
Transcribed by: Julie Predmore

Dividing Line

This index is by Head of Household and includes only the name of the head of household.

The 1860 census is one of the most important census because it is the last census before the Civil War. 1860 was the last stable time before the Civil War split families, before the time thousands of people were killed and before the great migrations started that moved people all over the county.

Need to know more about the 1860 census? Go here

Columns of the index below -
1 = Name of Head of Household only
2 = The page number where this head of household/family is found
3 = Township

Corrections to names are in red. If you have a correction to make please send it to me. Thanks Linda

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Dividing Line

A   Top of Page
Able, R C 579 Blythe
Adams, Amanda 636 Buffalo Fork
Adams, J 539 Union
Adams, J D 683 Hampton
Adams, J G 564 Prairie
Adams, James M 682 Hampton
Adams, John 683 Hampton
Adams, John M 568 Prairie
Adams, Joseph 636 Buffalo
Adams, Lynn 684 Hampton
Aikins, T W 668 Sugar Loaf
Akin James P 654 Barren Creek
Akin, Franklin 667 Sugar Loaf
Akin, J L 666 Sugar Loaf
Akin, John 677 Sugar Loaf
Akin, John R F 656 Barren Creek
Akins, Nancy A 669 Sugar Loaf
Alexander, Dickson 605 Rapps Barrens
Alexander, Henry 626 White River
Allen, Andrew 658 Barren Creek
Allen, G W 533 Union
Allen, John 619 White River
Allen, Joseph E 551 Union
Alley, W E 606 Rapps Barrens
Allred, Lathan 592 White River
Allred, William 661 Jimmies Creek
Anderson, Alexander 644 Little North Fork
Anderson, Catherine 644 Little North Fork
Anderson, Mathew 568 Prairie
Anderson, Pugh 669 Sugar Loaf
Angel, Alberto E 684 Hampton
Angel, James 573 Prairie
Angel, William 580 Blythe
Angle, John 573 Prairie
Anglin, M G 597 Whiteville
Archer, George W 617 White River
Armor, Nancy S 665 Sugar Loaf
Armstrong, J R 584 Blythe
Arnold, James 681 Hampton
Arnold, John 538 Union
Arnold, Sally Ann 682 Hampton
Ashworth, Sarah 638 Buffalo Fork
Atkins, William 617 White River
Audaby, William 572 Prairie
Augden, B 603 Whiteville
Austin, Mahala 687 Hampton
Austin, R 578 Blythe
Austin, Thomas F 531 Union
Avey, Elizabeth 638 Buffalo Fork
B   Top of Page    
Bagwell, Allen H 653 Barren Creek
Bagwell, Joshua 614 Rapps Barrens
Bagwell, Littleton 595 Whiteville
Bagwell, Wiley 661 Jimmies Creek
Bailey, G W 651 Barren Creek
Bailey, Nathan 651 Barren Creek
Bailey, Stephen 633 Buffalo Fork
Bails, Alexander 553 Union
Bales, Bailey 661 Jimmies Creek
Bales, Elisa 542 Union
Balew, Hardy H 599 Whiteville
Ballinger, Jacob 645 Little North Fork
Ballinger, Jasper 645 Little North Fork
Barber, R H 683 Hampton
Barker, James W 627 White River
Barnett, James 643 Little North Fork
Barnett, Rial 581 Blythe
Barton, Catherine 612 Rapps Barrens
Barton, John S 611 Rapps Barrens
Bates, Acy 634 Buffalo Fork
Battenfield, P J 575 Prairie
Battle, Jacob 542 Union
Battle, Jacob 558 Union
Baufman, Ira 583 Blythe
Baufman, J 586 Blythe
Beard, Jane 635 Buffalo Fork
Bearden, F M 549 Union
Bearden, Isaac 549 Union
Bearden, John M 686 Hampton
Bearden, Martha 550 Union
Bearden, W C 686 Hampton
Beck, J M N 620 White River
Beckum, Joseph 565 Prairie
Beckum, Mary 567 Prairie
Bee, (Fee?) James A 552 Union
Beech, Isaac 674 Sugar Loaf
Bell, Clark 637 Buffalo Fork
Bell, Robert 532 Union
Belle, Clark 632 Buffalo Fork
Bennett, Champion 620 White River
Bennett, Charles 548 Union
Bennett, Fanny 544 Union
Bennett, James 578 Blythe
Bennett, Josephine 649 Little North Fork
Bennett, Mary 560 Union
Benton, Thomas 552 Union
Berry, James 531 Union
Biggs, Sidney 608 Rapps Barrens
Billingsly, B 583 Blythe
Billingsly, William 582 Blythe
Birch, H H 559 Union
Blackburn, Elijah 580 Blythe
Blackburn, Elizabeth 589 Blythe
Blackburn, S J 597 Whiteville
Blackburn, Susan F 598 Whiteville
Blackburn, W H 598 Whiteville
Blackburn, William H 593 Whiteville
Blancett, Andrew 603 Whiteville
Blevins, J W 645 Little North Fork
Blythe, Jacob 579 Blythe
Blythe, M S 544 Union
Boatwright, Thomas 670 Sugar Loaf
Boiler, A G 606 Rapps Barrens
Boilston, Amy 609 Rapps barrens
Bond, B F 533 Union
Borland, Benjamin 568 Prairie
Bourland, J D 596 Whiteville
Bouthenton, A 652 Barren Creek
Bradshaw, James G 566 Prairie
Branncorn, Solomon 603 Whiteville
Bratten, L S 597 Whiteville
Breedlove, William 557 Union
Breedwell, Fanny 552 Union
Brewer, Eli 601 Whiteville
Brewer, Wesly 595 Whiteville
Bridgeman, dicy 614 Rapps Barrens
Briggs, Elizabeth 666 Sugar Loaf
Briggs, George H 667 Sugar Loaf
Briggs, J W 541 Union
Briggs, James C 667 Sugar Loaf
Brock, William 632 Buffalo Fork
Brockey, William 637 Buffalo Fork
Brooks, George W 561 Prairie
Brooks, S M 653 Barren Creek
Broom, Madison 623 Barren Creek
Brown, A J 675 Sugar Loaf
Brown, E H 543 Blythe
Brown, Elia A 659 Jimmies Creek
Brown, Elvira 585 Blythe
Brown, G 647 Little North Fork
Brown, James 558 Union
Brown, James R 588 Blythe
Brown, John F 666 Sugar Loaf
Brown, Marion J 578 Blythe
Brown, Orren 676 Sugar Loaf
Brown, Richard 537 Union
Brown, Robert 666 Sugar Loaf
Brown, Sarah 669 Sugar Loaf
Brown, Silvester 667 Sugar Loaf
Brown, William W 675 Sugar Loaf
Bruce, Elizabeth 685 Hampton
Bruce, James H 675 Sugar Loaf
Bruce, Nancy 675 Sugar Loaf
Buchannan, R 656 Barren Creek
Buck, Henderson 679 Sugar Loaf
Buck, William M 679 Sugar Loaf
Buckley, James 674 Sugar Loaf
Bundy, Cythia 628 White River
Buriss, G J 539 Union
Burleson, Aaron 685 Hampton
Burns, F G 681 Hampton
Burns, H H 681 Hampton
Burns, John 540 Union
Burrass, John A 619 White River
Burrass, William W 618 White River
Burris, Robert 555 Union
Burriss, Robert 542 Union
C   Top of Page    
Cagle, C 579 Bythe
Caid, Isaac O 626 White River
Calhoon, Allen 548 Union
Calhoon, Mary 531 Union
Calhoun, A J 592 Whiteville
Callahan, A M 552 Union
Callahan, A S 552 Union
Campbell, Ann 679 Sugar Loaf
Campbell, John W 635 Buffalo Fork
Camron, E 676 Sugar Loaf
Canada, Jesse 657 Barren Creek
Canada, Prudence 658 Barren Creek
Cannon, Elizabeth J 686 Hampton
Cantrell, William 674 Sugar Loaf
Cantrell, William R 667 Sugar Loaf
Cardwell, Geroge 645 Little North Fork
Carey, Daniel N 538 Union
Cargill, John P 654 Barren Creek
Carithers, J M 565 Prairie
Carlise, S B 535 Union
Carnahan, Green S 688 Hampton
Carroll, W W 597 Whiteville
Carson, martha 627 White River
Carson, Robert 601 Whiteville
Carter, George 575 Prairie
Carter, needham G 608 Rapps Barrens
Casey, Catherine 607 Rapps Barrens
Casey, E S 588 Blythe
Casey, J M 601 Whiteville
Casey, Levi 584 Blythe
Casey, R D 607 Rapps Barrens
Casey, Stephen 588 Blythe
Cassenger, Sarah J 608 Rapps Barrens
Cates, James C 632 Buffalo Fork
Cantrell, Abner 666 Sugar Loaf
Cantrell, H D 666 Sugar Loaf
Cecall, Sarah J 569 Prairie
Cemoll, John C 586 Blythe
Cerly, John 533 Union
Chaffin, Kimsey 673 Sugar Loaf
Chandler, Palina 533 Union
Chote, Darius 640 Buffalo Fork
Chote, Dewins 634 Buffalo Fork
Church L 671 Sugar Loaf
Church, Martha 672 Sugar Loaf
Churchman, Jacob E 662 Jimmies Creek
Clark, Ansom 639 Buffalo Fork
Clark, B L 649 Little North Fork
Clark, Calvin 649 Little North Fork
Clark, Elijah 647 Little North Fork
Clark, Flemming 649 Little North Fork
Clark, George W 540 Union
Clark, James O 561 Prairie
Clark, Mary 647 Little North Fork
Clark, William 646 Little North Fork
Clark, William 647 Little North Fork
Clayton, Joseph 617 White River
Clouse, F M 591 Whiteville
Clouse, F M 597 Whiteville
Clouse, G W 601 Whiteville
Clouse, William T 658 Barren Creek
Cocheran, James L 654 Barren Creek
Cochran, A G 634 Buffalo Fork
Cochran, M V 637 Buffalo Fork
Cochran, E B 636 Buffalo Fork
Coe, J J 612 Rapps Barrnes
Cohorn, James 622 White River
Coker, Charles 668 Sugar Loaf
Coker, D G H 674 Sugar Loaf
Coker, Dicy 674 Sugar Loaf
Coker, Edward 677 Sugar Loaf
Coker, George W 565 Prairie
Coker, Henderson L 674 Sugar Loaf
Coker, J C 566 Prairie
Coker, Joseph 674 Sugar Loaf
Coker, Martha J 679 Sugar Loaf
Coker, Minerva C 667 Sugar Loaf
Coker, Sarah 647 Little North Fork
Coker, Sarah 675 Sugar Loaf
Coker, Seaborn S 667 Sugar Loaf
Coker, Strander 668 Sugar Loaf
Coker, William 671 Sugar Loaf
Coker, William 678 Sugar Loaf
Coker, William 543 Union
Cockrum, Pleasant 552 Union
Colbert H C 668 Sugar Loaf
Cole, Samuel B 541 Union
Colvert, Francis 669 Sugar Loaf
Condray, Tilburn 634 Buffalo Forks
Conley, Malissa 610 Rapps Barrens
Conley, Napoleon 609 Rapps Barrens
Cooley, W J 595 Whitevile
Cooper, Francis M 664 Jimmies Creek
Cooper, G W 602 Whiteville
Cooper, J C 591 Whiteville
Cooper, James 663 Jimmies Creek
Cooper, James 594 Whiteville
Cooper, John 686 Hampton
Cooper, John 557 Union
Cooper, John 594 Whiteville
Cooper, Phillip 553 Union
Cooper, Richard 653 Barren Creek
Coopson, Mariah A 654 Barren Creek
Coopson, Mariah A 654 Barren Creek
Core ( Corn ?), Sarah 683 Hampton
Cowan, Henry 638 Buffalo Fork
Cowan, Silas 543 Union
Cowdry, James M 554 Union
Cox, thomas 634 Buffalo Fork
Crafton, James J 657 Barren Creek
Crane, William 601 Whiteville
Cravens, Malinda 628 White River
Crawford, Amanda 681 Hampton
Crawford, Ann A 606 Rapps Barrens
Crawford, David 540 Union
Crawford, Frederick 605 Rapps Barrens
Crawford, John 644 Little North Fork
Crawford, Joseph 647 Little North Fork
Crawford, William 605 Rapps Barrens
Cristian, George 608 Rapps Barrens
Crony, F M 607 Rapps Barrens
Crow, Tilda 654 Barren Creek
Crownover, Bryan 597 Whiteville
Crownover J P 596 Whiteville
Crownover, William 595 Whiteville
Cummins, P D 550 Union
Cunningham, A W 598 Whiteville
Cunningham, Jonathan 651 Barren Creek
Cunningham, Solomon 594 Whiteville
D   Top of Page    
Darcy, Thomas 633 Buffalo Fork
Davidson, James M 688 Hampton
Davis, Alfred 556 Union
Davis, Hardin 643 Little North Fork
Davis, James 653 Barren Creek
Davis, John 557 Union
Davis, Rebecca 538 Union
Davis, Thomas 567 Prairie
Davis, William 566 Prairie
Davis, William 556 Union
Davison, John 573 Prairie
Dean, Jackson 593 Whiteville
Dearman, A 536 Union
Dearman, Mary 653 Barren Creek
Dearman, William 653 Barren Creek
Defreese, H 589 Blythe
Dehard, Mary 603 Whiteville
Dell, David 610 Rapps Barrens
Denton, Benjamin 622 White River
Denton, Dolia Ann 622 White River
Denton, Jonathan 622 White River
Denton, S E 621 White River
Denton, Sarah E 623 White River
Denton, William 622 White River
Deshields, Handy 673 Sugar Loaf
Deshields, John 611 Rapps Barren
Dickerson, James P 546 Union
Dickson, John 585 Blythe
Dillon, J H 532 Union
Dobbs, C C 570 Prairie
Dobbs, Catherine 574 Prairie
Dobbs, Jonathan 561 Prairie
Dobbs, Margaret 574 Prairie
Dobbs, Thomas 646 Little North Fork
Dobbs, William 563 Prairie
Dockert, A Ls (Jr?) 533 Union
Dodd, J W 611 Rapps Barrens
Dodd, O L 611 Rapps Barrens
Dodge, George B 661 Jimmies Creek
Dodge, John 661 Jimmies Creek
Dodge, Nancy J 661 Jimmies Creek
Dodson, A J 588 Blythe
Dodson, Eli 534 Union
Dodson, Fulberry E 567 Prairie
Dooley, Charles 621 White River
Downey, John R 575 Prairie
Doyel, G F 632 Buffalo Fork
Doyle, Henry 552 Union
Doyle, James H 561 Prairie
Dozier, Henry 536 Union
Dozier, John H 543 Union
Dozier, Jonathan 545 Union
Dozier, Peter 545 Union
Dozier, Rebecca 544 Union
Dozier, Wiley 543 Union
Drake, Stephen B 572 Prairie
Duggar, William 565 Prairie
Duggar, William 544 Union
Duggins, Carter 631 Buffalo Fork
Duggins, James G 635 Buffalo Fork
Dunbar, William H 599 Whiteville
Dunlap, Nancy 672 Sugar Loaf
Dunlap, William 617 White River
E   Top of Page    
Earles, Andrew 636 Buffalo Fork
Earles, Hwyatt 637 Buffalo Fork
Earles, Leonard 631 Buffalo Fork
Earles, Leonard 637 Buffalo Fork
Earles, William 631 Buffalo Fork
Earles, Wyatt 631 Buffalo Fork
Earns, Joseph 686 Hampton
Edmons, James 635 Buffalo Fork
Elam, William T 682 Hampton
Elkins, Mary E 578 Blythe
Elkins, William 553 Union
Elliott, James 634 Little North Fork
Elliott, James E 608 Rapps Barrens
Elliott, John B 608 Rapps Barrens
Elliott, William H 614 Rapps Barrens
Ellis, C B 661 Jimmies Creek
Ellis, Richard 614 Rapps Barrens
Emburton, W T 569 Prairie
Ervin, J 563 Prairie
Ervin, James 570 Prairie
Erwin, Joseph 583 Blythe
Erwing, J C F 573 Prairie
Espy J W A 559 Union
Estes, Edward 661 Jimmies Creek
Estes, John 531 Union
Estes, John G 622 White River
Evans, Frederick 554 Union
Evans, Hester J 684 Hampton
Evans, J T 683 Hampton
Evans, William 687 Hampton
Everage, Elisha 639 Buffalo
Everett, Nancy 536 Union
F   Top of Page    
Fain, Thomas R. 608 Rapps Barrens
Fantenberry, Paul 621 White River
Farmer, William (Farrier) 603 Whiteville
Farrier, George 591 Whiteville
Farrier, Samuel 621 White River
Farris, Jeremiah 581 Blythe
Farwater, J. 547 Union
Fautenberry, Mary 624 White River
Fee, Henderson 547 Union
Felker, Peter 597 Whiteville
Felps, J. J. 665 Sugar Loaf
Ficklin, Thomas A. 614 Rapps Barrens
Finley, James M. 677 Sugar Loaf
Fish, Crawford (Fisk) 661 Jemmys Creek
Fisher, Thomas J. 578 Blythe
Fleetwood, John 645 Little Northfork
Fletcher, John J. 542 Union
Fletcher, William H. 655 Barren Creek
Flippin, William B. 625 White River
Flippo, Johnt. 665 Sugar Loaf
Flippo, William 668 Sugar Loaf
Ford, Elijah 643 Little Northfork
Forgy, Andrew 584 Blythe
Fortenberry, Jehalon T. 624 White River
Foster, George 611 Rapps Barrens
Foster, Jacob 609 Rapps Barrens
Foster, Jaocb 609 Rapps Barrens
Fox, Adam 538 Union
Fraley, Edmond 545 Union
Frazier, Luhaney 686 Hampton
Freeman, Eliza 628 White River
Freeman, William 574 Prairie
Friend, Elisha 649 Little Northfork
Friend, James 649 Little Northfork
Friend, Peter 649 Little Northfork
Frizzell, J. H. 599 Whiteville
Frizzell, Jason 599 Whiteville
Frizzell, Mahala 600 Whiteville
Frost, Miranda 623 White River
Frost, Sarah 623 White River
Fryer, Jackson 640 Buffalo Fork
Fulkerson, Patton 644 Little Northfork
Furgeson, Daniel 612 Rapps Barrens
Furgeson, G. W. 664 Jemmys Creek
Furgeson, M. 651 Barren Creek
Furgeson, Mary A. 601 Whiteville
Furgeson, William 595 Whiteville
Fuston, Jackson 543 Union
G   Top of Page    
Gage, William 540 Union
Gaines, B. F. 684 Hampton
Galespie, William L. 685 Hampton
Gambell, John 622 White River
Gardner, Elizabeth 596 Whiteville
Gardner, William M. 595 Whiteville
Garrett, T. H. 564 Prairie
Geaslin, John N. 633 Buffalo Fork
Gellespie, J. L. 577 Prairie
Gellespie, John 555 Union
Gellispie, G. F. 577 Prairie
Gibson, B. A. 610 Rapps Barrens
Gillespie, William L. 544 Union
Gillum, John 543 Union
Glenn, James A. 563 Prairie
Glenn, Samuel 617 White River
Glenn, William D. 568 Prairie
Goforth, Thomas B. 607 Rapps Barrens
Goodall, George O. 605 Rapps Barrens
Goodall, James M. 543 Union
Goodall, Joseph C. 551 Union
Goodall, Margret 551 Union
Goodwin, Eliza 609 Rapps Barrens
Goodwin, J. D. 605 Rapps Barrens
Goodwin, W. A. 605 Rapps Barrens
Gordn, James T. 598 Whiteville
Gore, Mary 601 Whiteville
Gosier, Joseph 563 Prairie
Grabb, F. M. 592 Whiteville
Gracen, John 673 Sugar Loaf
Gray, Abraham 687 Hampton
Greaver, William 534 Union
Green, James J. 678 Sugar Loaf
Green, Michael 674 Sugar Loaf
Green, Thodorick 677 Sugar Loaf
Greenway, James 565 Prairie
Griffith, James A. 654 Barren Creek
Grips, G. W. 622 White River
Groves, Jacob B. 624 White River
Grubbs, Abrma 637 Buffalo Fork
Grubbs, Nathan 556 Union
Gullett, B. F. 637 Buffalo Fork
Gullett, Benjamin F. 652 Barren Creek
Gunter, John W. 607 Rapps Barrens
H   Top of Page    
Hackney, Emily A. 633 Buffalo Fork
Haggard, Samuel N. 567 Prairie
Halbrook, S. H. 586 Blythe
Haley, J. W. 664 Jemmys Creek
Haley, Thomas 613 Rapps Barrens
Hall, Daniel 555 Union
Hall, E. 553 Union
Hall, E. 558 Union
Hall, John 541 Union
Hallpain, William 602 Whiteville
Halpain, Frances 602 Whiteville
Hamilton, H. S. 583 Blythe
Hamilton, J. F. 588 Blythe
Hamlet, Abner 540 Union
Hampton, Aferd 583 Blythe
Hampton, D. G. 577 Prairie
Hampton, Ezekiel 549 Union
Hanford, L. 531 Union
Hardister, M. 563 Prairie
Hardister, R. D. 563 Prairie
Hardister, William 563 Prairie
Hargrave, F. T. 591 Whiteville
Hargraves, John B. 638 Buffalo Fork
Hargraves, Nancy 593 Whiteville
Hargraves, R. 599 Whiteville
Hargraves, S. W. 595 Whiteville
Hargraves, W. P. 600 Whiteville
Harper, Joseph C. 628 White River
Harris, B. M. 685 Hampton
Harris, J. W. 578 Blythe
Harris, J. W. 579 Blythe
Harris, James C. 633 Buffalo Fork
Harris, Joel J. 570 Prairie
Harris, Pleasant H. 688 Hampton
Harris, Thomas J. 633 Buffalo Fork
Harrison, Elisabeth 569 Prairie
Harrison, R. W. 569 Prairie
Hart, John 639 Buffalo Fork
Harwell, J. D. 577 Prairie
Harwell, James D. 626 White River
Harwell, Rebecca 687 Hampton
Hasket, James H. 623 White River
Haskett, George T. 552 Union
Haskett, James H. 655 Barren Creek
Haskett, William 577 Prairie
Hasten, Wilson H. 558 Union
Hawkins, B. W. 608 Rapps Barrens
Hays, James C. 567 Prairie
Headley, Caleb N. 665 Sugar Loaf
Hearn, John W. 655 Barren Creek
Hemphill, James 552 Union
Henry, Mary 652 Barren Creek
Hensley, J. W. 566 Prairie
Hensley, Sarah 535 Union
Henson, Samuel 655 Barren Creek
Hern, Allison 655 Barren Creek
Hicks, A. V. 548 Union
Hicks, H. J. 575 Prairie
Hicks, Jonathan 572 Prairie
Hightower, A. J. 599 Whiteville
Hightower, A. J. 599 Whiteville
Hines, Mary 584 Blythe
Hinkle, Asbury 601 Whiteville
Hipps, Henry 647 Little Northfork
Hipps, Wardy 647 Little Northfork
Hitchcock, James A. 627 White River
Hogan, Calvin 646 Little Northfork
Hogan, George M. 645 Little Northfork
Hogan, Joseph 646 Little Northfork
Hogan, Sarah 633 Buffalo Fork
Hollowell, B. F. 635 Buffalo Fork
Holt, F. H. 671 Sugar Loaf
Holt, James D. 665 Sugar Loaf
Holt, James F. 665 Sugar Loaf
Holt, James F. 665 Sugar Loaf
Holt, Joseph W. 665 Sugar Loaf
Holt, William M. 671 Sugar Loaf
Hoodenfryle, James M. 671 Sugar Loaf
Hoodenfryle, John P. 670 Sugar Loaf
Horn, Jacob 571 Prairie
Horn, Joseph 571 Prairie
Horns, Joseph 561 Prairie
Hott, Richard 678 Sugar Loaf
Hough, Ann C. 535 Union
Howard, Adren 661 Jemmys Creek
Howard, Adren 661 Jemmys Creek
Howard, Andrew 647 Little Northfork
Howard, Andrew J. 666 Sugar Loaf
Howard, J. S. 611 Rapps Barrens
Hoyt, William 606 Rapps Barrens
Hudson, Forest 667 Sugar Loaf
Hudson, Jasper 539 Union
Hudson, Jesse 539 Union
Hudson, John B. 662 Jemmys Creek
Hudson, William 533 Union
Hudspeth, James 545 Union
Hudspeth, Joseph F 684 Hampton
Hull, John E. 627 White River
Hurst, Hariah 577 Prairie
Hurst, John 536 Union
Hurst, John 560 Union
Hurst, John 583 Blythe
Hurst, John M. 577 Prairie
Hurst, Martha 587 Blythe
Hurst, Martha 628 White River
Hurst, William 613 Rapps Barrens
Hutcherson, Alferd D. 637 Buffalo Fork
Hutcherson, M. M. 636 Buffalo Fork
Hutchison, H. R. 532 Union
Hutson, Armsted 676 Sugar Loaf
Hutson, Frank 673 Sugar Loaf
Hutson, James 676 Sugar Loaf
Hutson, Jane 567 Prairie
Hutson, S Eborn G. 567 Prairie
Hutson, William 609 Rapps Barrens
Hutson, William 609 Rapps Barrens
I   Top of Page    
Ingram Catherine 688 Hampton
Ingram James 688 Hampton
Ingram John B. 687 Hampton
Ireland Margret M. 554 Union
Isbell John H. 637 Buffalo Fork
Ivy Benjamin F. 678 Sugar Loaf
J   Top of Page
Jackson D. L. 613 Rapps Barrens
Jackson James F. 624 White River
Jackson Preston 673 Sugar Loaf
Jaggars E. M. 533 Union
James Alexander M. 672 Sugar Loaf
James Elisabeth 577 Prairie
James Elizabeth 676 Sugar Loaf
James William G. 672 Sugar Loaf
Jefferson Thomas 548 Union
Jenkins Benjamin 624 White River
Jenkins John 602 Whiteville
Jenkins William C. 558 Union
Jennings Jesse F. 686 Hampton
Johnson C. C. 553 Union
Johnson Elizabeth 663 Jemmys Creek
Johnson John 651 Barren Creek
Johnson Lucinda E. 652 Barren Creek
Johnson Matthew 615 Rapps Barrens
Johnson Moses 624 White River
Jones Charles M. 575 Prairie
Jones Felix W. 573 Prairie
Jones Peter H. 678 Sugar Loaf
Jones G.W. 611 Rapps Barrens
Jones Isaac 600 Whiteville
Jones J. P. 532 Union
Jones James 570 Prairie
Jones James M. 627 White River
Jones John 563 Prairie
Jones John O. 566 Prairie
Jones Joseph H. 570 Prairie
Jones Nancy C. 628 White River
Jones Ruth A E. 572 Prairie
Jones Seborn 574 Prairie
Jones Sebron 571 Prairie
Jones Shepard 654 Barren Creek
Jones Stephen 640 Buffalo Fork
Jones Stephen 641 Buffalo Fork
Jones Stephen 575 Prairie
Jones Thomas C. 566 Prairie
Jones William C. 542 Union
Jones William C. 556 Union
Jourdon Charles A. 653 Barren Creek
Jourdon David 653 Barren Creek
Jourdon Nancy P. 654 Barren Creek
Jourdon Sarah 646 Little Northfork
Jourdon William D. 603 Whiteville

Justice John


Sugar Loaf

K   Top of Page
Keeney John 540 Union
Keeny James 542 Union
Keeter James 550 Union
Keeter James A. 537 Union
Kellett Matilda 595 Whiteville
Kellett William 594 Whiteville
Kelley James 638 Buffalo Fork
Kelly Elisabeth 639 Buffalo Fork
Kelly John 638 Buffalo Fork
Kerley Sidney 671 Sugar Loaf
Kilburn W. P. 531 Union
Killian Thomas 673 Sugar Loaf
Killian Thomas Jr. 674 Sugar Loaf
King B.B. 564 Prairie
King H. H. 685 Hampton
King Joel C. 568 Prairie
King Joel S. 568 Prairie
King John 660 Jemmys Creek
King Mary A. 550 Union
King Robert 662 Jemmys Creek
King Sarah M. 663 Jemmys Creek
King William 663 Jemmys Creek
Knaves Abram 643 Little Northfork
Knaves James 644 Little Northfork
Knaves Mary A. 677 Sugar Loaf
Knaves William 644 Little Northfork
L   Top of Page
Laffoon E. M. 633 Buffalo Fork
Laffoon Elisabeth 632 Buffalo Fork
Laffoon James M. 632 Buffalo Fork
Laffoon L. C.V . 633 Buffalo Fork
Lamb Nehemiah 599 Whiteville
Lancaster J. D. 584 Blythe
Lancaster Michael 570 Prairie
Lance B. F. 606 Rapps Barrens
Lance Charles D. 607 Rapps Barrens
Lance Joseph C. 606 Rapps Barrens
Lance Mary S. 660 Jemmys Creek
Lance Robert T. 606 Rapps Barrens
Lance Sarah 670 Sugar Loaf
Lance Wandal 650 Little Northfork
Lane James W. 612 Rapps Barrens
Laramore Dicy 668 Sugar Loaf
Lasater William 580 Blythe
Laughlin J. H. 531 Union
Lawson B. 617 White River
Lawson Elizabeth M. 618 White River
Lawson N. S. 618 White River
Leak G. W. 598 Whiteville
Leak G. W. 602 Whiteville
Leak Martha 603 Whiteville
Ledford John 583 Blythe
Ledford Sam 587 Blythe
Lee Samuel 683 Hampton
Leles J. W. 608 Rapps Barrens
Lewis Daniel M. 617 White River
Lewis Samuel 598 Whiteville
Linar Joel 599 Whiteville
Linscott E. B. 632 Buffalo Fork
Littlefield Joseph 591 Whiteville
Lollar D. D. 560 Union
Lonon John B. 593 Whiteville
Loode Mary E. 687 Hampton
Lovell J. B. 687 Hampton
Lovell Samuel J. 577 Prairie
Lowery J. H. 617 White River
Lowery William C. 624 White River
Lowery William T. 660 Jemmys Creek
Lownds Thomas 557 Union
Luther Franklin 631 Buffalo Fork
Luther James 637 Buffalo Fork
Lyles A. T. 613 Rapps Barrens

Lynch John G.


White River

Mc   Top of Page
McAfee Spencer 606 Rapps Barrens
McAnnally C. C. 623 White River
McAnnally James 623 White River
McBee Silas E. 628 White River
McBride E. D. 545 Union
McBride Mary 545 Union
McCabbin E Lisabeth 636 Buffalo Fork
McCabe Andrew 558 Union
McCarty Joseph 679 Sugar Loaf
McClure William 644 Little Northfork
McCord Elen 679 Sugar Loaf
McCormack W. D. 611 Rapps Barrens
McCoy William 565 Prairie
McCracken Elam 660 Jemmys Creek
McCracken J. T. 661 Jemmys Creek
McCracken Joseph R. 659 Jemmys Creek
McCracken S. M. 662 Jemmys Creek
McCracken W. G. 661 Jemmys Creek
McCraken J. T. 659 Jemmys Creek
McDaniel John 610 Rapps Barrens
McDonald James 552 Union
McEntire Champion 681 Hampton
McEntire Elisabeth 589 Blythe
McEntire Roebrt 685 Hampton
McGuire James 594 Whiteville
McKissick William 534 Union
McNutty Mary 584 Blythe
McRea Mary 534 Union
McVay Mary A. 675 Sugar Loaf
McVey John 547 Union
McVey Joseph 550 Union
McVey Susan 589 Blythe
McWherter L. W. 676 Sugar Loaf
M   Top of Page
Madewell Crissey 537 Union
Madewell Elisabeth 545 Union
Madewell James 686 Hampton
Madewell John G. 676 Sugar Loaf
Madewll Elisabeth 537 Union
Madwell Mary A. 677 Sugar Loaf
Madwell Ruben 536 Union
Magee John M. 596 Whiteville
Magee Lavicy J. 597 Whiteville
Magee W. C. 596 Whiteville
Magness Daniel 547 Union
Magness Elizabeth 669 Sugar Loaf
Magness Henry T. 669 Sugar Loaf
Magness Hugh 669 Sugar Loaf
Magness James 578 Blythe
Magness Joseph 648 Little Northfork
Magness M. J. 578 Blythe
Magness Perry 578 Blythe
Maloney David 546 Union
Manley Robert F. 665 Sugar Loaf
Marler Stephen 618 White River
Marlow J. C. 581 Blythe
Marlow John E. 579 Blythe
Marlow Luke 578 Blythe
Marlow Martha 628 White River
Marlow William 581 Blythe
Martin E. J. 602 Whiteville
Martin Henry 662 Jemmys Creek
Martin James M. 565 Prairie
Martin Mathew L. 536 Union
Martin S. H. 574 Prairie
Martin Sebourn 547 Union
Martin William 600 Whiteville
Massey Joseph H. 678 Sugar Loaf
Massey Lee 674 Sugar Loaf
Mathews Mary S. F. 639 Buffalo Fork
Matlock Clinton 586 Blythe
Matlock Isaac 555 Union
Matlock J. A. 555 Union
Matlock John 555 Union
Matlock Thomas 586 Blythe
Maxey Richard 551 Union
Maxwell James 577 Prairie
Maxwell Thomas J. 678 Sugar Loaf
Mayfield William S. 621 White River
Maynard Reuben 583 Blythe
Meachum Catherine 673 Sugar Loaf
Meachum Jesse 672 Sugar Loaf
Mears William T. 543 Union
Megee Riter 597 Whiteville
Megee S. J. 597 Whiteville
Melton Everly V. 649 Little Northfork
Melton Joseph 613 Rapps Barrens
Melum James B. 578 Blythe
Meridith James 593 Whiteville
Merriman Isaac 538 Union
Messick E. H. 531 Union
Messick Nancy 531 Union
Methvin J. W. 534 Union
Milam B. 533 Union
Miller Mary 671 Sugar Loaf
Mills W. G. 534 Union
Mills William 534 Union
Milum E. S. 580 Blythe
Milum H. 562 Prairie
Milum James B. 579 Blythe
Milum John 580 Blythe
Mings George W. 594 Whiteville
Mings Jacob 595 Whiteville
Mings Thomas J. 595 Whiteville
Mings Thomas J. 601 Whiteville
Mings William C. 594 Whiteville
Minicks D. E. 651 Barren Creek
Minicks E. T. 651 Barren Creek
Mitchell Hannah 659 Jemmys Creek
Mitchell James M. 663 Jemmys Creek
Mitchell John G. 634 Buffalo Fork
Mitchell Joseph 640 Buffalo Fork
Mitchell Samuel 550 Union
Mitchell Thomas B. 660 Jemmys Creek
Mitchell William 533 Union
Mitchell William 550 Union
Mitchell William C. 672 Sugar Loaf
Moody Joel 655 Barren Creek
Moody William C. 666 Sugar Loaf
Mooney Daniel C. 598 Whiteville
Mooney Jesse 598 Whiteville
Moore Francis L. 632 Buffalo Fork
Moreland Abrma 628 White River
Moreland Margaret 639 Buffalo Fork
Morgan J. A. 598 Whiteville
Morgan James M. 625 White River
Morgan John H. 591 Whiteville
Morgan John W. 599 Whiteville
Morgan William C. 661 Jemmys Creek
Moring James 629 White River
Mortwell Michael 641 Buffalo Fork
Mossdy C. A. 614 Rapps Barrens
Motley Edwin 618 White River
Motley John R. 628 White River
Mulelnaux Nancy J. 661 Jemmys Creek
Mullineaux Mary E. 661 Jemmys Creek
Murray H. 685 Hampton
Murray Robert 571 Prairie
Murray Sarah J. 686 Hampton
Musick A. B. 661 Jemmys Creek
Musick Abrma S. 601 Whiteville
Musick David 661 Jemmys Creek
Musick Leander 661 Jemmys Creek

Myers Strother C.



N   Top of Page
Nash Jackson 647 Little Northfork
Neathery Robert 549 Union
Nelson Newotn 567 Prairie
Newton Allen 634 Buffalo Fork
Newton Allen H. 651 Barren Creek
Newton Baxter 585 Blythe
Newton Mariah N. 627 White River
Newton William C. 626 White River
Nicholson Joseph 656 Barren Creek
Nipps Mary E. 649 Little Northfork
Noe A. J. 533 Union
Noe H. J. 553 Union
Noe John D. 664 Jemmys Creek
Norman A. S. 610 Rapps Barrens
Norman William C. 611 Rapps Barrens
Northcut Joel 542 Union
Northcut Joel 555 Union
Northcut Thomas 585 Blythe
Nowland David 684 Hampton
Nowland Louisa 685 Hampton
Nowlin Thomas 537 Union
O   Top of Page
Oldham John H. 678 Sugar Loaf
Oliver Francis 650 Little Northfork
Onsmenger A. 652 Barren Creek
Onstott H. 533 Union
Orr A. B. 553 Union
Orr James W. 532 Union
Osborn Dena C. 640 Buffalo Fork
Osborne Abraham 663 Jemmys Creek
Osborne Isabel 661 Jemmys Creek
Osborne John 663 Jemmys Creek
Osborne Jones 660 Jemmys Creek
Osborne W. W. 660 Jemmys Creek
Ott John 572 Prairie
Owen Christian 678 Sugar Loaf
Owen Zechariah 601 Whiteville
Ozier W. G. 675 Sugar Loaf
P   Top of Page
Pace William C. 660 Jemmys Creek
Page William A. 537 Union
Painter William A. 605 Rapps Barrens
Parker D. F. 618 White River
Parker Garrison 659 Jemmys Creek
Parker J. C. 659 Jemmys Creek
Parker Joseph 659 Jemmys Creek
Parker Sarah 581 Blythe
Parker William 660 Jemmys Creek
Parnell B. W. 620 White River
Parnell B.W. 541 Union
Parnell Davis K. 554 Union
Parnell John B. 558 Union
Parshall James 566 Prairie
Parshall William G. 566 Prairie
Patterson Charles H. 676 Sugar Loaf
Patterson John 675 Sugar Loaf
Patterson John C. 531 Union
Patterson Thomas 675 Sugar Loaf
Patton Mathew 589 Blythe
Patton Miles 578 Blythe
Patton William C. 582 Blythe
Peacock A. B. 593 Whiteville
Peacock Benjamin 593 Whiteville
Pearson David 661 Jemmys Creek
Pearson Elizabeth 645 Little Northfork
Pearson George 650 Little Northfork
Pearson Polly A. 662 Jemmys Creek
Pearson William 645 Little Northfork
Pelham Isham 646 Little Northfork
People Nathan 562 Prairie
People Smith 562 Prairie
Peoples William M. 562 Prairie
Pettigo William 644 Little Northfork
Pettijohn Bird 593 Whiteville
Petty Henry 638 Buffalo Fork
Petty Josiah 638 Buffalo Fork
Phelpot James 580 Blythe
Phenix Alra 611 Rapps Barrens
Phepp Moses 661 Jemmys Creek
Phillipps John C. 573 Prairie
Phillips James 560 Union
Phillips Jason 552 Union
Phillips John 564 Prairie
Phillips Nancy 559 Union
Phillips Samuel 553 Union
Porter James 640 Buffalo Fork
Potter Mary 620 White River
Poynter Houston R. 624 White River
Poynter Thomas 623 White River
Poynter William B. 623 White River
Pratt William 563 Prairie
Preston Charles 614 Rapps Barrens
Prewett David 534 Union
Price Nathaniel 559 Union
Pruitt David 620 White River
Pumfrey Joseph R. 671 Sugar Loaf
Pumfrey Lewis 669 Sugar Loaf
Pumfrey Matilda C. 671 Sugar Loaf

Pynter Thomas H.


White River

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R   Top of Page
Radlciff A.J. 533 Union
Railsback Nancy 536 Union
Rainey Bradford 624 White River
Ramsey George 602 Whiteville
Ramsey Martha 591 Whiteville
Randal E. 585 Blythe
Ratcliff Rose 678 Sugar Loaf
Ray Jacob 658 Barren Creek
Ray Martha L. 640 Buffalo Fork
Ray Moses P. 677 Sugar Loaf
Ray Thomas 651 Barren Creek
Rea John O. 545 Union
Rea S. F. 545 Union
Rea William P. 545 Union
Ream John 631 Buffalo Fork
Ream Silveser 633 Buffalo Fork
Ream William 634 Buffalo Fork
Reaves C. J. 563 Prairie
Reaves Green 561 Prairie
Reaves John 571 Prairie
Reaves William 608 Rapps Barrens
Rector Inda 619 White River
Reed E. O. 639 Buffalo Fork
Reed George W. 661 Jemmys Creek
Reed Sarah 661 Jemmys Creek
Reeme John 635 Buffalo Fork
Reeney William 540 Union
Reeves John 609 Rapps Barrens
Reggins John 564 Prairie
Reid James H. 557 Union
Reynolds Benjamin 555 Union
Reynolds James R 593 Whiteville
Reynolds Martin 593 Whiteville
Reynolds Matilda 554 Union
Reynolds William R 621 White River
Rhea Thomas 594 Whiteville
Rice Catherine 581 Blythe
Rice William 643 Little Northfork
Richardson Green 666 Sugar Loaf
Riddles William 669 Sugar Loaf
Riggons James 561 Prairie
Riggs J. R. 537 Union
Ring Alferd 554 Union
Ring Edtha 636 Buffalo Fork
Ring Samuel 636 Buffalo Fork
Rion Fielding T. 678 Sugar Loaf
Ripe Cordelia C. 681 Hampton
Ritter R. 601 Whiteville
Rizley James 665 Sugar Loaf
Rizzly Andrew 645 Little Northfork
Robbins J. W. 594 Whiteville
Roberson John 551 Union
Roberts Edward 555 Union
Roberts Moses 550 Union
Roberts Thomas R. 550 Union
Robertson Vincent 571 Prairie
Robeson B. B. 612 Rapps Barrens
Robeson David 612 Rapps Barrens
Robeson Hezekiah 612 Rapps Barrens
Robeson Solomon 614 Rapps Barrens
Robison Henry 636 Buffalo Fork
Robison Henry 636 Buffalo Fork
Rollins James W. 613 Rapps Barrens
Rose John 541 Union
Rose Mary 683 Hampton
Rose William 632 Buffalo Fork
Rose William 637 Buffalo Fork
Ross J.J. 686 Hampton
Ross Louisa 687 Hampton
Rowden Frank 557 Union
Rowdon H. J. 554 Union
Rowland A. J. 546 Union
Rowland George W. 629 White River
Rowland Hiram 629 White River
Rowland Preston 627 White River
Rowlet Ewing 574 Prairie
Rowlet Joseph 574 Prairie
Roy Lavista 585 Blythe
Roy William 584 Blythe
Royalston William 550 Union
Ruff Sarah E. 571 Prairie
Rush John 617 White River
Russell J. S. 607 Rapps Barrens
Russell James 533 Union
Russell Samuel 620 White River

Ryals William



S   Top of Page
Sailens Phillip 688 Hampton
Salors Elisabeth 581 Blythe
Sarlee Mary J. 683 Hampton
Saunders William 572 Prairie
Savage William M. 639 Buffalo Fork
Scattergood Mary 607 Rapps Barrens
Scott Barnett 625 White River
Scott T. Y. 614 Rapps Barrens
Scott Thomas Y. 674 Sugar Loaf
Self W. C. 657 Barren Creek
Shackleford H. 598 Whiteville
Sharp John 682 Hampton
Shears Martha B. 552 Union
Shepard Benson M. 688 Hampton
Shepard Mariah 657 Barren Creek
Shepard William S. 655 Barren Creek
Sheperd Lewis 621 White River
Sheppard A. 635 Buffalo Fork
Sheppard G. P. 557 Union
Sheton James 584 Blythe
Shoup Peter 547 Union
Sill C. P. 656 Barren Creek
Sims James 544 Union
Sinclair Eveline 609 Rapps Barrens
Sinclair Patsy 608 Rapps Barrens
Siner James 658 Barren Creek
Sinor A. J. 656 Barren Creek
Slagle Frederick 619 White River
Slagle John 619 White River
Smagness Rachel 588 Blythe
Smith A. P. 592 Whiteville
Smith A. P. 610 Rapps Barrens
Smith Anderson 652 Barren Creek
Smith C. G. 661 Jemmys Creek
Smith Elizabeth 657 Barren Creek
Smith Hursley 656 Barren Creek
Smith J.B. 661 Jemmys Creek
Smith James 602 Whiteville
Smith Jesse 568 Prairie
Smith John R. 649 Little Northfork
Smith Levi 601 Whiteville
Smith Sarah 661 Jemmys Creek
Smith William 652 Barren Creek
Smother S E. M. 656 Barren Creek
Smothers Austin 652 Barren Creek
Smothers E. A. 654 Barren Creek
Smothers Elisha 658 Barren Creek
Smothers Miles 653 Barren Creek
Snodgrass Thomas 586 Blythe
Solee John 682 Hampton
Solomon James H. 607 Rapps Barrens
Sorrells Thomas M. 592 Whiteville
Spring William S. 534 Union
Spruce Jane 588 Blythe
Spurlock David 561 Prairie
Stacy B. L. 592 Whiteville
Stafford S. R. 602 Whiteville
Stallcup Winny 668 Sugar Loaf
Stallings John E. 676 Sugar Loaf
Stanley James D. 580 Blythe
Stephenson John D. 627 White River
Steveson David 636 Buffalo Fork
Stinnett David 548 Union
Stinnett Isham 548 Union
St John Alferd 554 Union
Stone Christopher 600 Whiteville
Stone John 672 Sugar Loaf
Stout Andrew 609 Rapps Barrens
Stout William 609 Rapps Barrens
Stover Joseph 583 Blythe
Stratton A. S. 614 Rapps Barrens
Stroud Catherine 670 Sugar Loaf
Sullins James 556 Union
Sullins Jessee 556 Union
Summers Calvin 542 Union
Summers Harriet A. 532 Union
Summers John 539 Union
Summers John 685 Hampton
Summers John 685 Hampton
Sutton Elvira 606 Rapps Barrens

Swan William H.


Sugar Loaf

T   Top of Page
Tabor A. S. 589 Blythe
Tabor John H. 587 Blythe
Tabor Sarah 667 Sugar Loaf
Taff John H. 589 Blythe
Taff Nancy 578 Blythe
Talley Andrew J. 593 Whiteville
Talley N. M. 600 Whiteville
Talley Sirena C. 614 Rapps Barrens
Talley William J. 613 Rapps Barrens
Tally F. M. 592 Whiteville
Tally Grief 600 Whiteville
Tanner Henry 637 Buffalo Fork
Tarwater Thomas D. 541 Union
Tarwater Wesley 541 Union
Tate E. M. 625 White River
Tate Robert W. 626 White River
Taylor Aferd J. 568 Prairie
Taylor Alferd 571 Prairie
Taylor G. W. 566 Prairie
Taylor Isaac 656 Barren Creek
Taylor John A. 682 Hampton
Taylor John F. 650 Little Northfork
Taylor Lewis 657 Barren Creek
Taylor Silvester 573 Prairie
Taylor W. P. 556 Union
Taylor William 572 Prairie
Taylor William C 655 Barren Creek
Taylor William P. 565 Prairie
Templeman E. E. 540 Union
Templeman Marian 539 Union
Terman R Ruben 657 Barren Creek
Terry L. D. 647 Little Northfork
Terry T. H. 648 Little Northfork
Terry Winny 648 Little Northfork
Thomas D. L. 635 Buffalo Fork
Thomas Jacob R. 658 Barren Creek
Thompson Ammon 538 Union
Thompson F. G. 686 Hampton
Thompson Gideon 617 White River
Thompson Gideon 661 Jemmys Creek
Thompson Sarah 558 Union
Thompson William 544 Union
Thorn Nancy P. 649 Little Northfork
Thornton William G. 584 Blythe
Tilly Archibald 640 Buffalo Fork
Titsworth Sanders 666 Sugar Loaf
Tolbert Frances 613 Rapps Barrens
Tolbert John D. 613 Rapps Barrens
Tolbert S. H. 605 Rapps Barrens
Tolbert Walter 612 Rapps Barrens
Tomberlin Sarah 565 Prairie
Tony G. H. 610 Rapps Barrens
Towns Hampton 620 White River
Trasher H. W. 669 Sugar Loaf
Travis T. T. 639 Buffalo Fork
Treat Elijah 546 Union
Treat Elijah 641 Buffalo Fork
Treat Jesse 641 Buffalo Fork
Treat Richard 629 White River
Treat Sally 619 White River
Treat Stephen 546 Union
Treat William B. F. 619 White River
Treat William W. 626 White River
Trimble Allen 669 Sugar Loaf
Trimble James H. 638 Buffalo Fork
Trimble Lucinda 670 Sugar Loaf
Trimble Robert E. 638 Buffalo Fork
Trimble William 670 Sugar Loaf
Trippet M. 589 Blythe
Trueblood Pamella 568 Prairie
Trueblood William 567 Prairie
Tucker J. E. 600 Whiteville
Tucker Lewis J. 629 White River
Tucker Perry 625 White River
Tucker Stephen A. 625 White River
Tucker T. 611 Rapps Barrens
Tumbleson William 659 Jemmys Creek
Tunstall Edmund 639 Buffalo Fork
Tunstall Helen P. 639 Buffalo Fork
Turnbo James C. 670 Sugar Loaf
Turner E. W. 533 Union
Tutt J. Hansford 553 Union
Tutt Nancy A. 535 Union
Tyler James 577 Prairie
Tyler Jane 620 White River
Tyler John 548 Union
Tyler John 619 White River
Tyler William 549 Union
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Umphry Gaston 612 Rapps Barrens
V   Top of Page
Vanlandingham J. M. 574 Prairie
Vanlandingham John 569 Prairie
Vanlandingham W. E. 570 Prairie
Vanwinkle W. R. 547 Union
Vanzant Samuel 538 Union
Varnett A. D. 596 Whiteville
Vincent Mahala 625 White River

Vinson David



W   Top of Page
Wait Stephen 684 Hampton
Walden John 610 Rapps Barrens
Walker G. W. 559 Union
Walker Jesse 608 Rapps Barrens
Walker Nancy A. 623 White River
Walker William 635 Buffalo Fork
Walker William J. 645 Little Northfork
Wallace Elisha 601 Whiteville
Wallace Elizabeth 595 Whiteville
Wallace Joel 569 Prairie
Wallace Sarah 598 Whiteville
Wamble A. B. 615 Rapps Barrens
Warley James 661 Jemmys Creek
Warner John 639 Buffalo Fork
Watkins William 587 Blythe
Watson H. C. 612 Rapps Barrens
Watts John 635 Buffalo Fork
Watts W. R. 627 White River
Weast Adam 548 Union
Weast G. W. 532 Union
Weast James A. 538 Union
Weast William B. 537 Union
Weatherford H. R. 548 Union
Weaver Martha 664 Jemmys Creek
Weber Joseph 591 Whiteville
Weber Sarah Jane 592 Whiteville
Webster Elizabeth M. 624 White River
White B. C. 653 Barren Creek
White D. L. 664 Jemmys Creek
White Daniel 582 Blythe
White Daniel D. 557 Union
White John P. 582 Blythe
White Martin S. 597 Whiteville
White Meady 596 Whiteville
White Stephen 596 Whiteville
White Wiley 595 Whiteville
Whitlock William C. 541 Union
Whittacre Sabomah 629 White River
Wickersham Daniel 549 Union
Wickersham Elisabeth 532 Union
Wickersham James 532 Union
Wilburn William 589 Blythe
Wilke Samuel 626 White River
Wilkerson Cynthia 647 Little Northfork
Wilkerson Isaiah 647 Little Northfork
Wilkins James 586 Blythe
Wilkins James 588 Blythe
Wilkins Nancy 588 Blythe
Willard F. M. 636 Buffalo Fork
Williams Abram 625 White River
Williams B. 607 Rapps Barrens
Williams Elijah 659 Jemmys Creek
Williams Frederick 628 White River
Williams George 546 Union
Williams George 625 White River
Williams J. W. 640 Buffalo Fork
Williams John 560 Union
Williams John J. 641 Buffalo Fork
Williams John M. 560 Union
Williams M. J. 532 Union
Williams Rebecca J. 629 White River
Williams Robert 657 Barren Creek
Williams Rowland 569 Prairie
Williams Samuel 684 Hampton
Williams Sarah 567 Prairie
Williams Thomas S. 618 White River
Williams William J. 606 Rapps Barrens
Williford Daivd M. 600 Whiteville
Willis James 646 Little Northfork
Willis Samuel 688 Hampton
Wilmoth F. M. 675 Sugar Loaf
Wilmoth Jackson 656 Barren Creek
Wilmoth James 658 Barren Creek
Wilmoth James 674 Sugar Loaf
Wilmoth L. B. 658 Barren Creek
Wilmoth Wilson 666 Sugar Loaf
Wilson C. J. 534 Union
Wilson Celia 533 Union
Wilson Elisabeth 539 Union
Wilson J. C. 534 Union
Wilson Thomas E. 554 Union
Winchester Daniel 605 Rapps Barrens
Winn William M. 567 Prairie
Wisdom David 603 Whiteville
Wolf Elizabeth 615 Rapps Barrens
Wolf Jesse H. 614 Rapps Barrens
Wolf Martin J. 609 Rapps Barrens
Wommack Abram 654 Barren Creek
Wood Benjamin 541 Union
Wood C. D. 628 White River
Wood Elijah 558 Union
Wood Elisabeth 552 Union
Wood George W. 668 Sugar Loaf
Wood Gideon 618 White River
Wood Harriett 618 White River
Wood James 582 Blythe
Wood Jefferson 626 White River
Wood John 585 Blythe
Wood Joseph 554 Union
Wood Leah 626 White River
Wood Malinda 676 Sugar Loaf
Wood Martha 583 Blythe
Wood Martha 669 Sugar Loaf
Wood Robert J. 687 Hampton
Wood Thoams S. 621 White River
Wood Thomas B. 536 Union
Wood Thomas D. 548 Union
Wood William 564 Prairie
Wood William 536 Union
Wood William 687 Hampton
Wood William M. 577 Prairie
Wood William Sr. 539 Union
Wood William T. 555 Union
Woodall Joseph F. 620 White River
Woods Andrew 651 Barren Creek
Woods James 651 Barren Creek
Woods James F. 549 Union
Woods M.J. 549 Union
Woods Merideth 651 Barren Creek
Woolard Richard 593 Whiteville
Wooley Alferd 631 Buffalo Fork
Wormick Jane 673 Sugar Loaf
Wormick Julia A. 674 Sugar Loaf
Wright Jabel 620 White River
Wright Nancy C. 611 Rapps Barrens
Wright W. 682 Hampton
Wright William E. 672 Sugar Loaf
Wykle Jarrett 547 Union
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Y   Top of Page
Yocham William 639 Buffalo Fork
Yocum Asa 648 Little Northfork
Yocum Harvey 646 Little Northfork
Yocum Jacob 644 Little Northfork
Yocum Michael Jr. 643 Little Northfork
Yocum Michael Sr. 643 Little Northfork
Yocum William 648 Little Northfork
Yocum William 670 Sugar Loaf
Young A. V. 562 Prairie
Young Eli 581 Blythe
Young Elizabeth 607 Rapps Barrens
Young Ezekiel 681 Hampton
Young James 607 Rapps Barrens
Young James 608 Rapps Barrens
Young James H. 562 Prairie
Young James M. 565 Prairie
Young Jane 610 Rapps Barrens
Young Jessee 571 Prairie
Young John 587 Blythe
Young Josiah 562 Prairie
Young M. 562 Prairie
Young Nancy 608 Rapps Barrens
Young Thomas 581 Blythe
Young William H 587 Blythe
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