1920 Lincoln Co. Census
Spring Township (partial)
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Blasengame, J. F. Head M M W 26 Ark. Ark. Ark. Yes Farmer, 200 Gen. Farming
Blasengame, Alice Wife F M W 21 Ark Ark Ark
Blasengame, Elmer F. Son M W 2/12 Ark Ark Ark

Blasengame, John A. Head M M W ? Miss Miss Miss Cross tie maker
Blasengame, Rachel Wife F M W 36 Ark Ark Ark
Blasengame, Roberta Daughter F S W 16 Ark Miss Ark
Blasengame, Clifford Son M S W 12 Ark Miss Ark
Blasengame, Maggie Daughter F S W 14 Ark Miss Ark (could be Nezzie)
Blasengame, Wade Son M S W 6 Ark Miss Ark
Blasengame, Mary Daughter F S W 3yr 4 mo. Ark Ark Ark
Blasengame, Dalton Son M S W 6mo. Ark Ark Ark

Muckleroy Baley Head M M W 40? Ark Ark Ark Sawmill Owner  (Bailey)
Muckleroy Olga Wife F M W 18 Ark Ark Ark (nee Scrifres, second wife of Bailey)
Muckleroy Jetty Dau F S W 10 Ark Ark Ark (Jettie is a male)
Muckleroy Chazno or Alonzo? Son M S W 6 Ark Ark Ark (could be Arizona)

Blasengame, Ed Head M M W 26? Ark Georgia Georgia Farmer 223
Blasengame. Ludy Wife F M W ? Ark Ark Miss (nee Thompson)
Blasengame, Coylee Dau. F. S W 9 mo. Ark Ark Ark (Coyle, pronounced Coy Lee)

Mullikin Mary Head F M W 30 Ark Miss Miss (w/o of Wm. Wade Mullikin)
Mullikin Alton Son M S W 11 Ark Ark Ark (first name is Wm.)
Mullikin Leara Daughter F S W 8 Ark Ark Ark (Lera Martha)
Mullikin Margerite Daughter F S W 6 Ark Ark Ark (Marguerite Omie)
Mullikin Evedell Daughter F S W 4 1/12 Ark Ark Ark (Evadell)
Mullikin J.D. Son M S W 6mo. Ark Ark Ark (initials do not stand for anything)

Jessie G. Bates (Jesse Gerome) Head, 35, AR MS MS
Mittie, wife, 27, AR MS MS (nee Mullikin)
George F., son, 8, AR
Jessie T.?, son, 6, AR
Robert E., son, 3 11/12, AR
Martha M., dau, 1 6/12, AR

Mullikin, J. Frances, head, 63, widowed, TN TN TN
Ida M., dau, 24, AR TN MS
June B., dau, 24, AR TN MS
Hattie A., dau, 22, AR  TN MS

Mullikin, Rufus K., head, 50, MS TN TN
Bell, wife, 26, AR IL AR
Esther O., dau, 16, AR MS MS
Grace, dau, 8, AR MS AR
Creed, son, 6, AR MS AR
Gus, son, 4 4/12?, AR MS AR (age too hard to read)
Gladys, dau, 2 4/12, AR MS AR

Page 148A All are Owen Township

Gillie Newman, head, 39, wd, AR AL MS
Retha, dau, 6, AR AR AR
Eugene, son, 4 11/12, AR AR AR
Raley, Leona?, sister, 24, AR AL MS

Blasengame, ?, head, 20, AR US AR

Page 148B

Emma, dau, 19, AR US AR
Myrtle, dau, 17, AR US AR

Blasengame, James W., 54, MS TN AL
Mary E., wife, 50, AR, MO, TN
Ollie M., dau, 23, AR
Oather S., son, 12, AR

Page 144A

Wynn, Thomas F. is a boarder with the Floyd family, 41, single, AR AL LA

Page 165A - Spring Township

Newman, Fergus?, head, 47?, AR Canada, AL
D?, dau, 19, AR AR MS
Jesse, dau, 18, AR AR MS
Charles, son, 14, AR AR MS

Page 166A - Spring Township

Newman, J. T. (initials are hard to make out), head, 41, AR Canada, AR
Mary V., wife, 34, AR AR AR
Effie, dau, Indian, 16, AR AR AR
Lucy, dau, Indian, 11, AR AR AR
Stark, son, Indian, 9, AR AR AR
Susa M., dau, Indian, 6, AR AR AR
Marry, dau, Indian, 3 9/12, AR AR AR

Page 173A

Newman, Alice, head, 60, AR MS AR
Kant, West, son, 10, AR AR AR
Newman, Zola, dau, 3 6/12, AR AR AR

1920 Lincoln Co.


1. Resident #
2. Surname
3. Given Name
4. Relationship
5. Rent(R)/Own(O)
6. Sex
7. Race
8. Age
9. Married/single/widow(ed)/divorced
10. Birth place
11. Fathers birth place
12. Mothers birth place
13. Occupation

Auburn Twp Page 15/sheet # 15 A

#349 McCuistion/John S./head/R/m/w/47/m/AR/TN/TN/Commissioner/State Farm
-/Mattie J./wife/f/w/40/m/AR/GA/MS
-/John B./son/m/w/12/s/AR/AR/AR (19 Sep 1907-14 Feb 1989 Little Rock)
-/Emmett W./son/m/w/6/s/AR/AR/AR (10 Dec 1914-Oct 1978 El Dorado)
-/William A./son/m/w/4/s/AR/AR/AR
-/Mary J./dau/f/w/6mo/s/AR/AR/AR

#350 Higgins/George W./head/R/m/w/38/m/AR/AR/AR/Warden/State Farm
-/Sudie E./wife/f/w/33/m/AR/MS/LA/Matron/Female Camp
-/Claudia B./dau/f/w/14/s/AR/AR/AR
-/Lois J./dau/f/w/6/s/AR/AR/AR
-/Robert G./son/m/w/4/s/AR/AR/AR
Chester/Kindness M./m-law/f/w/53/wd/LA/GA/GA

#351 Corney/Robert B./head/R/m/w/44/m/NY/England/Scotland/Physician/State Farm
-/Isabel M./wife/f/w/44/m/AR/MA/MA

#352 Witt/Andrew J./head/R/m/w/45/m/AR/TN/TN
-/Mary A./wife/f/w/40/m/IN/IN/IN

#353 Moss/Alvin G./head/R/m/w/29/m/AR/GA/GA/Bookkeeper/State Farm
-/Mittie G./wife/f/w/30/m/AR/AR/AR
-/Fred D./son/m/w/7/s/AR/AR/AR
-/Lola E./dau/f/w/5/s/AR/AR/AR
-/Charles H./son/m/w/1y 4m/s/AR/AR/AR

#354 Thompson/Ben f./head/R/m/w/50/m/MS/MS/MS/Warden/State Farm
-/Bennie C./son/m/w/12/s/AR/MS/LA
-/Lois F./dau/f/w/10/s/AR/MA/LA
-/Robert m./son/m/w/7/s/AR/MS/LA
-/John w./son/m/w/4y 6m/s/AR/MS/LA
-/Harold H./son/m/w/8m/s/AR/MS/LA

#355 Jeter/Garland/head/R/m/w/60/m/AR/SC/TX/Warden/State Farm
-/Catherine M./wife/f/w/52/m/KY/KY/KY

#356 Turner/Charles S./head/R/m/w/34/m/OH/MO/NE/Identification Officer/State Farm
-/Mary A./wife/f/w/24/m/AR/KY/KY
-/Charles S. Jr./son/m/w/10m/AR/OH/AR

#357 Ingram/Bert T./head/R/m/w/44/m/LA/LA/LA/Warden/State Farm
-/Rosalie B./wife/f/w/30/LA/LA/LA
-/Agnes L./dau/f/w/8/AR/LA/LA
-/Bert T. Jr./son/m/w/7/AR/LA/LA

#358 Hardwick/John J./head/R/m/w/63/m/MS/IL/TN Foreman/Cotton Gin

#359 Nuckells/Homer C./head/R/m/w/38/m/AR/VA/GA/Warden/State Farm
-/Jessie W./son/m/w/5/s/AR/AR/AR
-/Homer J./son/m/w/3/3/AR/AR/AR

#360 Clayton/James B./head/R/m/w/60/wd/AR/SC/MS/Watchman/State Farm

#361 Lassiter/Robert L./R/m/w/54/m/TN/TN/TN/Bookkeeper/State Farm

#362 Ives/George/head/R/m/w/54/s/TN/MS/AL/Watchman/State Farm

#362 Witt/James T./head/R/m/w/70/wd/TN/NC/TN/Watchman/State Farm

Cane Creek Township15-16 Jan 1920 Pg 58 Sheet 9A

#151 Brown/Jim D./head/O/m/w/68/m/MS/MS/MS/Farmer/Home Farm

#152/Drake/****/head/O/m/w/74/m/GA/GA/GA/Farmer/Home Farm

-/Laura B./wife/f/w/52/m/GA/GA/GA
-/Joe J?/added?-son/m/w/28/s/AR/AR/AR/Laborer/at Home
-/Howard/added?-son/m//10/s/AR/AR/AR/Laborer/at Home

#153 Water/James/head/UN/m/w/25/m/AR/MS/MS/Laborer/Farm

#154 Johnson/Clarence L/head/O/m/w/41/m/MS/MS/MS/Farmer/at Home
-/Wm E./son/m/w/11/s/AR/MS/AR
-/Earl J./son/m/w/9/s/AR/MS/AR
-/Robert L./son/m/w/6/s/AR/MS/AR
-/Jennie B./dau/f/w/3y 11m/s/AR/MS/AR
-/Carl L./son/m/w/1y 5m/s/AR/MS/AR

#155 Waters/Bert W./head/O/m/w/24/m/AR/MS/AR/Farmer
-/Jakie/son/mw/3y 4 m/s/AR/AR/AR
-/Duffie/son/m/w/1y 5m/s/AR/AR/AR

#156 Heflin/Mary E?/head/O/f/w/48/wd/AR/AR/AR/none
-/Jessie R./son/m/w/25/s/AR/AR/AR/Farmer/at home
-/Richard P./son/m/w/24/s/AR/AR/AR
-/Mary R/dau/f/w/19/s/AR/AR/AR/none/at home
-/Thermon W./son/m/w/15/s/AR/AR/AR/Laborer/home farm
-/Jewell A./dau/f/w/13/s/AR/AR/AR
-/Albert M./son/m/w/11/s/AR/AR/AR/Laborer/home farm
-/Lollie M./dau/f/w/9/s/AR/AR/AR

#157 Moore/James E./head/R/m/w/32/m/AR/IL/AR/Farmer
-/Ethet M./wife/f/w/27/m/AR/MS/MS
-/Havis E./son/m/w/10/s/AR/AR/AR
-/Eva M./dau/f/w/8/s/AR/AR/AR
-/Alvia M./dau/f/w/6/s/AR/AR/AR
-/Odist/son/m/w/4y 4m/s/AR/AR/AR
-/Clara L./dau/f/w/9m/s/AR/AR/AR

#158 Raney/Edward P./head/R/m/w/49/m/AR/MS/MS/Farmer
-/Wm D./son/m/w/18/s/AR/AR/MS/Laborer/homefarm
-/Henry T?/son/m/w/15/s/AR/AR/MS/Laborer/home farm

#159 Davis/Wm E./head/R/m/w/44/m/MS/TN/MS/Farmer
-/Mattie A./wife/f/w/41/m/AR/MS/MS
-/Lillie R./dau/f/w/17/s/AR/MS/AR
-/Ella W./dau/f/w/14/s/AR/MS/AR
-/Velma G./dau/f/w/8/s/AR/MS/AR
-/W*** M./son/m/w/5/s/AR/MS/AR
(there are more children listed, one is age 4, but did not copy the whole page)

Owen Township 20 Jan 1920 page 148 Sheet 8A

Banks/Rosetti/wife/f/b/20/m/AR/AR/AR (husband and Resident # was on previous page)
-/Lula H./dau/f/b/6/s/AR/MS/AR
-/Uesry L./son/m/b/2y 6m/AR/MS/AR

#134 Mullkin/Frances/head/O/m/w/63/wd/TN/Tn/Tn/Farmer/Gen.Farm
-/Ida M./dau/f/w/34/s/AR/TN/MS
-/Jule B./dau/f/w/28/s/AR/TN/MS
-/Hattie A./dau/f/w/22/s/AR/TN/MS

#135 Bradshaw/John/head/O/m/w/27/m/AR/AR/AR/Farmer/Gen. Farm

#136 Mullikin/Rufus K?/O/head/m/w/50/m/MS/TN/TN/Farmer/Gen Farm
-/Esther O./dau/f/w/16/s/AR/MS/MS
-/Gus/son/m/w/4y 4m/s/AR/MS/AR
-/Gladys/dau/f/w/2y 4m/s/AR/MS/AR

#137 Dorsett/nicholas/head/O/m/w/In/US/US/farmer/Gen Farm
-/Mary B./wife/f/w/53/m/IN/IN/IN
-/Nicholas/G-son/m/w/2y 2m/AR/IN/IN

#138 Newman/Gillie/head/O/f/w/3/wd/AR/AL/MS/Farmer/Gen. Farm
-/Eugene/son/m/w/4y 11m/s/AR/AR/AR

#139 Cogbil/Ruby/head/O/f/w/40/s/AR/US/US

#140 Malore/Walter/head/O/m/w/2/m/AR/KY/TN
-/Nancy W./wife/f/w/30/m/AR/MS/MS
-/Earl/son/m/w/4y 4m/s/AR/AR/AR
-/Grover/son/m/w/2y 1m/s/AR/AR/AR

#141 Gage/John S./head/R/m/w/54/m/AR/US/US/Laborer/Timber
Merryweather/Geo F./father/m/w/65/wd/US/US/US/Laborer/Timber

#142 Blackwell/Earnest?/head/R/m/w/50/m/KY/GA/KY/Laborer/Timber
-/Ishmall/son/m/w/3y ?m/LA/KY/TN

#143 Smith/Cora G./head/R/f/w/41/s/AR/US/US/none
(there could be more on next page)

Spring Township page 164 Sheet 1A 2 Jan 1920

#1 Bradshaw/G.T./head/O/m/w/39/m/TX/AR/AR/Farmer/Gen
-/Alleen/dau/f/w/4y 10m/s/AR/TX/AR
-/G.T./son/m/w/2/y 9m/s/AR/TX/AR

#2 Mullikin/Mary/head/UN/f/w/30/m/AR/MS/MS/none
-/Emedell/dau/f/w/4y 1m/s/AR/AR/AR

#3 Cook?/E.T./head/O/m/w/25/m/AR/AR/AR/Farmer/Gen.
-/Lottie Lee/wife/f/w/21/m/AR/AR/AR
-/Clarie Lee/dau/f/w/3y 7m/s/AR/AR/AR
-/Aaron T./son/m/w/2y/1m/s/AR/AR/AR
-/W. Lorene/dau/f/w/11m/s/AR/AR/AR

#4 Tucker/W.S./head/O/m/w/46/m/AR/MS/AR/Farmer/Gen
-/Sallie E./wife/f/w/44/m/MS/MS/MS
Blassengame/Eddie/son/m/w/2y 6m/s/AR/AR/AR (Blassengame is crossed out)
Harris/Alvin Lee/dau/f/w/11/s/AR/AR/MS

#5 Wynn/Pearce/head/O/m/w/56/m/LA/GA/MS/Farmer/Gen.
-/J?a S./dau/f/w/22/s/AR/LA/GA

#6 Raley/Jesse H/head/O/m/w/45/m/AR/GA/MS/Farmer/Gen
-/Tennie E./wife/f/w/38/m/AR/MS/MS
-/Vergil/son/m/w/182/Ar/AR/AR/Laborer/home farm
-/Terell/son/m/w/18s/AR/AR/AR/Laborer/home farm
-/Effie Mary/dau/f/w/18s/AR/AR/AR
-/Jessie V./son/m/w/11/s/AR/AR/AR
-/Travis/son/m/w/3y 7m/s/AR/AR/AR

#7 Case/Oscar/head/O/m/w/29/m/AR/MS/MS/Farmer/Gen. Farm
-/Jennie B./wife/f/w/27/m/AR/AR/AR
-/????/son/m/w/2y 7m/s/AR/AR/AR

Spring Township 20-21 Jan 192 Page 176 Sheet 18A

-/Shella B./dau/f/w/11/s/AR/AR/AR
-/Gladolin/dau/f/w/4y 11m/s/AR/AR/AR
-/Mary/dau/f/w/3y 11m/s/AR/AR/AR

#272 Muckelroy/Baley/head/O/m/w/40/s/AR/AR/AR/Saw Mill/Owner

#273 Tucker/Larkin/head/O/m/w/36/m/AR/AR/AR/Farmer/Gen

#274 Bradshaw/George/head/R/m/w/37/m/AR/AR/AR/Farmer/Gen
-/Ollie/dau/f/w/3y 11m/s/AR/AR/AR

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