1880 Lincoln Co. Census Index
Kimbrough Township
Enumerated in the Month of June, 1880
transcribed by: Wendy Barry

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Definition Key: ? = not sure if that's right; * = can't read the rest of it; (B) Black; (Mu) Mulatto
This census taker had the worst handwriting; this was very hard to read. So, if it sounds like it could be your person, please ask me to look it up for you.

Page 1A

F. R. R. Smith
C. F. Dupree
Sam Lawson (B)
M. Perkins (B)
H. Gates (B)
T. Jackson (B)
H. Wilson (B)
Bill Harris (B)
James Robertson (B)
Jim Mikas (B)
H. B. Rogers
J. R. Trotter
Albert Long (B)
L. Smith (B)
B. L. Goin
E. Dollihide - probably supposed to be Dollarhide
H. C. Conrad
H. H. Busby
William Lewis (B)
Bosten Jones (B)

Page 1B

Jim Jones (B)
Calep Brown (B)
Harry Wanen? (B) (wife is Harret)
Josh Davis (B)
Geo. Moodhouse (B)
Beny Franklin (B)
Henry Winley (B)
Jeny Rives (B)
Frances ? (B) (daughter is Ellen)
Isac Jones (B)
Wm. Cunall (B)
Charley Woods (B)
Ike Jones (B)
Henry Richardson (B)
Alf Owen (B)

Page 2A

S. Richardson (B)
Jessy Echols (B)
Jeff Richardson (B)
Mary Scurvin? (B) (son is Jack)
Glos? Clayton (B) (wife is H. and daughter is Jane)
Ike Rawles (B)
Peter Hood (B)
Alex Lane (B)
Af Blain or Blass or Blase (B)
Lewis Wilder (B)
Tul* Culligen (B) (wife is Lois)
Neal Thorp or Tharp
Glos? Smith (wife is Hattie)

Page 2B

V. Smith (B)
Henry Wootin (B)
Bob Car (B)
J. H. Clayton (B)
Joe Pernell (B)
Ciero Colbert? (B) (wife is Mary)
Alf Richardson (B)
Frank Pernell (B)
J. Nany Johnson (B)
Alex Jefferson (B)
Mary Wilkinson (B)
Sila Worman? or Norman? (B) (child, Mary enumerated with her is listed as a bastard)

Page 3A

Jim Hilliard (B)
W. Waine (B)
Dora? Sheppard (B) (child, Alice enumerated with her is listed as a bastard)
Calvin Murphy (B)
L. B. Echoles (B)
Hen* Scu* (B) (wife is Katie)
Wm. Jones (B)
Thos. F. Maher
John Black or Blank (B)
Ed Jennings (B)
Jack Elligan (B)
Geo. Alexander (B)
Robert Jones (B)
Wash or Clark (B)

Page 3B

Peter Clark (B)
Mary Shelton (B)
Dave Webster (B)
Robert Nis* (B) (wife is Landy)
Oliver Jones (B)
Samy Hayes (B)
Cyrus Kimbrough (B)
Coy Benton (B)
J. Blukshes? (B) (wife is B., daughter is Lon)
Sam Rives (B)
Jim Franklin (B)

Page 4A

Lee Cook (B)
F. A. Ramley or Rumley (B)
P. A. Nelson (B)
W. P. McDill
J. F. Brent
Dick Thomas (B)
H. Lee (B)
John Williams
Thos. Hughes (B)
Wesly Shaver (B)

Page 4B

Mark Shaver (B)
Wm. Russ (B)
Mark Vanburen (B)
Jim Neely (B)
Sam Milay (B)
J. King (B)
Rufus Harris (B)
Ben Griffin (B)
Don Cain (B)
Ned Brown (B)
Doug Wood (B)
Creed Griffin (B)
Tom Williams (B)
Wm. Dove (B)

Page 5A

Willis Dove (B)
Matthew Sanders (B)
W. A. Clement (B)
Mose Robertson (B)
Lewis Smith (B)
John Evins (B)
H. Blair (B)
Ed Moore (B)
Willie Brinch (B)
Jos. Smith (B)
John Cole (B)
H. Jackson (B)
Jake Martin (B)
T. H. Swyer (B)
Sam Jimmison (B)
Jimy Wilson (B)
Irvin Waight (B)
H. Wilson (B)
J. B. Dye

Page 5B

M. E. Dye
J. B. Dye
R. M. Cole
Robt. Rendles
James Arbetson
A. Thetford
F. J. Robertson
Wm. Hullen
Jaetha Chunlis? (B) (tenant of Wm. Hullen, keeps house)
Ed Mullins (B)
Robt. Walker (B)
Alf Rundles (B)
Burk? Newton (wife is Mary)

Page 6A

Parker Newton (B)
H. Thompson (B)
Mary Anderson (B)
Aron Brown (B)
Nelson Cooper (B)
P. James (B)
Mary Robertson (B)
Peter Moore (B)
J. E. Hinton? (B) (wife is Mary)
Bus Kinsy (B)
Jim Fletcher (B)
John Smith (B)
C. Wright (B)
C. Shelton (B)
Taylor S* (B) (enumerated with him is Saffee)
Sis Avey (B)
John Harper (B)

Page 6B

John Smith (B)
Jerry Fletcher (B)
Dunham Cebur? (B) (wife is M., daughter is Hattie)
H. Baker (B)
C. R. Anderson (B)
W. R. Riley
Jeff Robertson (B)
A. Allen (B)
D. T. Blue
H. Davis (B)
P. Johnson (B)
J. Tolbert (B)
E. Randles (B)
G. Poiston? (B) (son is Charles)
J. Wilkerson (B)
H. Moore (B)
D. Allen (B)
Wash Smith (B)

Page 7A

Dora Williams (B)
Shuck Smith (B)
Peter Smith (Mu)
Fanny Smith (B)
Wat? Smith (Mu) (a tenant of Wash Smith)
Henry Dove (Mu)
Osco Todd (B)
Hiram West* (B) (as a tenant of Wash Smith)
Frank Williamson (Mu)
Bill Sheppard (B)
Betsy Smith (B)
Lewis Steward to Stewart (B)
Rachel Bates (B)
William Dun (B)
Maria Cunningham (B)
Note: This entire page of people appear to be tenants of Wash Smith from previous page.

Page 7B

Andrey Cunningham (B)
Polly Dirn? (B) (has an Alvira with her with same last name)
No Name (B) (male age 2, listed under Alvira)
Isham Downing (B)
Green Smith (B)
Henry Gardner (B)
Wash Thompson (B)
Alfred Dilliard (B)
Henry Budbery (Mu)
Luskin or Larkin Walker (Mu)
Gann McKinney (B)
A. Elligan (B)
Sam Williamson (B)
Andrew Williamson (B)
Lucious Bills (Mu)
Jordan Jones (B)
Maria Williamson (B)
Robt. Fite (B)
Note: The first 4 columns are not filled out on the page either and it makes it look like they are all tenants of Wash Smith!

Page 8A

Miller Fite (B)
Fred Douglas (B)
Ben Lee (Mu)
W. Brandon(B)
Cas Brandon (Mu)
John Howard (B)
Nelson Brandon (B)
L. J. Welfs or Wells (B)
J. C. Rhodes
H. Davis (B)
Tom Boldin (B)
Tom Carter (B)
John Longan? (B) (wife is Betsy)
Note: The first 4 columns are not filled out on the page either and it makes it look like they are all tenants of Wash Smith!

Page 8B

John Smith (B)
Geo. H. Lee
Robt. Garrison
A. Cannel? (daughter is Rose)
Wm. Hacket
T. R. Cockerel
M. Anderson (B)
J. Wilkerson (B)
A. Mitchell (B)
C. Atkinson (B)
Jim JOhnson (B)
U. or A.Atkinson (B)
W. A. Franklin (B)
Puck Smith (B)

Page 9A

Walt Jones (B)
John Lewis
John Curlem
E. Lawson
T. S. Dennis
L. F. Simpson
Geo. Hill (B)
A. K. Cunnel
Ed Nix
J. S. Neal
J. G. Ganell
L. K. Gunell
M. B. Kimbrough
E. Norman (B)
Sam Wyeth (B)
Dirk Reed (B)
T. Simpson

Page 9B

John Rines (B)
Bob Roun (B)

This ends Kimbrough Township

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