1880 Lincoln Co. Census Index
Bartholomew Township (partial)
Enumerated in the Month of June, 1880
transcribed by: Wendy Barry

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Definition Key: ? = not sure if that's right; * = can't read the rest of it; (B) Black

T. A. Callaway
J. F. Osborn
Arch Wilson (B)
Jessie Mallet (Mu)
Gilbert York (B)
Sarah Tallie (B)
Sue Wyley (B)
Torian, J. C. (B)
Bell, Clark (B)
Rodgers, Lige (B)
Callaway, Mary (B)
Reynolds, Dempsy (B)
Porter, Orenge (B)
Smith, Alex (B)
Brooks, Bragg (B)
Rovers, Ned (B)
Nelson, Marion (B)
Crowder, George (B)
Tates, Miles (B)
Raford, Henrietta (B)
Raford, Delia (B)
Small, Bennie (B)
Clinton, Garland (B)
Forts, Guy (B)
Cogue, Mary (B)
York, Robert (B)
Fapps or Fass, Edward
Brickley, William (B)
Jones, Edward
Brickley, George (B)

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