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Obituaries for 1933


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Guss Jackson

Guss Jackson
Dies At House Of His Brother

(From Saturday Daily Press)
Printed from Page 8 of the Paragould Soliphone
Monday,July 31, 1933

Guss Jackson, aged 59, died at two this afternoon at the home of his brother, W. M. Jackson, 429 East Court Street, following an illness of several days due to colitis.
Funeral services and burial will be conducted at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon at Center Hill Cemetery.
Surviving are his wife, one daughter, and one brother.

Date of Death: Saturday, July 29, 1933.

His wife's name was: Susie Stokes Jackson
Daughter: Alberta Jackson
Brother: W.M. "Will" Jackson

Contributed by: Jackie Sanders


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Juanita Walden



Miss Juanita Walden, 13 years old, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Allie W. Walden, of Beech Grove;  route one, died at 10 yesterday morning at the home of her parents following an illness of almost a year due to diabetes, which followed an illness due to typhoid fever.  She had been ill since last August 24.

Funeral services and burial will be conducted at three o’clock this afternoon at the Beech Grove Cemetery with the Rev. Allison Pastor of the Stanford Baptist Church officiating.

Surviving are her parents, one sister, Miss Murwin Walden, and two brothers Burtis and Cletis Walden.


PARAGOULD SOLIPHONE, Monday, June 19, 1933


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James E. Butler



James E. Butler, aged 18 months, died at 10 yesterday morning at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Butler, of route one following an illness of several days due to colitis.

Funeral services and burial were conducted at one o’clock this afternoon Wood Chapel Cemetery. Surviving are his parents, one sister, Maria, and one brother, Roy Butler.


PARAGOULD SOLIPHONE, Monday, June 19, 1933


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The Paragould Soliphone,
Thursday, July 27, 1933


Farmer was shot to death as he sat in his rocking chair at home Monday evening.



The body of Delmer David Perkins aged 30 who was shot to death by an unknown assailant as he sat in his rocking chair at his home, five miles north of Light -- 16 miles west of Paragould about nine o'clock Monday evening was buried about nine o'clock this morning in Linwood cemetery. The body was conveyed to Light late yesterday and the conveyed to this city late last evening by the "Breckenridge Mortuary" and prepared for burial.

Coroner Walter MHaney conducted an inquest about one o'clock yesterday afternoon at the one room house of Perkins, located on the W. C. Chimling farm, formerl known as the Gage farm, and the jury returned a verdict that death was due to gunshot wounds inflicted by an unknown person. Mrs. Perkins was the principal witness. The members of the coroners jury were:

E.W. Woodburn, Ed Haynes, Jess Parker, Lawrence O. Allen, E.L. Wilkerson, Charles Ragsdale, Sherman Ragsdale, Tom Huffman, Arthur Webster, Jess Fears, and D E.C. Wilkerson.

Perkins was killed instantly when the discharge of no. 4 shot from a shotgun, fired at close range struck him in the right temple. Apparently he never moved after being hit by the first shot. He had one foot on the side of a stove and his other leg was crossed over the one rested against the stove, it was stated. The shot is believed to shot through a crack in the wall of the one room house which is located in a wooded section, officers reported no arrests have been made.

Mrs. Perkins told Sheriff W.T. Crowley, who was summoned to that section early yesterday morning by Jess Parker of Light, that she was placing her baby in bed when the shot was fired. She told officers that her husband had threatened to kill some men soon as he could go to O'Kean and get some shells just before the shot was fired. She was able to furnish officers only with the surname of one man that of Cook, it was stated. Indications were that Perkins had had trouble with the men recently, officers said. Four intoxicated men were reported to have been in the woods near Perkins home Tuesday, officers were told.

Following the shooting, Mrs. Perkins told officers that she carried her baby to the home of Mrs. Perkins mother, about half a mile away, where the other two Perkins children were staying at the time. The Perkins had been married nine years, Mrs. Perkins officers. They came to Greene County from Lawrence county where Mr. Perkins is said to have been arrested on a liquor making charge.

Perkins had been working by the day doing odd jobs for Sherman Ragsdale and the other farmers since he came to Greene County several months ago.

Surviving are is widow, three children, a brother, and his mother, the latter of whom resides at Lestervillle, Lawerence County, officers stated, their names were not known to our informant.

Transcribed by: Sandy Hardin


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