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March 1926 Obituaries



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Greene County, Arkansas


Paragould Daily Press

Wednesday, March 31, 1926

Paragould, Ark



Services conducted by Rev. James B. Evans of the First Methodist Church


Funeral services of the late J. M. Whitsitt were conducted from the family home at Emerson and Second streets yesterday, followed by burial in Linwood Cemetery. The services were conducted by Rev. James B. Evans, pastor of the First Methodist Church, of which Mr. Whitsitt was a member. The death of Mr. Whitsitt occurred in Memphis, Sunday morning while he was in his room, after having purchased a morning newspaper, following breakfast. He was stricken at 9:30 o’clock and died one hour later, his death being due to an attack of acute indigestion, a trouble he had been subject to for several years. A physician was quickly summoned and for a time it was thought Mr. Whitsitt was improving, but a sudden return of the attack caused his death.

It was first reported that Mr. Whitsitt dropped dead on the street of Memphis. That report, however, was erroneous.

The passing of Mr. Whitsitt removes from the city one of its eldest citizens, who began his residence here when the city was in its infancy. He saw it grow from small “lumber town” to its present proportions and he was a man whose friendship the people generally cherished, very pleasant and congenial. However, for many years he had spent most of his time away from the city.

As set out in a previous item, Mr. Whitsitt is survived by his wife, four daughters and two sons. The daughters: Miss Allee Whitsitt of this city; Miss LaBelle Whitsitt of Blytheville; Mrs. D. R. Campbell of Little Rock and Mrs. Jo T. Trice of Jonesboro; the sons; Ernest Whitsitt of Los Angeles, Calif., and Dick Whitsitt of Shreveport, La. He was the father of the late Horace J. Whitsitt, who was one of Paragould’s foremost and most aggressive businessmen, who died eight years ago, during the flu epidemic.

All members of the immediate family were present at the funeral yesterday with the exception of one son, Ernest, of Los Angeles, Calif., and two sisters: Mrs. C. C. Klutz of McKenzie, Tenn., and Mrs. A. C. Turner, of Gleason, Tenn.

Had Mr. Whitsitt lived until yesterday—the day of his funeral and burial, he would be 76 years of age. Few persons realized that he had attained that age for he was one of a happy, youthful nature that led many in consider or feel that he was younger. He was born March 30, 1850 at Gleason, Tenn., and was married to Miss Sarah Elizabeth Klutz on Feb. 5, 1876. They had been married 50 years last February.

The funeral yesterday was brief but very beautiful service. Beautiful songs were rendered by a quartet. Magnificent floral offerings by numerous friends of the family were sent.

The pallbearers were; H. W. Woosley, L. U. Stedman, H. E. Jones, E. W. Gardner, P. E. House, Will Wright, Henry Coleman, J. F. Cardwell, Andrew Neely, Benton Kitchens and L. L. Vandervoort.

Those from out of town attending the funeral were: Paul Whitsitt of Little Rock: Mr. and Mrs. DE. R. Campbell and son, Russell, of Little Rock: Mrs. C. C. Purnell of St. Louis; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Whitsitt and son, Jimmie, of Marion, Arkansas: Dick J. Whitsitt of Shreveport, La.; Miss LaBelle Whitsitt of Blytheville and Mr. and Mrs. Jo T. Trice of Jonesboro.


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Funeral of the late Mrs. Luther Walker conducted

Wednesday, March 31, 1926


The funeral of the late Mrs. Luther Walker, whose death occurred Sunday in St. Louis, was conducted at Friendship cemetery this afternoon at two o’clock with Rev. G. C. Taylor officiating.


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