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Aged Minister Dies at County Poor Farm

John Summers, an aged clergyman who had spent his life in the service of the church, died this morning at the County Farm as the result of old age, exposure and starvation.

The old man arrived in the city last Thursday in pitiable condition, clad in tatters with an old coat drawn around him. He stopped at the house of L. C. Thompson and begged for food and shelter. He was nearly naked and his face was pinched from illness he was exhausted from fatigue and hunger. He stated that for thirty years he had been a pastor in the Christian Church and his wife had died seven years ago. His four children were also dead and his only living relative was a sister in Pulaski County, Kentucky.

He had prospered as a pastor when he was well and strong but now in his weakness and old age, he found himself discarded like a worn out piece of machinery.

Mr. Summers came to this area in response to an invitation to preach in Poplar Bluff, Missouri on September 29th. Shortly after he had finished his sermons in that city, his money spent and found himself without friends. Since then he had been looking for a chance to preach and has lived as a vagrant hand to mouth existence, begging from house to house and working as much as his feeble strength would allow. He said his address was Pulaski, Kentucky.

Mr. Thompson gave the old minister his supper and afterward presented him members, relatives or friends with comfortable clothing. He spent the night at the Thompson's and in the morning was found in bed unconscious. Judge Light was informed of the case and after Mr. Summers had regained consciousness, he was taken to the County Farm where he was looked after kindly as possible and receive medical attention.

Steps have been taken to locate any members of his former church, as well as find any records of Mr. Summers in Pulaski County.

Saturday, November 5, 1911

The Daily Press

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