Obituaries For 1902

Jan. 1, 1902 -William Walton of Marmaduke age abt. 22 son of John Walton comitted sucide took a ounce of papine and 10 grains of morphine.

From The Daily Soliphone

January 1, 1902

Mabel, the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Simpson, died at Gainesville on Dec. 12th, aged eighteen months. The parents have our sympathy in the loss of the little cherub.

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Jan. 3, 1902 - Mrs. Dave Smith, of the Camp Ground neighborhood, fell dead at her home yesterday morning while engaged in cooking dinner. The burial took place at the Fairview cemetery today. The deceased was a most estimable lady, daughter of Irvin Smith, on of the leading citizens of the county. Her death was a great shock to the citizens of the neighborhood in which she lived and is sincerely deplored by all who knew her. She is sruvived by a husband and on child.

Jan.3 , 1902- Mrs. W. A. Maywood of Jonesboro.

March 24 , 1902 - Mrs. Jim Ownby was shot at home of her mother , Mrs. Jim Pruett , near Rector. Her Husband is being held at the Greene Co. Jail for the inflicted shots that killed his wife.

April 1 , 1902 - Little Georgia Ligon 12 yrs. old after illiness a hereditery organic disease.

April 1, 1902 - Ben Hickman . Tom Belcher struck Ben Hickman with a stick of wood across his head killing him. The trouble came up over the election.

March 21, 1902 - Bell Jackson wife of J. H. Jackson daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Casey born in Jefferson Co. Ill. Aug. 27th, 1874 . Her parents moved to Greene Co. when she was 12.

April 14 , 1902 - Mrs. Travelsteit died of consumption leaving her husband an 3 yr. old son. Her husband worked at Warren Ross.

April 3, 1902 - Argument resulting in death , Issac Dorch death by blow to head by John Edgar 16, son of Mr. T.L. Edgar . No warrants issued that we could learn.


From The Daily Soliphone

April 1, 1902

Logan Hardin, a resident of Clay county, three and one half miles from Rector, was found dead Saturday on the public road north of Rector. Physicans pronounced death due to a heart afflection. Hardin left Rector Saturday on horseback and his dead body was discovered shortly aftrward. He was thirty-five years of age and is survived by a family.

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April 6, 1902


Fannie Cole, the 13 year old daughter of Mrs. Mary Cole, who has been sick so long died at the family home on the east side of the city at noon yesterday. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Hartley at the home yesterday afternoon, but interment took place at Marmaduke this afternoon. Mrs. Cole and daughter, Miss Etta, and several friends and relatives went to Marmaduke.

The Daily Soliphone Issue April 7, 1902

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April 8, 1902 - Birney Dickens , age 19 drowned in White River yesterday.

April 8 , 1902 - Henry Lansky his body was found three miles south of Villiage , Saturday . His chest riddled with buckshot and was murder for his money.

April 8, 1902 - L.B. Jones died , he leaves his wife and large family in the Peach Orchard Community.

April 12, 1902 - Two year old son of Lee Spears died last night on East Lake after a illness of a few days.

April 14, 1902 - Mrs. Travelsteit of western part of the city died of consumption after a lingering illness . Mr. Travelsteit is a driver for Warner Ross. she was the daughter of Rev. Keefe , burial at Linwood.


April 24, 1902

From The Daily Soliphone

Henry Pearl Wright, son of William Wright, died yesterday at the family home six miles north of Lake City in Craighead County.

The little one was taken sick yesterday afternoon at 10 O'clock with congestion and died at 3 O'clock p.m.

The remains were brought back to Paragould last night and kept at the home of Joe Thompson, the deceased being a cousin of Joe and a nephew of L.C. Thompson.

The interment took place today at Fairview Church.

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From The Daily Soliphone

April 26 , 1902

M. L. Green, of the eastern part of the city, died last evening at 8:45 o'clock. after a lingering illness of about seven weeks. Death was due to an abscess of the lungs. The funeral will take place from the family residence tomorrow afternoon at two o'clock, under the auspices of the local Masonic order, and the service will be conducted by Rev. J. N. Hartley of the Baptist church. The burial will take place at the city cemetery.
This sad misfortune removes from the city of Paragould a good citizen, one who enjoyed a large circle of friends, and it is with a feeling of sincere sorrow and sympathy for the bereaved family that the Soliphone chronicles the death to its circle of readers.
The deceased was fifty-four years of age and had been a resident of Paragould many years. He was a member of the local Baptist church, devoted to his duties as a Christian gentlemen, and was a member in hgh standing of the Masonic, Macabees and Woodmen lodges. He is survives by a wife and four sons, and two brothers--Morgan Green, of McKenzie, Tennessee, and T. M. Green, of Lebanon, Tennessee. The latter brother arrived here this morning and the other one is expected tonight.
Mr. Green was a kind hearted and conscientious gentleman, veryattentive to his business duties, and was not one who faltered in his convictions to do right. He was a kind and devoted member of his household and his demise inflicts profound grief and sorrow upon those of the family circle who are left to mourn the loss, and we are joined by the citizens in general in extending sympathy to the bereaved ones.

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