Greene County, Arkansas

    Obits for 1894




OCTOBER 19 , 1894


Benjamin M. Grambling was born Oct. 12, 1816. Professed religion and joined the M.E. Church in his 16 OR 17th year. Married to Mary Wilson Nov. 17, 1838. Moved to Greene County, AR, in the latter part of 1856. Married to Martha Wood in Greene County, AR, Aug. 27, 1870. Married to Martha T. Price Dec. 24, 1875, departed his life Oct. 11, 1894.

Thus one among the best members if the Methodist Church and Greene County one among the best citizens has passed away. The write became acquainted with hin nearly 19 years ago, and found him in the enjoyment of religion. This necessarily made him love the bible and the church to which he belonged.

His last end was a complete victory over death. I visited him in his afflictions just a short time before his death, and found him ready and anxiously waiting when the Lord would take him home. He would oft times sing, "OH, HEAVEN SWEET HEAVEN, WHEN SHALL I SEE WHEN SHALL I GET THERE."

I was there the 5th Sunday in July and he took his bible and turned to the text that he wanted used when his funeral was preached and said to me, "Please have then to sing, OH , SING TO ME OF HEAVEN WHEN I AM CALLED TO DIE." He leaves a wife, two brothers and one sister and four children and a great many grandchildren and a host of friends to mourn their loss. But thank God their loss is his eternal gain.

May God bless the broken hearted wife and the dear children, and may they live so they can make an unbroken family in the sweet by and by.

A.C. Griffin

Transcribed By: Sandy Hardin




OCTOBER 19 , 1894


Ed Murphy, Brakeman, was run over at Coal creek and killed, and P.R. Peterson was killed by a Cotton Belt Passenger train at Bethel.




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