Greene County, Arkansas

Old Winn/Winn Cemetery


Branch Magnolia M. Dec 28,1876 May 5, 1911 w/o J. T. Branch, nee Rowe
Branch No Name 1901 1901 Infant twin d/o M. M. & J. T. Branch
Rowe Alice A. E. Ca 1861 Unknown b. Tennessee
Rowe Jacob P. 1848 Unknown h/o Alice Winn Rowe
Rowe Tom No Date No Date s/o  Jacob & Alice Rowe
Rutherford Addie Ca 1867 Ca 1893 (Winn)
Ward Lily B. Ca 1877 Unknown (Rowe) w/o Samuel Ward  d/o Jacob & Alice
Winn Samuel C. 1819 After 1882 b. Carroll Co. Tennessee
Winn Catherine Ca 1830 About 1900 (Carlton) b. S. C.
Winn Alva (Jack) No Date No Date Dates unknown
Winn Emerson F. Ca 1859 Unknown  
Winn William E. May 30,1860 Jan 1, 1931 s/o Sam Winn Drown in St. Francis River

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