Greene County, Arkansas

Cemetery Surname


Yancey Amos F. Purcell  
Yancey Barbara Purcell  
Yancey Bonnie Pleasant Grove Infant d/o J. L. & A. E. Yancey
Yancey Charley A. Purcell  
Yancey Clifford C. Purcell  
Yancey Cora E. Pleasant Grove  
Yancey Gladys M. Purcell  
Yancey H. Albert Purcell  
Yancey James Edgar Pleasant Grove  
Yancey James L. Pleasant Grove  
Yancey John Albert Purcell "Uncle Bob"
Yancey John S. Pleasant Grove  
Yancey Joseph A. Purcell  
Yancey Larcenia M. Purcell  
YanceyStephen H. Pleasant Grove  
Yancey W. L. Pleasant Grove  
Yapp Byron Memorial Gardens  
Yarbrough Audie Ines Pine Knot d/o W. O. & M. E. Yarbrough
Yarbrough Dusty Leyon Old Bethel Age 55
Yarbrough Lee Ray Pine Knot Infant s/o W. O. & M. E. Yarbrough
Yarbrough Louie O. Pine Knot s/o W. O. & M. E. Yarbrough
Yarbrough Mary E. Pine Knot w/o W. O. Yarbrough
Yarbrough Mary Ellen Shiloh nee: Waters  Age 85  b. Greene Co. AR
Yarbrough   Rev. Russell Shiloh Age 83  b. Craighead Co. AR
Yates Amanda Gainesville  
Yates Anna Pleasant Grove  
Yates Annie * Pleasant Grove  
Yates Carl * Pleasant Grove  
Yates Elsie * Pleasant Grove  
Yates Ernest B. Harvey's Chapel  
Yates George Linwood  
Yates Houston Pleasant Grove  
Yates Jerry Wayne Gainesville Age 78  b. Beech Grove, AR  Veteran
Yates Jewell (Clark) New Friendship  
Yates John New Friendship  
Yates Joseph * Pleasant Grove  
Yates Lillie G. Harvey's Chapel Infant d/o  D. W. & F. C. Yates
Yates Lucy (Jackson) Gainesville  
Yates Mammie O. Gainesville  
Yates Martha E. Gainesville  
Yates Marvin H. New Friendship  
Yates Myra Pleasant Grove  
Yates Nancy J. Jeanette Linwood b. Greene Co. Ark
Yates Oral Ellery Memorial Gardens Born in ?
Yates Roy Eugene Finch U.S. Army
Yates Sylvester Harvey's Chapel s/o  D. W. & F. C. Yates
Yates Thelma E. Gainesville  
Yates Will * Pleasant Grove  
Yauger  Jr. Charles Thomas Memorial Gardens Age 75  b. Wharton twsp. PA  Veteran
Yauger Freda Marcella Memorial Gardens nee: Wright Age 69  b. Marmaduke, AR
Yeargain Ada R. Missouri Gainesville  
Yeargain Amelia C. Gainesville w/o John W. Yeargain
Yeargain Annie L. Gainesville  
Yeargain Azro L. Gainesville  
Yeargain Calvin Gainesville s/o Andrew & Sallie Yeargain
Yeargain Charles L. Gainesville s/o Calvin & Gladys Yeargain
Yeargain Charley Gainesville s/o Calvin & Gladys Yeargain
Yeargain Dale Gainesville s/o A. L. & Effie Yeargain
Yeargain Effie P. Gainesville w/o Azro L. Yeargain
Yeargain Estelle Memorial Gardens  
Yeargain Gladys Gainesville nee White, born in ?
Yeargain J. W. Gainesville s/o Andrew & Sallie Yeargain
Yeargain John Gainesville Baby s/o V. M. & Ora Yeargain
Yeargain John W. Gainesville  
Yeargain Leta Agnes Gainesville d/oAndrew & Sallie Yeargain
Yeargain No Name Gainesville Age 69 Years 10 Mon. 22 Days
Yeargain No Name Gainesville Age 46 Years 11 Mon. 24 Days
Yeargain Ora B. Gainesville w/o V. M. (Pete) Yeargain
Yeargain Ruby Lee Wood's Chapel Twin of Ruth Nadine Yeargain
Yeargain Sarah A. Gainesville w/o Andrew Yeargain
Yeargain Thoddy E. Gainesville  
Yeargain V. M. (Pete) Gainesville s/o A. L. & Effie Yeargain
Yeargain W. P. Memorial Gardens  
Yeargian Andrew G. Gainesville  
Yearry Berkley Maddox Memorial Gardens  
Yearry Thomas Daniel Pine Knot Age 52  b. Paris, TN
Yesh Benita Memorial Gardens  
Yesh Lucille Linwood nee: Ainsworth  Age 87
Yingst Leon Richard Memorial Gardens Age 77
Yokum Mary Wood's Chapel Grandmother of George T. Yopp
Yopp Annie Mae Wood's Chapel  
Yopp Blanche Brown's Chapel  
Yopp Byron L. "Bob" Memorial Gardens Age 72 Yrs.
Yopp Charley E. Wood's Chapel  
Yopp Dorothy St. Mary's  
Yopp Edna Jane Brown's Chapel w/oWilliam W. Yopp Sr. b.Middleton,TN
Yopp Elliot Brown's Chapel  
Yopp Eugene Hancel St. Mary's  
Yopp Frankie Brown's Chapel  
Yopp Geneva Templeton Woods' Chapel nee: Monroe Age 86 b. Paragould, AR
Yopp George F. Brown's Chapel s/o William W. Sr. & Edna Jane Yopp
Yopp George T. Wood's Chapel  
Yopp Helen Q. T. New Friendship  
Yopp J. Lawrence New Friendship  
Yopp Jodie Brown's Chapel  
Yopp Lola Pearl New Friendship  
Yopp No Name New Friendship Baby
Yopp Russell D. New Friendship  
Yopp Sadie Brown's Chapel  
Yopp Sr. Thomas Byrd New Friendship  
Yopp Will Brown's Chapel  
Yopp Sr. William W. Brown's Chapel b. Greene Co. AR  m.Mar ?, 1885 Jane
York   Sr. Clifton O'dell New Liberty Age 62  b. Logan Co. KY
York Cora Alice Sanders Linwood b.Craighead Co. Ark nee: Fuller
York Dorothy Memorial Gardens  
York Doss Pleasant Grove  
York Etta M. Pleasant Grove  
York Glen Pleasant Grove  
York Harold Pleasant Grove  
York  Rev. J. W. Pleasant Grove  
York Susan A. (Howell) Mt. Zion  
Young Bernell Memorial Gardens Age 87  b. Mississippi Co., AR
Young Caden Hunter Memorial Gardens Infant
Young Carl L. Shiloh  
Young Cleo F. Linwood b. Arkansas City, Kansas
Young Dean Oneal Memorial Gardens Age 72  b. Moro, AR
Young Delphin D. Jones Ridge Arkansas WW-II Pvt. 368 M. P. Escort Co.
Young Ed (Mr.) Center Hill  
Young Edward S. Memorial Gardens  
Young Elizabeth Fairview  
Young Elizabeth Memorial Gardens  
Young Elwanda Myrtle Shiloh  
Young Fredrick Purcell  
Young George B. Finch Age 72  h/o Gladys 
Young Gladys Finch nee: Pegg Age 77
Young Granny Mountain Home  
Young Helen (Wolters) St. Mary's  
Young Henry S. Pleasant Grove s/o G. L. & E. Young
Young Ina J. Purcell  
Young Josie Ann Center Hill w/o Ed Young
Young Joy Fern Memorial Gardens  
Young Ola Myrtle Shiloh  
Young Raymond Eugene Finch  
Young Sarah A. Wise/Wyse Age 58 Years 9 Mos.
Young Sig Jones Ridge  
Younger Claude William Memorial Gardens b. Union City, Tenn Veteran
Younger Jesse Lee Memorial Gardens  
Yow Homer Linwood h/o Irene Yow     Ret. Cotton Belt Railroad
Yow Homer H. Linwood Age 69  b. Paragould, AR

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