Craighead County AR Obituaries

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CRAIGHEAD COUNTY SUN 1900 -1909 & 1911
Deaths occurring in the Eastern District - Primarily in the Monette, Black Oak area

PLEASE NOTE: There were probably more deaths reported in other areas of Craighead County,
I only extracted those from the Eastern District of the county to supplement cemetery records. These are extracts only,
obituaries or death notices may contain more details. The date following the event is the date of the newspaper.

BALDRIDGE, Boy - died, son of Mr. & Mrs. John Baldridge of Monette, buried at Cockrum Cemetery. 25 Nov 1908

BALL, Boy - died, age 10years, buried in same grave with sister, son of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Ball of Macey. 12 Feb 1903

BALL, child - died Mar 7, child of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Ball of Macey, just two weeks ago they buried two of their children in the same grave. 12 Mar 1903

BARNES, Phebe - died of measles at Monette. 21 August 1902

BEAKLEY, Will - died of pneumonia at Monette. 21 August 1902

BISHOP, Mrs. - died Sunday, wife of Joseph Bishop of Monette. 24 Jan 1906

BLAKE, Lottie - died March 8, at Mangrum, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. T. F. Blake. 12 Apr 1905

BLANKENSHIP, Mrs. - died Tuesday, survived by husband Charles Blankenship, mother and brother. Buried at Macey Cemetery. 29 Dec 1904

BLANKENSHIP, Grandma - died at the home of her son, Joseph Blankenship, burial at Jonesboro. 19 Mar 1903

BLAXTON, James - died last week of brain trouble, nephew of the Post Master at Monette. 7 Jul 1900

BOWMAN, Boy - died Sunday of croup, son of Mr. & Mrs. Marion Bowman of Monette. 4 Nov 1908

BRADEN, W.S. - died Tuesday near Macey. 7 Nov 1906

BRINKLEY, Mrs. - died Sunday at Monette, wife or widow of S.L. Brinkley, leaves sister and brother in Clarmont, Illinois. 7 Oct 1908

BROWN, Edith - died Thursday, age 2 years, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C.E. Brown of Monette. 14 Jul 1904

BROWN, Pearl - died May 22 at Monette, eldest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Lee Brown, born 23 Feb 1888, survived by parents, sisters and brothers, buried Black Oak Cemetery. 16 Jun 1904

BYRD, Frank - died of pneumonia, of Mangrum. 12 Feb 1903

CHRIST, Fred - found dead on Hatchie Coon Island, about 35 years old, height about 5’ 6” or 8”, 150 to 160 pounds, letters found near body from Bell Center Wisconsin, suicide. 21 Jun 1905

CLARK, Florence - died Sunday at Monette. 13 Dec 1905

CLYATT, “Uncle” Perry - died Wednesday, of near Macey, born June 10, 1834 in Lincoln Co. GA. Oldest Master Mason in this section having joined in 1860. 2 August 1905

COCHRAN, Rosa - died Thursday of pneumonia, wife of Jim Cochran of near Cardwell, MO. Dec 1906 (day not available)

COLBERT, Mrs. - died last week, resided one mile east of Monette, wife of H.H. Colbert, survived by husband and children. Buried at Macey Cemetery. 9 Apr 1903

COLBERT, Tom - died, age 4 years, son of Mr. & Mrs. John Colbert of Hancock. 28 August 1902

CONNER, Mrs. - died Nov 26 of pneumonia, buried Thanksgiving Day, had been member of Rebecca Lodge only one week. 5 Dec 1901

COWAN, Mrs. - died Friday, wife of Tom Cowan of Monette. 16 Sep 1908

CRITTENDEN, Mrs. - died Sunday, wife of B.C. Crittenden of Monette. 26 Apr 1905

CULLENS, child - died Thursday, child of Mr. & Mrs. Ashley Cullins of Monette. 9 Sep 1908

DALLAS, child - died of measles at Monette. 26 Feb 1908

DAY, A.J. - of Indiana, died last night at the home of his son Jack Day of Lake City, the body was shipped back to Indiana. 20 Oct 1909

DODD, Robert - died Sunday at Monette. 18 Dec 1907

DUKE, Wilkins - died Thursday of cancer of the mouth, of Monette. 9 Oct 1907

EDWARDS, Mrs. - died April 23 at Mangrum, survived by husband and three small children. 3 May 1905

ERBY, Frank - died Tuesday, little son of Mr. & Mrs. Erby of Hancock. 28 August 1902

FINLEY, Mrs. - died last week, wife of John Finley of Hancock. 25 Dec 1908

FRENCH, Mrs. - died, age about 35 years, survived by husband, Lew French and children. 27 Apr 1902

FRANKLIN, John - died Thursday, age about 19 years, of Monette. 27 Dec 1905

FULTON, R.P. - died age 50 years, of Old Town (south of Lake City) buried at Black Oak Cemetery. 3 Apr 1902

GOTTFRIED, D - died Feb. 10th of consumption, resided at Monette. 26 Feb 1906

GRANTHAM, child - died at Lake City. 15 Jun 1909

GRAVETT, Eva - of Black Oak, died at St. Bernard’s Hospital before surgery could be preformed for appendicitis. Buried at Black Oak. Her husband died last fall in New Mexico where he had gone for his health. 15 Mar 1911

GREEHAW, Lucy (YOUNGBLOOD) - died last Friday from burns at lumber camp 12 miles from Lake City. Wife of John Greenhaw, sister of Albert Youngblood. Her younger brother died a few months ago, and a young sister died 7 weeks ago. Survivors, husband, 18 month old daughter, brother and a grandmother at Brookland. Undated newspaper perhaps Dec 1899 or Jan 1900.

GREER, child - died Sunday, thought to be of small pox, child of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Greer. 17 Jul 1902

HAMLIN, Mrs. Betty - found dead Saturday at Mangrum by her nephew. Her only daughter, Mrs. Stward (sic) of Hot Springs came for the funeral. 5 Mar 1903

HAMMACK, Mrs. Bettie - died Tuesday, survived by husband and 3 small children. Undated newspaper perhaps Dec. 1899 or Jan 1900

HAYNES, A.S. - died Sunday March 3rd of brain trouble, resided Monette. His mother died only a short time ago, survived by wife and children. 28 Feb 1901

HENDRICKS, boy - died, age 13 years, of pneumonia, son of Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Hendricks of Black Oak. 23 Apr 1903

HENSON, infant - died at Hancock, childe of Mr. & Mrs. Jack Henson. Mrs. Henson died 3 weeks ago. 13 Dec 1905

HENSON, Mrs. Sallie - of near Nettleton, buried Wednesday at Macey Cemetery, sister of J.E. BLANKENSHIP of Monette. 24 Oct 1906

HILL, child - died Monday of last week, age 2 years, child of Mr. & Mrs. Joe Hill of Monette. 26 August 1903

HOLLIS, baby - died Thursday, child of Mr. & Mrs. Lum Hollis of Monette. 7 Dec 1906

JACKSON, J.R. - died last Monday, survived by wife and 3 daughters, buried with Masonic honors at Black Oak Cemetery. 7 Feb 1906

JACKSON, Lige - died Saturday. Undated newspaper possibly Dec 1899 or Jan 1900.

JOHNSON, infant - died Sunday at Macey, child of H.B. Johnson. 7 Mar 1906

JOHNSON, James - buried last week at Macey. 17 Apr 1902

JOHNSON, Nellie - died Tuesday at St. Bernard’s Hospital in Jonesboro of appendicitis, age 16 years, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. A.S. Johnson of Black Oak. 27 Dec 1905

JONES, girl - died last week, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Jones of Monette. 3 Jun 1908

JONES, Jim - of near Wheeler, died Saturday at Monette. 21 Oct 1908

JONES, Mrs. - died Friday of last week, wife of W.H. Jones of Monette, survived by husband, 1 son and 2 daughters. 24 Jan 1906

KENDALL, infant - died Wednesday, child of Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Kendall of Monette. 7 Feb 1906

KERFOOT, infant - died, child of Mr. & Mrs. Rufus Kerfoot of Monette. 31 Jul 1902 (birth announcement 10 Apr. 1902, baby boy, 12 lbs.)

LAMB, Mary - died Monday of last week, wife of W.A. Lamb of Macey. 24 Sep 1903

LANDSDALE, child - died Saturday, age 2 years, child of Mr. & Mrs. J. Landsdale of Monette. 21 August 1902

LAYMAN, infant - died on Mar 8, child of Mr. & Mrs. P. Layman of Dwight. [Dwight became Black Oak in 1904] 14 Mar 1901

LENTZ, Ed - died 10 days apart form Irvie Lentz of Mangrum. 12 Feb 1903

LENTZ, Irvie - died 10 days apart from Ed Lentz of Mangrum. 12 Feb 1903

LUCAS, infant - died Friday, child of George Lucas of Monette. 11 Oct 1905

MARKS, Gertrude - died August 2, little daughter of Mrs. Mary CULLENS of Hancock. 16 August 1905

MARKS, Otis - died at Hancock, son of Jesse Marks. 3 Oct 1901

McKINLEY, John B. - of Hancock was buried at Jonesboro. 20 May 1908

MONTGOMERY, James - died of pneumonia, survived by mother and 2 or 3 children. 30 Apr 1903

MOORE, Mrs. - Died Friday at Mangrum, wife of Jess Moore. 26 Apr 1905

MORTON, Mrs. M.L. - died Wednesday resided near Black Oak, sister of J.E. BLANKENSHIP. 6 Sept 1905

MOUNS, Mrs. - died Sunday at Monette, wife of Charlie Mouns. 1 August 1906

NELSON, W.C. - died Sunday at Monette. 13 Dec 1905

NORMAN, Mrs. - died Friday of dropsy at Monette, wife of Reed Norman. 28 Nov 1907

OSBORN, Ed - accidentally shot himself while hunting on Christmas Day, leaves widowed mother. Undated newspaper possibly Dec 1899 or Jan 1900

OSMENT, Edgar - died Sunday of near Dee, member Macey Lodge International Order of Odd Fellows, son of Elder Osment. 15 Nov 1905

PERKINS, Grandma - died Saturday, age 69 years, member of Methodist Church. 11 Sep 1902

PIECY, Mrs. - died Saturday at Macey, wife of John Piecy, leaves a 2 week old infant. 29 Jan 1908

PINEY, Meadows - died Saturday May 12, age 12 years, son of Mr. & Mrs. John Piney of Macey. 23 May 1906

PITTS, A.S. - of Macey, died Monday June 28th. 7 Jul 1909

PLYANT, Mrs. - died, age 18, of Poplar Ridge, buried Macey Cemetery. 9 Apr 1903

POLLARD, baby girl - died at Monette, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Pollard. 11 Sep 1902

POOL, Herman - died a few days ago at Monette. 24 Mar 1909

PORTER, Marvin - died Thursday at Big Island (possibly near Lake City) buried at Black Oak. 18 Apr 1906

PORTER, twins - born and died, children of Mr. & Mrs. Hendrix Porter of Mangrum. 28 May 1903

RAYMOND, George - died, age 8 years, son of Fred Raymond of Monette. 17 Jul 1902

RILTZ, Edna - died August 31st, of Monette, teacher. 20 Sep 1903

ROE, Mrs. - died Sunday at Black Oak, wife of Will Roe. 26 August 1903

ROGERS, infant - died May 17th at Black Oak, son of Mr. & Mrs. Rogers. 31 May 1905

SAYLOR, baby - died Monday, ate concentrated lye, child of Mr. & Mrs. Jim Saylor of Monette. 7 August 1907

SHAW, Mrs. - died Saturday at Mangrum, buried Sunday at Mangrum. 26 August 1903

SKELTON, Paul - died June 15th of typhoid malarial fever, resided Monette. 20 Jun 1909

SMITH, Ronald - died Sunday, age 6 years, son of Mr. & Mrs. J.J. Smith of Poplar Ridge. 27 Mar 1902

SPRINGER, Mary - died Saturday, of Lake City, died at Nashville TN after surgical operation. Wife of Allen Springer. 29 Jan 1908

STAMPER, Mary - died Jan 31, little daughter of Mr. & Mrs. R.I. Stamper of Black Oak. 23 Feb 1905

STOTTS, Annie - died, age 8 years, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William Stotts of Monette. 17 Jul 1902

STOTTS, Lewis - died, age 18 years, lung trouble, at Monette. 17 Apr 1902

TACKETT, William - died Feb. 9th at Mangrum, survived by wife and 1 daughter. 16 Mar 1905

TALLEY, infant - died Saturday, child of Ed Talley. Undated newspaper possibly Oct 1900

TAPP, Veral - died, youngest son of Mr. & Mrs. I.A. Tapp. 11 Oct 1905

TAYLOR, Mrs. - died Saturday, wife of Will Taylor of Monette. 14 August 1907

TAYLOR, Mrs. - died Thursday, wife of Will Taylor of Poplar Ridge. 9 Sept 1908

TAYLOR, Sammy - died at Dwight, son of Mr. & Mrs. Taylor. 7 Nov 1901 (Dwight became Black Oak in 1904)

TOWERS, Mrs. Charlie - died Tuesday at Lake City, wife of Charlie Towers, buried at Lake City. 9 May 1906

TULLY, Luby - died Monday, wife of George Tully, daughter of Rev. A.F. HAYNES of Monette. 28 May 1903

TURNER, child - died, child of Mr. & Mrs. Ed Turner of Monette. 3 Apr 1902

VARNER, Mrs. - died May 15th at Mangrum, age 64 years, wife of F.H. Varner. 31 May 1905

WALKER, Eugene - died August 21st, age 17 years 10 months, so of Mr. & Mrs. N.M. Walker of Lake City. 4 Sept 1903

WALLACE, Buck - died after being kicked by mule, son of Abe Wallace, buried at Black Oak Cemetery. 17 Mar 1902

WALLACE, girl - died, age 12 years, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J.D. Wallace of Monette. 10 Nov 1904

WALLACE, girl - died Sunday, age 9 years, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Tuck Wallace of Monette. 29 Sep 1904

WALLACE, girl - died last week of membrane croup, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Lynne Wallace of Monette. 17 Feb 1909

WALLACE, Houston - died of lung trouble, step-son of Luke Wallace of Monette. 20 mar 1902

WALLACE, Miss Mit - died at the home of her uncle, J.D. Wallace of Monette, age 19 years, resided Union Co. KY, daughter of W.W. Wallace, body returned to Rock Springs, KY, member of Baptist Church. 25 Nov 1908

WATERS, John - killed by falling log, buried Black Oak Cemetery, son of Elder J.N. Waters, survived by wife and 1 daughter. 4 Oct 1905

WILFONT, Mrs. - died last week, wife of Walter Wilfont of Monette. 16 Dec 1908

WILSON, Jim - of Lake City, accidentally shot himself in the head while attempting to repair his gun. He was hunting on Buffalo Island with his brother Robert Wilson also of Lake City. Funeral held at Lake City. 29 Dec 1909

WILSON, Tommie - died Mar 10th at Black Oak, buried at Macey. 28 mar 1908

WRIGHT, Dr. J.H. - died Sunday, Jan 4th at his home near Macey. 8 Jan 1903

WICEFNING, Mr. - died Sunday, overdose of laudanum, Black Oak Cemetery. 28 Nov 1905 (name on monument is Wuckerfenning)