Craighead County Life
It is sometimes difficult to picture life in Craighead County when our ancestors were around.
These pictures help us to see it more clearly.

Shall we gather at the river?

Baptism time.

The Great Snow Storm of 1920?

From Left to Right--Charles, Lillie, Harry, Mary Duke, Charlie Bass. Mary is my mother and was born in 1913.
She looks like she might be about 7 years old which would date this picture around 1920. Looks like there was quite a snowstorm that year.

Reunion Time!! (Had they not invented saying "CHEESE" yet?)
This is a reunion of the Hinson family taken Sept. 4, 1927. These are descendants of Dr. Jerome Bonaparte Hinson and Lucretia Ann Webb who settled in Craighead County, I believe around 1860-1870. They came from Gibson, Tennessee. Their son, Eugene Hinson married Mary Eugenia Bass and I believe all of their children are in this photo. For the record, their children are Lura, Rolling Mather, Ellery Duwitt, Lyman Beecher, Eugene, Mary Eugenia, John Bonapart, William Hardy, and Longus Eley.

Check out this hat!

This is my grandmother, Lillie Bass Duke as a young woman.
Lillie and her brother, Charles, came to Jonesboro to live with their aunt, Mary Eugenia Bass, after their father died in 1893. She was 16 at the time.
Her father, Francis Marion Bass, lived in Gibson, TN where Lillie was born. She is a descendant of Capt. Nathaniel Basse who came to Virginia in 1619 and settled at Basse's Choice Plantation.

Sunday Stroll

The Swimming Hole

The Duke Homestead

Home of Charles David Duke and Lillie Bass on Culberhouse Rd. in Jonesboro.

Pictures are courtesy of Brenda Ezell Kato. Thanks, Brenda!!

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