1850 U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedule

Mortality Schedules were part of the U.S. Federal Census for 1850-1880. They enumerated individuals who had died in the year previous to the census year. The schedule for Benton County contains given names only for infants, blacks and mulattos.  I have listed them here with the last above listed [surname] in case they were part of that household; but if the census taker did not note a change of household, those listings may not be correct.

Transcribed and contributed to the Benton County ARGenWeb by Pat Asher, Sep 2008

Name Birthplace Race Gender Date of Death Age
Kitty Ann ARMSTRONG VA   F May 1850 37
James CAYWOOD TN   M Jun 1849/May 1850 Est. 38
Wm. CAYWOOD TN   M Feb 1850 47
Isaac DEHAVEN IN   M May 1850 19
Mary C. DEHAVEN MO   F Aug 1849 2
Jonathan DUFF VA   M Aug 1849 56
Martha ELBE TN   F Jun 1849 Est. 50
Emily [Elbe] TN Black F Jun 1849 11/12
Joshua [Elbe] TN Black M Jun 1849 25
Ambrose C. FARMER AR   M Aug 1849 7
Joseph T. HARDWICK GA   M Sep 1849 38
Martha HASTINGS TN   F Jun 1849 20
Arthur C. JELLETT AR   M Nov 1849 1
John LAPIN TN   M Aug 1849 41
Infant [Lapin] AR   M   Jun 1849/May 1850 1/12
Wm. T. MCCAUSLIN AR   M Aug 1849 11/12
Phoebe [McCauslin] AR Black F Jun 1849/May 1850 36
Emily J. PHILLIPS AR   F Sep 1849 1
Nancy REED AR   F Aug 1849 2
Infant [Reed] AR   F Apr 1850 1/12
Sydney [Reed] AR Black F Jun 1849/May 1850 51
Elizabeth Ann [Reed] AR Mulatto F Jun 1849/May 1850 11/12
Jackson SEAGER MO   M Aug 1849 2
Washington THOMAS AR   M Sep 1849 11/12
Mary F. WOODY AR   F Sep 1849 6/12
Charity [Woody] AR Mulatto F Sep 1849 19