Georgia Flat Cemetery

Established October 2, 1868
Benton County Baptist Association
Springtown, Arkansas

The cemetery is located in Section 21, Township 20 North, Range 33 West, at the corner of Georgia Flat Road and Kane Road. Directions: Go 2 miles west on AR Hwy. 72 from Gravette, AR., then go 2 miles south (turn left) on Georgia Flat Rd.

This is an updated listing of all known burials in Georgia Flat Cemetery. Many do not have markers indicating where they are buried. The source of the information is provided for names without stones or markers. Please email with corrections or additions.

Copied and compiled by Nancy Feroe - 2001-2006
Georgia Flat Cemetery Association

ALLEN BEN P. Jul 26, 1854 Oct 15, 1914 "Father"
ALLEN L. LEEAROY Dec 9, 1893 Dec 31, 1900  
ALLEN MARY C. Apr 15, 1854 Oct 8, 1925 "Mother"
BARNETT JOHN 1861 1943 "Father" - ssw Louisa
BARNETT LOUISA 1867 1941 "Mother" - ssw John
BARNETT MAMIE   1882 or 1883 Fieldstone with writing-Information from Marlene Jenson
BARNETT CLYDE RAY   May 6, 1948 Only Date-Stillborn Infant
BARTRUG JAMES E. Jun 27, 1889 Mar 25, 1971 Broken stone with pieces missing
BROOKS MARTHA M. Feb 24, 1833 Jun 20, 1875 Wife of I.A. Brooks
BUFFER VIOLET   Dec 9, 1949 Only Date
BUFFER REECE Jun 10, 1935 Sep 29, 2004 ssw Alta Marie
BUFFER ALTA MARIE Feb 26, 1939 Oct 11, 1993 ssw Reece
BUFFER CHARLES LEE 1954 1977 "Scooby Doo"
BUFFER CHARLES H. Feb 28, 1922 Mar 5, 2002 Cremated - No Visible Stone - Buried behind his son's stone, Charles Lee Buffer
BURCHETT VICKIE Oct 2, 1953 Feb 12, 2002  
ETHERTON JOHN     Ae 75 years 5 days - Etherton on fieldstone
ETHERTON LYDIS ELLEN     Ae 72 years 10 days - No Visible Stone
ETHERTON S. F. Nov 23, 1850 Dec 27, 1926 No Visible Stone
FEROE VALARI LANAE Jun 14, 1983 Sep 21, 2001 "Val Gal"
FEROE LAYTON PAUL Feb 7, 1936 Dec 13, 1997 Uncle of Valari Feroe
FISCHER G. J. 1861 1922 Broken stone with pieces missing
FISHER TIMOTHY ROY July 30, 1985 June 17, 2006 Son of Gordon & Debbie Fisher
HAGER GEORGE 1919 1920  
HARRINGTON C. OSCAR 1885 1953 ssw Cora
HARRINGTON CORA J. 1888 1918 ssw Oscar - her footstone has dates 1887-1918
HOLCOLM MARTHA ELLEN (TREECE) Apr 11, 1857 May 10, 1897  
HOLCOLM JACOB   1903 Benton County Baptist Association Annual Session Report-September 1903
HORN JAKE     Infant son of Cordelia and Frank Horn (IFF)
LATIMER JAMES RICHARD Oct 7, 1947 Jun 21, 1986 Bucking Horse on stone
LASLEY H. A. Apr 27, 1894 Dec 10, 1918 Died in the influenza epidemic of 1918-ssw H.W & Viola
LASLEY H. W. May 27, 1917 Dec 8, 1918 ssw H.A. & Viola
LASLEY VIOLA (DURFEY) Aug 11, 1891 Dec 8, 1918 ssw H.W. & H.A.
McCLELLAN IRIS ALINE (TRIPLETT) Nov 8, 1919 June 21, 2006 Wife of Harold Evans McClellan buried in Lost Creek cemetery - Sheridan, AR
MORSE MARGARET   Feb 22, 1899 Ae 82 - wife of Larken
NICKELL A. G. Aug 26, 1844 July 26, 1921 Wife of WM. NICKELL
OXFORD JACK FREYLAND Jan 4, 1952 Dec 31, 2003 Born in Avoca - Son of Melvin Oxford and Eula Mae (Cannady) Oxford
OXFORD ? ND ND Rosa Cline's Archives
REECE A. J. feb 15, 1845 July 17, 1871 Carved Fieldstone
REECE JAMES     Carved Fieldstone
REECE SARAH Nov 2, 1813 June 28, 1912 Wife of Jack Reece (A.J. Reece)
REECE JAMES JR. Sep 25, 1926 July 11, 2006 He was a retired pastor and great grandson of James Reece (Sr) also buried at Georgia Flat
ROBINSON KENNETH WILL Feb 7, 1938 Mar 5, 1994 Private - U.S. Army
ROTRAMEL CHILD     Information from Delbert Buffer
ROTRAMEL CHILD     Information from Delbert Buffer
SKERJANC CARL EDWARD 1958 1994 Catfish on stone
UNKNOWN GIRL     Large rock by oak tree at the corner by the road. Information from Debbie Buffer Austin.
WEAVER JOHN Nov 21, 1829 Mar 13, 1914 ssw Mary
WEAVER MARY C. Oct 24, 1885 Dec 27, 1916 ssw John
WEAVER WM. S.     Broken stone with pieces missing
Additional burials in Georgia Flat Cemetery from various records:
COWART JAMES MADISON Sep 15, 1832 Feb 13, 1905 No Visible Stone
James Madison Cowart is the son of Robert Cowart and Amelia McBrayer. He was born in North Carolina and died in Gravette, Arkansas. He is the husband of Helen Caroline (Barnett) Cowart.
COWART HELEN CAROLINE Aug 20, 1830 Apr 10, 1902 No Visible Stone
Helen Caroline Cowart is the daughter of Jeremiah Barnett and Patience Seay. She was born in South Carolina and died in Gravette, Arkansas. She is the wife of James Madison Cowart.
COWART WM. FRANCIS Jan 21, 1867 Nov 7, 1933 No Visible Stone
William Francis Cowart is the son of James Madison and Helen Caroline (Barnett) Cowart. He was born in Pickens Co., Georgia and died in Gravette, Arkansas. He is the husband of Olive Emma (Crowe) Cowart.
COWART OLIVE EMMA (CROW) Feb 21, 1873 Jan 14, 1941 No Visible Stone
Olive Emma (Crowe) Cowart is the daughter of William Crowe and Mariah Harrison and the wife of William Francis Cowart. She was born in Columbus, Indiana and died in Gravette, Arkansas.
HAGER MYRTLE (COWART) 1903 ca 1931 No Visible Stone
Myrtle (Cowart) Hager is the daughter of William Francis "Bud" Cowart and Olive Emma (Crowe) Cowart. She was born and died in Arkansas. Information is from the Gravette Centennial History Book 1893-1993.
COWART HUGH     No Visible Stone
Hugh Cowart is the son of William Francis and Olive Emma(Crowe) Cowart. His birth and death dates are unknown.
COMART J. C. Aug 24, 1865 Feb 23, 1889 This is J.C. Cowart-The stone reads COMART
J.C. Cowart is the son of William Francis and Olive Emma (Crowe) Cowart.
COWART CHARLES 1901 Mar 16, 1902 ae 8 months
Charles is the son of William Francis and Olive Emma (Crowe) Cowart.
The Infant is the daughter of William Francis and Olive Emma (Crowe) Cowart.
TREECE MARTHA ND ND Mother of Martha Holcolm
ZORN JACK ND ND Infant son of Zorn's

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