Candidate for

USGenWeb Advisory Board
Southwest/South Central Region
County Coordinator Representative

When you elected me as SWSC CC Rep in 2010, many of you probably didn't know much about me -- what I think and believe, my involvement with genealogy and the USGenWeb, etc.  During the past two years, we've had a chance to get to know each other --  through private emails, and publicly on the mailing lists USGenWeb-SW, ABChat, and BOARD-L.

What have we accomplished in the last two years?  Together, by listening to each other and respecting different perspectives, we've accomplished a lot!

We have updated the Guidelines/Standards for SCs, CCs, and USGenWeb sites, based on input from all of us.

We have updated the Grievance Committee Guidelines and Procedures to make them more relevant to the issues we face today.

We have updated the Election Committee Guidelines & Procedures, authorizing new tools for SCs to keep their membership lists up-to-date, and to make it easier for any USGenWeb Member to keep their own information current.

If you were a member of SWSC in 2010, you know I kept the promise I made in that campaign to always listen to all sides and opinions on any issues that came before the Advisory Board.

I make the same promise in this campaign.  People of good will may disagree.  As long as we talk with instead of at each other, we can reach a concensus as to what the majority believes is best for The USGenWeb Project -- and that is the goal of all of us.  Just like you, I am a CC -- and CCs *are* The USGenWeb Project!

I hope you will want me to serve as your representative for the 2012-2014 term.   I'm always happy to hear from you, and would be glad to answer any questions you may have.  Send them to me at or ask on the SWSC Regional Mailing List.

If you are new to the USGenWeb and/or the SWSC region, and want to know more about my (ancient) history, my 2010 campaign page outlining my background is here,

Pat Asher